Feb 28, 2024

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Here -with permission - is the obituary for Dale Eckert, who passed away on Feb. 23. I think Dale's sibling Charlie wrote much of it, but I'm sure Dale's entire family helped too.

Even if you didn't know Dale, you might find Dale's tale very interesting. I was unaware of all the amazing things Dale did and all the people he interacted with.

Dale was such a positive soul, with a "can do" attitude. And why wouldn't he be? He was raised by the best mothers a child could get Ginny & Michelle. He had siblings Charlie and Nathanial, who supported their brother unconditionally. There was a whole lotta love at Dale's home...there still is.

Dale Anthony Llewlyn Eckert
January 29, 2002- February 23, 2024

Shortly after his 22nd birthday, Dale, surrounded by loved ones, passed from this plane to the next.

Dale came into this world during a snowstorm, 11 weeks early in Hamilton’s McMaster University Hospital. With a great head of hair and perfect eyebrows, he exceeded all expectations, marking the beginning of his incredible journey.

A natural artist, when he was 5 years old, he created the Niagara Peninsula Children Centres first sold out Christmas card. It brought much needed funds to their program. This was his first act of generosity.

At Harold Hatcher School in Winnipeg, Manitoba he brought with him the empowerment of education and inclusion. Teaching staff and peers alike, what being disABLED really meant. Changing people's view of disABILITY by truly living his life to the fullest, whether it was tobogganing on a crazy carpet down a hill, or being bounced in a bouncy castle, Dale was fearless and unstoppable.

When he began going to Arthur Day Middle School people really started to see him for who he was, a cheeky, stinky, focused and determined young individual. That's where his love of sports exploded. In the gym dressed as a goalie, he loved to be included in the game, enjoying every moment with his peers. Dale was the epitome of a “good spectator”. Ringing cowbells, cheering at the top of his lungs, making everyone feel like he was their biggest fan.

At the lake Dale hated the bugs… and being outside. However, he loved the good company, trick-or-treating, roasting marshmallows, growing beans, crafts and spending time with his loved ones. The excitement Dale exuded while playing games was palpable.

In Murdoch Mackay, Dale exhibited an excellent sense of style and fashion. Known for his doughnut pants, hamburger shorts and floral shirts he quickly became a “fashion icon”. The spring concert ignited his passion for singing karaoke and being a star. It was at Murdoch that Dale had his first job interview, he rehearsed and practiced diligently and his hard work paid off. He earned the title of Security Guard and that began his desire to work. He took his job very seriously, handing out tickets and politely asking peers to return to class. Dale was well respected in his position.

After graduation, Dale’s hunger to work full time was sated when he started to work at S.P.I.K.E. day program. He made new friends, and embarked on a new chapter in life. Monday to Friday he woke the house, yelling in anticipation to go to S.P.I.K.E. Whether it was making crafts, playing bingo or watching television he took his job seriously.

No matter where Dale was, his positivity and zest for life radiated throughout.

Dale leaves behind his mothers Ginny and Michele. Sibling Charlie and their husband Kiernan, brother Nathanial and his significant other Stephanie and little sister, Nadalee. His grandparents Bev and Tony, Gisele and Henri, John and Beata. As well as many extended family members and loyal friends.

Please join us in celebrating his life on Wednesday March 20th, 2024 any time between 2pm and 8:30pm at 500 Widlake St, Winnipeg, Manitoba. In Lieu of flowers, donations may be made at the celebration for the renovation of the specialized washroom at S.P.I.K.E day program.

Sharing in the light that was Dale's life was the gift he gave all of us.


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