Dec 26, 2016


In this April 7, 1985 file photo, George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley of the British group WHAM! perform during a concert in Peking, China. Michael, who rocketed to stardom with WHAM! and went on to enjoy a long and celebrated solo career lined with controversies, has died, his publicist said Sunday, Dec. 25, 2016. He was 53. (AP Photo)

In this July 13, 1985, file photo, from left, George Michael of Wham!, concert promoter Harvey Goldsmith, Bono of U2, Paul McCartney, concert organizer Bob Geldof and Freddie Mercury of Queen join in the finale of the Live Aid famine relief concert, at Wembley Stadium, London.  (AP Photo/Joe Schaber, File)

In this Monday, Jan. 31, 1989 file photo, George Michael accepts one of his three American Music Awards during ceremonies in Los Angeles.

George Michael poses for photo session prior to a press conference to promote his documentary film "George Michael, A differenct story," at a hotel in Tokyo, Thursday, Dec 15, 2005. The film, portraying his life in both bright and dark sides, will be released Dec 23. (AP Photo/Junji Kurokawa)

Dec 24, 2016

YOU | Making a Big Difference


Watch Videos & See Stories & Photos of 
Clearwater Marine Aquarium 
- a non-for-profit organization
-Donations Welcome

Here's a video I found on You Tube. It gives you a great tour of Clearwater....

Dec 23, 2016

Dec 19, 2016


PETS | Hooked on the White Stuff

Christian Bisson & his partner Louis-David's dog Frida absolutely loves spending time playing in the snow.  (The snowman pictured above is NOT Frosty the Snowman, as in the one we hid in our Find Frosty contest)

SCRIBBLES CLASSIC VIDEOS | The Ghosts of Christmas Past

We take a look back at some of our Christmas videos from years gone by. Some of them feature family, pets or friends that are no longer with us, while others include relationships that are no more, so consider yourself warned.







YOU | It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


Revisit our Interview with Interior Designer David Bailey CLICK HERE

Dec 18, 2016

YOU | Still the One



Dec 17, 2016


The First Snowfall
by Christian Bisson

We recently featured several Fall photos by Christian Bisson, now here's one that's blanketed in snow.  CLICK HERE to view Christian's 'Autumn in Quebec' collection.

Dec 12, 2016

YOU & ME | He Shoots! He Scores!

REVIEW | Quinn Sullivan at PAC

'As a young child, Quinn Sullivan was brought to numerous festivals and concerts by his music-loving parents. He was the “kid with the guitar “ in the audience, who would strum along with what was happening on stage. Through videos, Quinn became enamored with Buddy Guy, so his Dad made arrangements for him to meet his idol when Guy came to his hometown. Backstage before the show, he asked Buddy to autograph his guitar which, of course, he did — but on condition that the boy play it for him. That led to Buddy calling Quinn onstage to join him during his set and an unlikely, though solid bond was then formed between the great Chicago bluesman and the eager youngster from Massachusetts.'*

Quinn Sullivan was about 5 years old when he met and performed for Buddy Guy and now, at the ripe old age of 17, Sullivan continues to fascinate music lovers. Quinn performed across Canada recently, with his last stop being at the Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines on December 3rd. I attended the show with my good friend Shelley Stewart  [seen below at another recent visit to PAC] 

Sullivan was joined on stage by a drummer, keyboard player and bass guitar player, but it was Quinn's amazing performance on electric guitar that was the true headliner.  He played a mix of covers and originals, including songs from his soon to be released third album 'Midnight Highway'.

Quinn seemed a bit shy when speaking to the audience between tunes. Perhaps modest would be a better term. At his young age, he's not had time to develop an over-inflated ego and often seemed as amazed by his talents as we were.  From blues to rock, this guy can sing and play it all and is destined to be a big star.

To visit Quinn Sullivan's official website CLICK HERE
[*opening paragraph from 'Quinn Sullivan Music' official website]

Here's a few samples of Quinn Sullivan's music...

Here's Quinn a few years ago, paying tribute to his idol...

And if you really want a treat, here's Quinn at age 6 on The Ellen show. The last half of the clip is great...

Dec 11, 2016

YOU | Lucky Number 29

IN MEMORIAM | Julie Tripp

Family and friends gathered on December 7th to salute the life of Julie Tripp  (affectionately known as "Tripper".)  Diagnosed with inoperable cancer, earlier this year, Julie, 48, passed away on December 1st. Although Tripper had many friends, she was particularly close with Heather MacNeil and Sherry Matthews. They were truly the three amigos.

In April, Scribbles got permission to reprint some of Tripper's facebook posts in a two part feature called 'Julie's Journal'. The feature included Julie's emotional words and what her friends were doing to make things a little brighter for her.  In May, Julie's friends and work colleagues created a personalized quilt for Tripper and she was truly touched by this kind gesture.

I met Julie twice at Heather & her husband Doug's trailer - a place that she visited and partied at often over the years.

Revisit Julie's Journal Part One CLICK HERE.  Revisit Julie's Journal Part Two (featuring the homemade friendship quilt) CLICK HERE.

Dec 8, 2016

A Lot of Ho Ho Ho's

People dressed as Santa Claus pose for a group photo during a promotional event on the opening weekend in the alpine ski resort in Verbier, Saturday, Dec 3, 2016. Around 1200 skiers dressed as Santa Claus were granted free access to the ski resort to celebrates the ski season's opening. (Jean-Christophe Bott/Keystone via AP)

EVENT | Sing!

Dec 2, 2016

How To Stop Your Car Windows From Fogging Up This Winter

By Archit Tripathi

One of winter's little annoyances is that your car windows are constantly fogging up. It happens to everyone, and now you have to scramble to push the defogger button while you're driving with impaired visibility. It's not just irritating - it's downright dangerous.

Luckily, YouTuber Dave Hax has come up with this brilliant trick to get rid of foggy windows, using a pair of old socks and come kitty litter. Here's how it works.


-Roll of Tape
-Cat Litter


Find an old sock.

Put the roll of tape at the top of the sock, then roll the fabric over it, forcing the sock to stay open.
Use the opening to fill up the sock with kitty litter, roughly up to the ankle.
Once the sock is filled, remove the tape and tuck the opening of the sock inside itself so it seals the cat litter inside.

Place the sock in your car and watch the foggy windows disappear.

This works because cat litter is designed to pull moisture from the air, and will help pull the condensation off your windows. This works with any brand of cat litter, and you can use something else to make the "pouch" instead of a sock if you don't have one to spare. It works best when placed on the dash, but if you're carpooling, you can stick it under a seat and it'll still work.