Jul 29, 2022

NEW! Off Beat Cinema Offers "The Good, The Bad & The Foreign"

Off Beat Cinema is a weekly 2 hour movie presentation hosted by beatnik buddies Zelda, Bird and Theo. “Off Beat Cinema promises to show “the movies that must be shown” – the good, the bad and the foreign” it says on their official website.

During commercial breaks, the hosts give us facts about the movie and its stars, read viewer mail and sometimes have local musical guest artists. They also air old theatre ads (like the ones that tell you about the refreshments available at the snack bar or tell young lovers to cool it with public display of affection).

Off Beat Cinema premiered in 1993 on WKBW ch. 7 in Buffalo NY. It aired in the wee hours on Fridays and/or Saturdays. In 2012, the show moved to Buffalo’s MeTV affiliate WBBZ ch. 67.

OBC now airs across U.S. on the Retro TV network Saturdays at 10 pm and at midnight on WBBZ, as well as a few MyTV affiliates.

When it aired on WKBW, viewers in Southern Ontario could watch Off Beat Cinema. But WBBZ is much more difficult to get with an antenna and as a result many Canadian viewers were left out when the show relocated.

But never fear! Off Beat Cinema has a You Tube “channel” where they post many of the hosted movies. It’s ideal for those who can’t watch the show on TV or are OBC fanatics who love to watch the movies over and over again.

Scribbles is pleased to highlight some of the movies on Off Beat Cinema’s You Tube channel that we think you’ll love. We’ll post a new movie every Friday. 


Released in 1966, this Japanese creature feature was released in theatres as Gamera vs. Barugon. The movie was renamed War of the Monsters when it was released to TV in 1967. Gamera the flying turtle goes to battle against Barugon leaving a destructive path of debris wherever they go. 

Grab some popcorn (as Zelda says on Off Beat Cinema "The real stuff you pop on the stove, not that microwaved stuff") and your favourite beverage and dig War of the Monsters.