Dec 30, 2015

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Ken Meets Justin Trudeau


I'd be lying if I said I was upset with the results of Canada's recent federal election and while not everyone feels the same, no one can deny, there's definitely a feeling of "real change" in the air.

And I'm not the only one who has noticed this new view. World leaders have also welcomed Mr Trudeau and his position on the big issues such as climate change, bringing Syrian refugees to Canada
and a vow to actively look into the deaths of aboriginal women (something our former P.M. brushed aside as not necessary.)

Here's a clip of me on the day I met our then future Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Was I excited? This video reveals the answer.


HOLIDAY EDITORIAL | They're Not Always Merry...and That's OK!

Hello Friends:

With only days until Christmas and a new year around the bend, well, it really boggles my mind (although as some would point out, what doesn't boggle it...LOL)

The past 12 months have been filled with unbelievable highs and tremendous lows, for me personally, many of you reading this and ....and not to be a total downer during the holidays, but for the entire world really.

Think back to the many world events that were real game changers in 2015. It's a great time to be a proud Canadian, especially when we see how those in other places live.

For many reasons, this Christmas will be much different than last year for many of us. For some it will be "the Best Christmas Yet" while for others it will be a day with an empty seat at the table, or perhaps no table to go to at all.

The holidays are actually just regular days, all fancied up with twinkling lights, ribbons and bows. Not every "regular" day is an award winner and not all holiday seasons are either. Enjoy those that are filled with loved ones, merriment and joy. Hold on to every moment of it. Tuck it deep within.

And for those whose holidays aren't looking too merry this year, it's ok to sit this one out. I'll make a wish that your future holidays are brighter for you.

The very best of the holidays to you, you unique group of Scribbles fans. Your pleasure is my pleasure and I look forward to continue pleasuring you in 2016...LMAO

Love Ken

Dec 25, 2015

NEW | SCRIBBLES VIDEO | We Love Christmas 2015

Our annual look at how you're kicking off your holiday season.

Dec 21, 2015

Dec 16, 2015

Dec 10, 2015


NOTE as to how you can watch this show.... The network Antenna TV is currently not available over cable or satellite in Canada. To our U.S. friends -check with your satellite or cable provider, many are adding sub-channels to their line-up.

In Canada: If you live close to the Canada/U.S. border with a large city on the U.S. side, chances are there's many over-the-air channels for you to enjoy. I use an antenna and get 24 channels from both Canada and America and one is the Antenna station from Buffalo, WGRZ 2.2. The closer you are to Buffalo, the more stations you will get.  In Welland you can receive about 40 channels, all free of charge (after the initial antenna purchase.)

If you are not close to the border or a major U.S. city, you are out of luck.

Antenna TV is calling the show 'Johnny Carson' not 'The Tonight Show' Why? Because 'The Tonight Show' is still on TV, now with Jimmy Fallon, so 'Johnny Carson' it shall be.

The show airs EVERY DAY. Mon thru Fri., 1 hour episodes air at 11 pm.  Sat. & Sun. the show starts an hour earlier at 10 pm and they are 90 minute episodes.

Get an antenna, stand on your head, do what you must, because this is a television first!

Dec 6, 2015

KIDS | The Perfect Remedy

Oh to be young again!

Our cute buddy Sam doesn't seem to mind the cooler temperatures of autumn, even when he's under the weather.

Above (left) Sam - like most kids his age - finds the falling leaves a great place to play. The other pix was taken after Jenn & Sean Young's little man was getting over a cold.

Jenn told her facebook friends, "Bundled up my little sicky and went to play at the beach to get our sick lungs some fresh air... A surprise snowfall was the icing on the cake!"

Fresh air, a pile of leaves and falling snow...the ideal cure for what ails you....whether you're young or young at heart.

Dec 5, 2015

AT LAST | We Have a Winner!

YOU | A Well-Deserved Award for Shelley!

We’ve always considered our friend Shelley Stewart to be a winner and now she’s received a major award to prove it.

In 2005, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act [or AODA ] became law. Under this landmark legislation, the government of Ontario developed mandatory accessibility standards that identifies, removes, and prevents barriers for people with disabilities.* The AODA applies to all levels of government, nonprofits, and private sector businesses and Ontario was the first province in Canada to implement such an act.

Putting together the standards for AODA and assuring that everyone understood its importance was certainly no easy task. It required the unwavering determination of many individuals in communities both large and small, from across the province.

One such individual involved with AODA is long time Scribbles pal, Shelley Stewart.

In the City of St. Catharines, Shelley has been a member of the Accessibility Advisory Committee since 1999. She was instrumental in the formation of the advisory committee and getting the key players such as council, city staff and volunteers on board. Shelley has been co-chair of the advisory committee since 2006. Although Shelley's disability is a visual one, she has a vast understanding of most disabilities.^

Shelley has provided accessible customer service training to the City of St. Catharines staff, volunteers, Mayor, councillors and commissioners. She took an active role as part of the close caption video, “Accessibility in St. Catharines”^

Shelley has been volunteering since 1991 with the CNIB. She jumped right in after losing her sight due to diabetes, as a means of helping her get through her own loss.^

She always sees the positive in everything. With her attitude she breaks down barriers and changes people's attitudes. People's perceptions of "the blind" have changed due to Shelley's award winning attitude.^

Shelley will always take any opportunity for an impromptu chat to inform others about accessibility. Be it educating a taxi driver about guide dog use, advocating bus drivers about the importance of audible stop announcements, training new volunteers about the legislation or assisting others with their own vision loss, Shelley is a true ambassador to many. ^

Shelley is an excellent public speaker and group facilitator and is always willing to share her knowledge and personal accessibility experiences with others. She has a tremendous sense of humour and a special way that always gets the message across.^

Shelley's use of guide dogs helped pave the way and demonstrate the use of service animals for both those who themselves require the skills such animals provide and for the general public, whose well-meaning desire to ‘help’ the visually impaired and their guide dog, can sometimes become more of a hindrance.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary in 2015, the AODA presented awards of excellence to outstanding individuals whose achievements have surpassed all expectations and acted as a model to others.

On Mon. Nov.30th, Shelley was one of two people in St. Catharines to receive such an award.

Way to go Shelley. Seeing all the stuff you’ve done really blows my mind and makes me even more grateful that somehow you’ve still always had time to get together with me over the years.

[LEGEND FOR ABOVE POST: * means text from ^ means text taken from Shelley's AODA nomination indo, as written by Julie Morris and Mary Jane Waszynski.  Paragraphs with no * or ^ written by Scribbles. ]

SCRIBBLES VIDEO:  Shelley's Appearance on local Morning Show

It was a few years ago when ever busy Shelley agreed to appear on CHCH-TV's 'Morning Live' program.  In this clip, Shelley shows us the preferred method of walking and guiding someone who is visually impaired, how she knows the dollar amount of the bills in her wallet and how to pour a hot (or cold) beverage without over-pouring.

Definitely worth a look!


VIDEO | Bonanza | "The Artist"

After working on some of the extensive post about my good friend Shelley, who is blind, I was a bit tired and decided to lay down and watch a TV show on my tablet.  I like 'Bonanza' and of the several episodes that were recommended, I chose "The Artist".

Go figure! This episode of the classic TV western, was about a wealthy man who was an artist but had recently lost his vision. The episodes revolves around him accepting and learning to live with his disability.

Shelley and I shared a chuckle when I later told her about the odd coincidence.

Here's a link to that very interesting episode...well worth watching, Scribbles pals.



This festive Scribbles Video was created in 2012. Boy how the kids have grown over the years! And who can't help shed a tear when we see some of our loved ones enjoying Christmas, when they are now angels watching over us?

Take a one-horse open sleigh ride down memory lane, with these pix of Christmas' past.


JOE FRIDAY | with Bonus Video

Here's something to get your tail waggin'. Our favourite K-9 Krusader, Joe Friday is back with more amusing photos and a special video clip featuring Joe and his dad Jim STeel as they enjoy a visit to Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie. WOOF!


VIDEO  |  Joe Friday & His "Dad" Visit Lakeside Park 



YOU | Painter Pal Lives Only Minutes Away

Now that I no longer have a car to get me from place to place, I have been doing a lot more walking. Fortunately, my home on St. Patrick Street is centrally located, meaning I can step out my door, point myself in pretty much any direction and within 10 to 25 minutes, I am at one of several malls, plazas, coffee shops or fast food chains.

A few weeks ago, on an unseasonably warm, sunny day, I walked to many stores to do some shopping. Along the way, I passed by an apartment building and recognized it as being where an old friend of mine used to live.  "I wonder if David still lives there?" I thought to myself as I walked passed the high rise.

I decided to find out and later sent David a facebook message, asking him if he still lived where he once had and letting him know where I now reside (which is about a 10-15 minute walk away.) Much to my delight David emailed me back, confirming he indeed still lives in the nearby apartment building.

Having not spoken to each other much in the past few years, we got caught up online and then picked a day to get together. Our first visit in eons took place at my place, where we talked and talked and talked. David is an artist whose work has been featured in exhibits, with another planned for early in the new year.

David, I am so happy we have reconnected and look forward to getting together again soon. :)

JOE FRIDAY | A Serious Thought

Dec 1, 2015

YOU & ME | Charlie Reunites With his Angels

"Once upon there were three little girls who went to the police academy. Two in Los Angeles. The other in San Francisco. And they were each assigned very hazardous duties. But I took them away from all that. And now they work for me. My name ... is Charlie."

If you recognize that monologue, you were likely a fan of ABC's 'Charlie's Angels' which ran from 1976 - 1981. The original cast included Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson & Jaclyn Smith as the angels, David Boyd as Bosley and the voice of John Forsythe as their boss Charlie.  

When I worked at Troll Book Clubs in St. Catharines, I became close with many of the girls who worked in the office. I don't recall how we came up with the nicknames, but it wasn't long before three of my co-workers, Becky Lee, Roxanne Rinaldo and Terry Garner, became known as the Angels. Because I have a penis, I was typecast as Charlie (although I often assumed the role of bumbling Bosley.) 

For several years, the Angels and I socialized regularly, celebrating Christmas and birthdays together. Almost a decade ago, with each of us taking on new jobs in new workplaces, more and more time past between visits. 

Recently, Becky and her fellow Angels had made plans to get together at a fine Italian eatery called Marco's on Nov. 25th. Becky asked if I would like to come along, as a surprise to Roxy & Terry, and I said "yes", which Becky later revealed she was a bit surprised to hear (given the numerous times I have declined or cancelled at the last minute due to pain issues or a lack of funds.)

Roxy was shocked to see me, as was Terry. Both of whom said I still looked the same as years ago...which is partially true, thanks to the hair colour and facial hair colour I use on a regular basis. It certainly isn't from a healthy lifestyle, unless you consider 16 pills a day healthy. 

We pigged out on the all-you-can-eat buffet, reminisced about the past and got up to speed with what we had been up to over the past years. And I kept the girls and even our waitress in stitches as I exercised my new motto... "Be as gay as you wanna be". 

We left Marco's with full bellies and beaming smiles and vowed to get together more frequently. 

Charlie thoroughly enjoyed our outing Angels and I look forward to doing it again soon.

Nov 29, 2015

IN MEMORIAM | Linda Burger

Following several years of residing at the Extended Care Unit of the Welland Hospital, our dear friend Linda Burger passed away peacefully on Sun. Nov. 22, surrounded by her loving family.

I met Linda when I was going out with Rob Dennis. Linda was his aunt and even after he and I went our separate ways, I still visited her at Extended Care - usually joined by Linda's daughter Sandra or her sister Merry.

One of the things I remember most about Linda was her sense of humour, something her daughter Sandra inherited... in spades.

I don't know which was more fun. Watching Sandra's hilarious antics [like running over plush toys with a wheelchair and doing magic tricks with the hospital bed] or seeing Linda's face light up when Sandra was on a roll.

I had some very funny and memorable visits with Linda which I will always cherish. When Rob & I dressed up for Halloween, we made a point of dropping by to show her our costumes. She loved them and so did her roommates.

Another amusing moment was when I downloaded a Talking Tom Cat app on her smartphone. "Babycakes" Linda was like a kid at Christmas when she played with that silly app, as she and Sandra made the talking cat repeat swear words in its squeaky little voice. Man that was fun.

Linda's funeral on Nov. 26 was very emotional, but thankfully, family and friends supported each other, as we paid our respects.

Rest in peace Linda, you will never be forgotten.

SCRIBBLES VIDEO  |  Memories of Linda

SCRIBBLES VIDEO  |  Getting a Rise

This video from 2011 features Sandra Burger-Vedder making her mom Linda and her Aunt Merry - who operated the camera - laugh out loud, with her amusing 'Magical Hospital Bed' routine.

It took an extensive search to locate this hilarious clip. Due to the way this clip had been saved, it had to be re-recorded using the original, making it grainy....but still damn funny. The additional snorting and laughing heard is me cracking up as I re-recorded this treasured moment. 


BURGER, LINDA DIANNE - It is with deep sorrow that the family of Linda Burger announce her passing at the Welland Hospital Site on Sunday, November 22, 2015 in her 65th year. 

She is reunited with her late husband Clifford Burger (2000). Beloved mother of Gloria Putman (Scott), Sandra Vedder (Dan), Karen McGuire (Steve) and Jessica Burger (Paul). 

Cherished grandmother of Bylynnda-Lynn, Blade, Michael and Emily. 

Dear sister of Barbara Townsend, Merry Proulx and Bill Bouck (Cyndy). 

Linda will be sadly missed by her many nieces, nephews and cousins. Predeceased by her parents Bill and Aileen Bouck, sister Debbie and brothers-in-law Harvey Townsend and David Conners. 

The family received friends on Wednesday, November 25th at the H.L. Cudney Funeral Home, 241 West Main Street, Welland.

The funeral was held in the Cudney Chapel on Thursday, November 26th. Interment at Pleasantview Memorial Gardens followed.

As expressions of sympathy, memorial donations may be made to Canada Diabetes Association or the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Linda’s family would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to the Extended Care Unit at the Welland Hospital for their care and compassion. Online condolences available at



Nov 28, 2015

VIDEO | A "Flipping" Magician

This segment is from 'Britain's Got Talent' and it will have you scratching your head in disbelief. The opening sequence. where they show a clip of the magician prior to his performance is a bit long, but if you forward to about  the 1:38 min mark, that's where the magic begins.

YOU | Papa Ernie's Birthday

Nov 24, 2015

OPINION | by Ken Leavoy

In my opinion...

I find statements like this disturbing. In many cases I feel it's the retail chain stores and restaurants who chose to replace "Merry Christmas" with the more inclusive "Happy Holidays" since then, some people have gone on the defensive, while showing ignorance towards others.

Seriously, how many times have you been confronted by someone who is anti-Christmas?

Have  you ever been chased down the street by an angry mob, who wanted to take away that lush aromatic Christmas tree you just bought?

How many times has someone freaked out on you for saying Merry Christmas?

So far my total is zero. (the same number it was last Christmas, the one before and well, actually all past Christmases.)

And who exactly is it that's preventing you from saying Merry Christmas? What are the legal ramifications if you do get caught uttering those words?? Your freedom to say Merry Christmas still exists, to suggest otherwise is fear mongering.

Telling others that if they don't like our customs, they can leave our country and you'll help them pack, certainly isn't spreading the message of peace on earth....something ALMOST everyone on the planet wants, even those who celebrate a different holiday at this time of year. 

With all the hatred, terrorism, serial killings, refugees being attacked and refused entry to many countries, isn't it time we stopped this unnecessary annual jab at others? 

WHAT A CROCK indeed!

Nov 20, 2015

Hanging on to Hope

Dear Refugee:
It hurts deeply to turn on my TV and see what is happening to you.
First, you had to flee the only home you've ever known because it had been destroyed and you will be slaughtered if you try to return there.
You have fled with little more than the clothes on your back, with a new crisis...where do you go now?
That country doesn't want you, neither do those ones. Now you are hearing that even some places in America are starting to close their doors. The mental anguish alone must be overwhelming, let alone finding food and shelter.
Refugees please don't think that the entire world has abandoned you. Through no fault of your own, there are places across the planet, where you are not welcomed. But there are many other people and places doing all they can to help, like Canada's new government, with a plan to open its doors to 25,000 refugees. Other countries and people around the world also have this compassionate view. It doesn't excuse the ignorance of others, but hopefully it gives you some reassurance.

~Ken Leavoy

Nov 18, 2015