May 14, 2024

Green Thumb & a Broken Back


Well THIS certainly wasn’t how I had hoped to spend Mothers Day weekend.

I injured my lower back and left thigh and knee. How? Well on Wednesday I decided to transplant my hosta because it was taking up valuable space in my garden. I didn’t want to disturb the roots, so I dug deeply around the plant with the shovel and pushed on the handle with my foot, to help get the plant out. Then I lifted it to the new spot.

Friday when I got up I could not walk. I could not stand up straight. The pain was worse than any pain I have ever experienced (and as those who’ve known me for a while are aware, I have lived with chronic pain for over 40 years, it’s one of the reasons I am on permanent disability).

It’s been 3 days now. I can walk a bit better and can stand up more (but not completely) There’s no swelling, I can wiggle my toes etc. I am pretty sure I pulled muscles or nerves and that’s what’s causing the pain.

I did not go to the hospital for two reasons. The wait time is often many, MANY hours and sitting on the waiting room chairs can be painful. Two, I have every pain medication known to mankind. Some I already take every day and others are used only when necessary. I was thankful to have this arsenal of meds on hand, along with bags of frozen veggies that have now been relegated to ice pack duty.

Thank you to my sister Kim who brought me some food and the Cheeseburger Happy Meal that I requested. Thanks to my neighbour Deanna for lending me a cane.

I am a bit better now but I know this will take a bit of time to heal.

I didn’t check email or go on Facebook for 3 days (a world record for me) and any Scribbles stuff has been put on hold.

I also missed getting together with my mom and sisters for Mother’s Day - although the pop I had bought and the Subway coupons I clipped for the occasion were picked up by my sister, so I was there in spirit.

I look forward to standing up straight and walking properly again hopefully soon.

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