Dec 30, 2013


Becky's Best Vacation Ever

Whether it was giving a snack to the iguana, feeding the pink flamingos or just lazin' around in the beach hammock , Becky Lee and her 8 fellow castaways had an incredible time in Aruba recently.

When we reached Becky via email the other day, she told us "[I have] been very sad lately [because I am] not still in Aruba with my 8 friends enjoying the food, drinks, sand, ocean and great Aruba people!"

"We had so much fun, all 8 of us!!!" Becky told Scribbles "Best vacation ever and we are already talking about going back there for the next big birthdays, which will be for [my sister] Susan and [her friend] Gail".

As I mentioned to Becky, the photo of her and "Fireboy's" friend Pam chilling on the beach reminded me a lot of when I travelled to the Bahamas with Jeff Stewart...which was over 12 years ago now.

There's something about those lush beaches with all that sand and the brilliantly blue ocean that just begs you to stay, especially when you have a pretty good idea of what Wintery weather is waiting for you back home.


As a kid, Saturday mornings held a special place in our hearts. For it was that morning we would all get up bright and early, grab a bowl of our favourite breakfast cereal, turn on the TV and prepare for hours of cartoon and live action fun. It's a tradition that goes back to the 60's, lasted for decades and featured shows we all grew to know and love.

Scribbles is excited to have gathered together episodes of some of your most memorable shows, all in one place and ready to entertain you for several hours.

There's four shows from the creative minds of Sid and Marty Krofft, who brought us the puppetry of H.R. Pufnstuf, Lidsville, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters and The Land of the Lost.

Hanna Barbera's The Secret Squirrel Show features the adventures of the top secret agent and his sidekick Morocco Mole, the very friendly Winsome Witch (voiced by Jean Vander Pyl, best known as the voice of Wilma Flintstones) and an octopus named Squiddly Diddly who lives at the Bubbleland Aquarium.

We go way back in time for The Beatles animated series, from the mid 60's. Although the cartoon series featured the music of the Fab Four, none of the real life Beatles lent their voices to the their characters and were not fans of the show.

Gather the whole family and enjoy a trip back in time with these classic children's shows.

DISCLAIMER: Scribbles does not own the rights to any of the programs featured here. All programs are links to You Tube pages that may or may not also have official use of these episodes. All links were active at the time this collection was put together, however Scribbles does not guarantee that any or all of these will remain active for any period of time.







Dec 28, 2013

Christmas Editorial

Dear Scribbles Family:

Another year is quickly drawing to a close and the holiday season is upon us.

For many of our friends in Scribbles land, Christmas is a joyous event, filled with family, friends, feasts, presents and parties. To others it is a spiritual time as they remember to put “Christ” back into Christmas. Some find this a perfect time to reflect upon the year that has just past –something Scribbles plans to do in great detail in the weeks ahead.

Not to sound like the Grinch who stole Christmas, but I feel it is important to also remember that this can be a most stressful and depressing time of the year for many, something that is often foreshadowed by all that is “good” about the season.

Yet for many, Christmas acts as a vivid reminder of loved ones who are no longer with them, no longer there to unwrap that special gift, sit with by a comfortable fire or ring in the new year. Others find themselves struggling to make ends meet while still trying to fulfill the role of playing Santa for family and friends. And there are even those who feel they have no one to share the holidays with, constantly reminded of their lone status by the bombardment of holiday specials and oh-so-happy commercial jingles.

Oddly enough, I have found myself in all of the above positions in Christmas’ past.

I’ve had those that have found me celebrating non-stop, scarcely finding the time to be with all the people, places and parties I was invited to. I’ve had times when elaborate gifts were given because there was extra money that year. I’ve enjoyed the warm and fuzzy feeling of celebrating a “first” Christmas with a new love and have been around to witness the big bright eyes of youngsters as they see what Santa has left for them.

On the flip side of the coin, I have felt the sadness of living through the first Christmas without a cherished loved one, who crossed over within the last year. I’ve felt the emptiness of waking up alone and single on Christmas day. I have known what it is like to stress over how I would be able to get gifts when there was not even enough money to cover my living expenses.

Yes, when it comes to Christmas, I (like many of you) have experienced many different types. From the ones I wished would never end to those that just couldn’t be over quickly enough.

The funny thing about Christmas is that one really never knows what each one will be like. One year we may be happier than a pig in shit and a year later find ourselves simply covered in shit. Or just the opposite may ring true. This Christmas might suck royally, but next year at this time we may find ourselves feeling more joy than seems physically possible.

We should never take any type of Christmas too seriously, nor should we try to make it something it is not. Every new year holds a guarantee of change, be it conceived as good or otherwise.  And each Christmas will find us in a different “place”.

Treasure each of them, even the ones that seem hopeless, for none of them are forever and each has a purpose. Seek happiness in life’s simple pleasures and even the cloudiest of days will come with a fleeting ray of sunshine.

I was going to mention many of you personally in this message, but let’s face it, you’d still be reading it next December at this time, had I attempted that. I will elaborate more in my review of 2013 in the weeks ahead, at which time shout outs will be in order for many of you and all that you have done for me.  

This year, no matter where you find yourself on the Christmas roller coaster, be it the highest, exciting peaks or the sudden, frightening lows, know that there will always be secure seat for each of you in Scribbles, my life and in my heart.

Merry Christmas to my very special “family”.

With Much Love,

Dec 27, 2013


"Christmas Eve Nap with Crazy Eyes"

The title of this post is in quotes because that is precisely what it was tagged as on Jenn Young's facebook page.

The artsy B&W pix was taken by Jenn's husband Sean, whom we last saw in Scribbles this past September after he and fellow volunteer firefighters were called to tend to the "roaring inferno" at N.E.T. campground in Vineland  [a small transformer box had blown up and disintegrated into nothing, the pumper trucks were called in as a precaution and the firefighters provided the eye-candy...LOL]

But I digress....Back to the photo seen here.

"Crazy Eyes" is presumably a term of endearment for the couple's large dog Fuller.

Based upon a post she had added on facebook earlier, we're pretty certain Jenn was dreaming of a White Christmas, during her Christmas Eve nap. She got her wish and even a White Boxing Day. Please wake up now Jenn, before your snowy dream turns into a blizzardy nightmare.

All the best to you and your families in 2014 (with special shout out to my old "Inventory Queen") and thanks for granting "the photographer's permission" to share this pic Sean.

Dec 26, 2013


The Attack of the Ice Queen

I call the wallop of freezing rain that many parts of the U.S., Ontario and Quebec the Ice Queen. And like a Disney character, the Ice Queen was in many ways quite beautiful, but at the same time extremely evil.

To many, it was lovely to look out your window or go out and capture surreal photos, such as the ones I took which are featured here. But to others it meant hours, if not days without power. No heat, no lights, no hot meals, no TV, no internet. Cut off from the rest of the world with only a few days until Christmas.

The unsung heroes of this natural disaster?  The brave men and women who worked around the clock removing fallen tree branches, clearing roads and getting power back to over 250,000 (and that's just in the Toronto area.)

Just as surreal as the sights I saw when I took these photos were those same spots barely 24 hours later, no longer coated in a layer of ice, looking pretty much the way they usually do, although getting a closer glance, because of the way they had looked yesterday.

Pets Video

This is so accurate. So many dogs are afraid of cats, cats that are often so much smaller than they are. My dog Timmi does this all the time.  Good collection of clips here...LOL


A strange new being has been spotted in Niagara Falls, Ontario and authorities suspect it may be linked to Bigfoot and the Lock Ness Monster, an insider told the Parody Inquirer.

"I've seen it" the source said, "It's not Photoshopped, this thing is very real and quite interesting."

The hybrid creature which is described as being part human and part dog, has even taken up residency in a Niagara Falls home.

"It's head is that of a woman and it has the body of a dog" our source continued, "And it appears the creature may not have perfect 20/20 vision, as it was spotted wearing eyeglasses."

Niagara Regional Police refused to comment on the mysterious "Dog Woman" when a correspondent from the Parody Inquirer contacted them, referring us to the Mental Health ward at the new Greater Niagara Hospital.

A close friend of a friend to the insider told us "I know where it lives" but said they refuse to reveal that address, fearing the neighbours would panic and it was cause a media frenzy, not unlike that found swirling around that other hideous creature, Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

When asked if they feared  "Dog Woman" could cause harm to others, the gardener of the friend of the insider's second cousin told the Inquirer "It doesn't appear to be hostile in any way. It's habits include lazing on the couch with a good book, dabbling in creating amazing paintings and enjoying a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace."

Dec 25, 2013



Dale's Flyin' with the Jets!

It was a very memorable day for our pal Dale Eckert when he got to meet some of his favourite players from the Winnipeg Jets.

His mom Ginny told Scribbles all about it.

"The Rehab Centre for Children here in Winnipeg invited the Jets Hockey Club to come and visit with some of the children that attend the clinics there." explained Dale's excited mom Ginny.

"Dale was invited by Pamela the O.T. Specialist to attend. Dale is a HUGE hockey fan and this was a dream come true for him." said Ginny.

"All the tickets to our Jets games are sold out for the next couple of years and limited handicapped seating, keeps this hardcore fan from the real ice."

"The players were all very warm and friendly. Each gave Dale an autographed picture of themselves and spent time with him. The Club gave each of the kids a toque and a very cool book called the HOME team."

"It was a wonderful time for Dale, Michele and myself. It is awesome to see the Players give back to the community that supports them so enthusiastically." concluded Ginny.

WOW! That IS very exciting indeed Ginny and judging by Dale's reaction, he surely was thrilled to meet his hockey idols (and seeing the good looking guys on the team, I'd be excited too, just maybe for different reasons...heehee)


Modern Family

We were touched by the message Bailey McPaddy posted on facebook about her mom's Carrie and Sandi. So touched, we asked her if we could share it, to which she gave us a resounding Yes.

Here's Bailey's heartfelt words:

"Being a Family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what.

I know we have our good days and bad days but in the end I have the privilege of calling these ladies mommy #1 and mommy #2. I really don't know where I would be if I didn't have the love and support of these two amazing women right here. 

You both are my inspiration on how to be the best woman I can. I love you both so much. Thank you for being the two best moms a girl could ask for."


Bailey, I have known "Mommy #1" and "Mommy #2" for a long time and although we have not seen each other as much the past few years as we did when I worked at and occasionally hung out at The New Vouz, I do get to keep up with their adventures through facebook. (It's a good thing facebook doesn't have a capped limit as to how many photos people can post, because your mom's have quite a cool collection on there)

Carrie and Sandi are two of the nicest people around and are a lot like peanut butter and jelly. Although both are quite enjoyable on their own, there's something extraordinary when you put them together. 

If it made me smile and feel good inside to read the kind things you had to say about Carrie and Sandi, I can only imagine how special it was for them to read your kind words.  What a sweet thing to do and what pride they must feel having raised such an open and loving daughter. 

I hope you all have the Merriest Christmas ever and wish you nothing but the best in the new year.


My kitten JJ -who is now 6 months old, took an unexpected trip to the vet on Dec. 17th. Well, I guess I shouldn't say it was "unexpected", at least it wasn't for me, as I had booked the appointment a few weeks ago. But for JJ it was a bit of a surprise and when he came home later that afternoon, he was minus something he had left with.

JJ is now neutered, which I am hoping might make him a bit less rambunctious, but judging by the way he was bouncing around later in the evening, I'm thinking that's just wishful thinking on my part. It's a good thing he's so damn cute, it helps him get away with murder.

The vet and staff at Rose City Animal Hospital in Welland were impressed with JJ's carrier box and file folder I have that contains all his V.I.P.'s (Very Important Papers.)  Both feature labels featuring his pix and the they all thought they were pretty awesome.

Just me putting my Scribbles touch on yet something else.....LOL!


After checking out our special photo feature, Tammie Holditch sent us more proof that instead of a single picture being worth a thousand words, sometimes IT TAKES TWO!

Tammie told Scribbles, "Upon seeing [IT TAKES TWO] on Scribbles, I instantly thought of an awesome time. These were at [my brother] Ricky's 24th birthday this was the one before he was diagnosed [with cancer] so we were none the wiser that we would be losing this awesome guy two years later :("

She continues to set up the scene "The first [pix] we were all doing the group shot thing then the second one someone said something and then I thought there was a bug down my shirt and it was just ice"

"...We all burst out laughing", laughed Tammie, " And I thought I would share this priceless moment LOL."

Yes Tammie, as bittersweet as this memory may now be, it indeed would be one of those times that IT TAKES TWO to tell the whole story. Thanks for sharing them.

Do you have any photo duos that fit the 'It Takes Two' theme?  Brave enough to share them with your fellow Scribbles pals?  We'd be happy to feature them if you do, so don't be shy.



Dec 24, 2013

Special Xmas Movie


Xmas Pets

 Kathyrn's Christmas Kitties

Wearing their holiday attire, Buddy (in Santa costume) and his 9 year old sister Buffy are all ready for Christmas.

Their mom Kathryn Steigel told Scribbles she was all set to adopt Buffy when she was told by the breeders that Buddy (who was born deaf) would likely be unsellable.

Kathryn said "As they snuggled together, I couldn't resist them both."

Judging by their look of contentment, Buffy and Buddy seem to have appreciated that decision.

Thanks for letting Scribbles share your pix Kathryn (snooping through facebook for awesome photos is something Scribbles does best.)

Merry Christmas to you, Buffy, Buddy and all your loved ones.

Xmas Pets

Amy Ballett's pal Sadie Mae is ready for Santa's arrival in her festive hat, that appears to be handmade. Sadie's not winking at us, she has only one eye, which only makes her move lovable to her Niagara Falls mom.

Dec 20, 2013

The Ghost Videos of Christmas Past

We hope to put something new together to acknowledge THIS Christmas season, but while we're giving consideration to that idea, here's a look at  some Original Scribbles Videos from past Christmas'...



Boy this one brings back memories....not to mention it features some people who are no longer part of the Scribbles gang and furry friends who have since gone to Pet Heaven. But I still love the peppy song and feel of this one...

Xmas Pix

Seeing Red

1 1/2 year old Aietch Ruberg was less than thrilled when he recently met Santa Claus and sat on the big guy's lap.

This was Aietch's second Christmas. He was a bit too young to understand the concept last year and by the looks of things, he still doesn't quite "get it". This pix was posted on his mother Tammie Holditch's facebook page and although Aietch is from happy, the photo is pretty amusing.

We're going to go out on a limb here Tammie and Lee and suggest that this time next year Aietch will be all smiles when he gets to meet Jolly Ol' Saint Nick. 

Dec 18, 2013

Xmas Pix


Given the Blythin family's unbelievable year, you could say their Christmas wishes have already come true. Ginger and Neal started 2013 on an exciting note, knowing that "Gingee" was expecting twins later in the year. But their joy would soon be tested when babies Evelyn and Rachel were forced to make a very premature arrival, due to life threatening health concerns. And while both girls were tiny, baby Rachel barely tipped the scales at only 330 grams.

For months the couple shared their story with a select few until miraculously both Evelyn and Rachel were well enough to finally go home and join their big brother William and big sister Keira. The news soon spread quickly, when the family shared their encouraging story with the media, including local newspapers and City TV News.

Soon millions knew what we had discovered long ago, Neil and Ginger Blythin and their family are truly a force to be reckoned with, whose faith and strength are unmatched and a shining example to many.

Above we see the little Blythins as they recently met with Santa Claus to spread some holiday cheer. And because Photoshop means never saying never, we have been able to bring out the kids in Ginger and Neil as they too sit on the big guy's lap....Ho, Ho, Ho.

Xmas pix

All of the Other Reindeers Used to Laugh and Call Her Names

Although she's a fair size, we don't think Jason Wannamaker's dog Roxy is quite ready to pull Santa's sleigh.

Roxy was visiting her Grandma Pam Hopkins (seen on the left) and posed for this pix.

"I don't think she's amused", joked Pam on her facebook page and by the look on Roxy's face, we think she's right.  Oh the things we do to our pets (and Grand pets.)

Xmas Video

Oh boy, how true is THIS video?  Anyone who has a cat will definitely identify...Enjoy!


In an era filled with mega budget big screen blockbusters and movies on demand anytime, anywhere and on a multitude of devices, is there still a market for live theatre productions?  

Judging by critical reactions to the TV production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC LIVE, one could come to the conclusion that people would rather be razzle dazzled with computer generated effects and 3D characters, than watch actors perform live on stage. 

Granted, a large percentage of the bad reviews were directed towards Country singer Carrie Underwood, whose portrayal of Maria brought out the nasty in many, leading Underwood to tweet “Mean people need Jesus”, a comment that only fueled the fire for those who were less than "blown away" with her acting.

Country music sweetheart aside, others felt NBC’s The Sound of Music Live was a bore, with cheesy set designs and an unemotional, non-convincing feel to the entire production. Could such hostile reaction be signalling live theatre is a dying art form?

You needn’t look far to discover nothing could be further from the truth. Take for example two recent theatre productions in and around Niagara. Garden City Production’s The Full Monty and the Dunneville Community Theatre’s recent adaptation of Noel Coward’s Private Lives  were proof positive that theatres are still very much alive with the sound of music, drama and laughter.

Scribbles had the opportunity to catch The Full Monty and Private Lives and in both cases, left the venues feeling thoroughly entertained and in awe at the amazing talents we have right here in our own backyards.


The Full Monty was a bold new direction for GCP. The play, which had enjoyed movie success in 1997, was based upon the book by Terrance McNally and true to that bestseller, contained course language and a lot more skin than regular GCP audiences were used to seeing on stage.

I have always admired those who can get up on stage and perform, often thinking it takes a lot of balls to do that sort of thing. The Full Monty took that slang to new heights as 7 of the play’s male characters were featured wearing little more than a g-string and a nervous smile (as dictated by their out-of-work character’s modesty to performing in a strip club, as a way of making money.)

I always enjoy GCP plays for their high production values and The Full Monty was a shining example of that. The stage was magically transformed from a warehouse, to a men’s room (complete with urinal and toilet stall), from the homes of two of the main characters, to the streets of Buffalo (the location of the story.)

At one point there was a car on stage, with a distraught character attempting to kill himself with the exhaust fumes. The curtain was drawn when that scene was completed. Other characters performed front stage for the next scene and when the curtain was opened mere moments later, there was no car in sight. The same could be said later in the show, when we were at a funeral, complete with a large casket. Again only minutes later, the casket had left the stage as we were now transported elsewhere, finding me once again scratching my head and asking “How the Hell did they do that?”

Another reason The Full Monty held my interest was because I personally know two of the actors who “bared all” on stage and I was eager to see their best assets. LOL! What can I say? Nudity sells, although the revealing peels in The Full Monty were definitely story driven and far from gratuitous.

The Full Monty was an action packed, singing, dancing, emotional thrill ride and I give it two thumbs up. Kudos to GCP, who put a lot in to taking it all off.


OK, let’s get this out in the open. If you’re looking for a big broadway production, you won’t find it at the Dunneville Community Theatre. In fact, DCT cannot even be compared to Garden City Productions, whom we just sung the praises of above.  And while this may sound like a slam, it is actually a quality that is both refreshing and endearing.

Even at the best of times, DCT works with limited funds and a bare-bones stage. Their recent production of Noel Coward’s Private Lives found the small close-knit theatre group dealing with an even greater deficit. 

Their theatre is located within the Dunnville Optimist’s Club, which is currently undergoing major renovations. As a result, Private Lives would be presented in an entirely different room and using a temporary make-shift stage.  

Recipe for disaster? Maybe to some, but not when you’re the hardworking guys and gals of the Dunneville Community Theatre.  Using minimal props, we were instantly transported to Europe.

“It is the late 1920s and divorcees Elyot and Amanda are honeymooning in the same French hotel with their new spouses Sibyl and Victor.

Inevitably they meet –they are, after all, staying in rooms with adjoining balconies –and so begins one of the most famous high-comedies ever written”  [quote courtesy DCT’s Private Lives Playbill.]

Returning to the DCT “stage” were four veteran DCT actors. [Michael Maloney, Diane Morris, Lee Smith & Shayna Maloney] Although their faces were familiar to those who attend DCT plays on a regular basis, their versatility breathed new life and believability into the characters they portrayed this time around.

With act one completed, it was time for a set change. With no curtain to hide what is usually done behind the scenes, during intermission the audience got to see the stage transformed to a flat in Paris, right before their eyes.

This was something the play’s director Nancy Erskine [left] was not entirely comfortable with, telling Scribbles that they had tried to come up with alternative ideas, such as maybe a second stage in a another part of the room, but this would mean the audience would need to get up and turn their chairs to view act two and three, something that would be disruptive and probably not very well-received.

Not everyone was dissatisfied with the set change being highly visible. My sister Jane Storie, who had joined me for the show, said she found it interesting to get to see the activity which is usually hidden behind the curtain. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

There were no cars on stage, gentlemen striping and no off-colour vocabulary as authenticated in GCP’s The Full Monty. However, in keeping with the “artistic integrity” of the original play, which was written in the early 1930’s, DCT’s Private Lives did require the characters to light up cigarettes, with chain-smoking regularity. To appease the Smoke-Free Ontario act,  stage “smoking” was brought to life with electronic cigarettes.

With a subtle, but amusing conclusion (with the divorcees reuniting and quietly leaving their new spouses bickering amongst themselves) DCT’s presentation of Noel Coward’s Private Lives drew to a close, receiving loud approving applause from the full capacity audience and the promise of a beaming review from Scribbles.


While GCP’s The Full Monty and DCT’s Private Lives were as different as night and day, there was a similarity we just could let go unnoted. Both plays featured someone who had never performed live on stage before, and in major roles no less.

While we in no way wish to take away from or overshadow the superb talents they shared their stages with, we do wish to acknowledge Jeff Farquharson (“Dave” in The Full Monty) and Candace Stern (“Amanda” in Private Lives.)  Had we not been advised otherwise, we would have sworn both had acquired quite a repertory of previous appearances, when indeed these were their acting debuts.

In Farquharson’s case, he also sang for the first time, performed on stage with his real life wife and appeared in the all-together. It’s little wonder he was lovingly referred to as a “freak of nature” by a cohort, as a source revealed to Scribbles.

Is there still a place for live theatre? Indeed there is. It has been around well before the launch of big screen movies and television, and it will no doubt continue to entertain and intrigue us in a way no high cost, computer generated special effects will ever be able to do.

Roll back the curtain (be it real or figuratively.) Cue the actors. Hit the spotlight. The show is about to start, and it is very much alive and well.