Jun 22, 2014


A big THANK YOU to our friend Ginger Blythin who forwarded this to Scribbles.

Indeed you are right Ginger, this IS a good one to share with all our friends out there, as it is a very accurate account of what an anxiety attack can sometimes feel like and the misconceptions others may have about how to deal with it.

DIY | How to Test Batteries

Jun 21, 2014

IN MEMORIAM | Jim Papple Sr.

Jim Really Took the Cake...(93 of them)

I remember meeting Jim Papple Sr. many years ago when he, his wife Olga and their grown sons were becoming household names in my family. 

My sister Kim was marrying the Papple's son Don and our families were now intertwined. Holiday gatherings and birthdays meant we now needed plenty of room at the table and it was always extra-special to have enjoyed a celebration with Jim and Olga and the rest of the Papple's. 

That dynamic would change when Olga passed away. We didn't know it at the time, but it was going to be many more years before Jim would be reunited with her. 

For the past 13 years, Jim had received dialysis in Hamilton at least twice a week.  When Jim celebrated his 90th birthday, the staff at the hospital had a cake and large card for him and the local media covered the story.  

Jim called Brantford home and up until a few years ago he was still driving to and from family gatherings at Kim and Don's place in St. Catharines.  

It was no big deal to Jim, he was just going to St Catharines and back, but I always envied that here was this man 90 years old, still driving [and we're not talking just to the corner store] and quite capable of doing so. You don't hear of people like this every day and it always kinda blew my mind to see Jim in action. 

My condolences to Don, my sister Kim and the entire Papple family. Jim Sr. was a shining example of enjoying every day to its fullest and adjusting to life's changes.  

That message will remain with me along with many other fond memories whenever I think of Jim.


Jim's Funeral Service
ADDED JUN 20, 2014

Classic Clip...

This is an excerpt from a news feature on Jim's 90th Birthday, three years ago, and the surprise celebration the staff at the Hamilton hospital had for him.

(Jim) James Ellwood Papple 
Feb. 3 | 1921 ~ Jun. 14 | 2014

PAPPLE, James Elwood "Jim" - Passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on June 14th 2014 in his 93rd year. Predeceased by his beautiful wife Olga (Andrews), sister Norma Martin and niece Helen Giles.

Jim leaves behind his much loved sons; Don (Kim) Papple of St. Catharines and Ford (Michelle) Papple of Guelph. He will be sadly missed by his grandchildren James Jr, (Phoebe) Nicholas, Erin, Lyndsay and Patrick Papple. Dearly missed by his great-grandson Thomas. Jim will also be fondly remembered by his nieces, nephews and cousins.

Born and raised in Brantford, Jim played trumpet for the T.C.B. of Bell Canada. Jim graduated from B.C.I. and received technical training in poultry science at the University of Guelph. He had a long and successful career as a chicken sexer and caponizer.

He was a proud farmer and he and Olga enjoyed many great times with their neighbours in the 500 club. Both he and Olga were avid curlers at the Brantford Golf and Country Club and the Brant Curling Club for many years.

Jim enjoyed relaxing days at the cottage with his Turkey Point friends and neighbours. He was a true gentleman till the end and always had a twinkle in his eyes.

“Dad we know you are in a better place now and that you are enjoying your bacon and egg breakfast there”.

The family would like to thank all the great nurses at the Brantford General Hospital who helped dad over the last 13 years.

[The funeral service was held Fri. Jun. 20 at Beckett-Glaves Family Funeral Centre. Interment followed.]

In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Brantford General Hospital - Dialysis Unit. A tree will be planted in memory of Jim in the Beckett-Glaves Memorial Forest.

Painting by Olga Papple
(Jim's wife, whom he has now reunited with after all these years)


One of Jim's favourite songs ...

Jun 16, 2014


YOU | Ryan & Laura's Wedding

Some couples just have that special something, a certain chemistry... that “it” factor. If ever there was proof of this, it most definitely can be found in Ryan and Laura Haanappel.

From the moment Laura and Ryan began seeing each other in March 2010, you could just tell they were meant to be together. I worked with Laura back then and she beamed every time Ryan’s name was mentioned.

Sometimes when there was no one around, we would put on Laura’s Taylor Swift CD and sing aloud to “You Belong With Me”, which it was obvious, Ryan truly did.

Ryan’s job sometimes took him out of town for a week or more at a time. All this did was make their heart’s grow fonder. Soon the active couple, who share common interests including biking, cars and travel, were taking dream vacations to the Calgary Stampede and Cuba, to name but a few and enjoying frequent get together’s locally with Laura’s BFF Christine Mantej.

The night before their wedding, Ryan wrote on his facebook page “Been glancing at this countdown for a lot of months! It's finally wedding eve!!! I can't wait to marry Laura tomorrow, and for the party that's sure to ensue with so fantastic people in our lives.”

Now THAT’S truly romantic.

With no fear of silly superstitions, the love struck twosome tied the knot on Friday, the 13th of June.

Laura (nee. DeGraaf) and Ryan were joined by family and friends for an intimate ceremony at Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens in Buffalo, New York. The newlyweds are now on their honeymoon in Mayan Riviera, Cancun.

Congratulations Laura and Ryan. To say I am happy for you, would definitely be an understatement. True love really does exist and you have indeed proven that.

All the best!

View Ryan and Laura's wedding photo album, click here.

Jun 15, 2014

KIDS | Uncle & Nephew Time

The day before I babysat Graham, he and his mom Jane (YEP, "Sister Jane") came over to check out my new place.  Below, Graham and I in my living room/office.

Jun 13, 2014

PETS | JJ Chillin'

As we see below in this brief video clip, my cat JJ seems to be adapting nicely to his new home...his third place since September, four if you count the Humane Society or wherever he was for the first few months of his life, before we met and fell in love.

IN MY OPINION | Election Reflection


Six weeks of campaigning and approximately 90 million tax dollars later, Ontario’s recent election has come to an end. While I am happy that Tim Hudak’s “Million Jobs Plan” will not see the light of day and that he has decided to step down as leader of the PC party, I can’t help but ask....was this election really necessary?

NDP leader Andrea Horwath should really take some time to reflect upon what her decision to not support the Liberal’s recent budget plan and force an election, has cost her party and the province.

The NDP party may have gained one seat at Queen’s Park, but now that we have a Liberal majority, that additional seat means very little.

Thanks to Horwath, Kathleen Wynne no longer needs to cozy up to anyone to support any proposal she puts on the table, now that she has the numbers to move forward with or without the support or approval of the NDP or PC’s.  

In her election night speech to her supporters, Andrea Horwath vowed to continue doing what the NDP party does...stand up for Ontarians. Sit down Andrea, Ontario voters clearly indicated that, despite your charm and ability to identify with common folk, they weren’t ready to let you sit in the driver’s seat.

Maybe it was because voters saw “red” as the only way to defeat Hudak, but regardless of why, the NDP party lost plenty of clout in this election...one which was entirely of their own doing.

And then there’s Tim Hudak whose vow to make cuts to essential services found numerous groups and unions jumping into the campaign ring, pleading for us to “Stop Hudak!”.

Talk about more bang for your buck for the Liberal and NDP parties. Although they didn’t, Wynne and Horwath could have avoided all attack ads on Hudak, as there were plenty of others doing that for them.

Elected on her own merit, drive and determination, Ontario’s first openly gay, woman Premier, Kathleen Wynne has much to be proud of and lots of work to do.

Tim Hudak’s vision may not have sat well with most of us, but you’ve got to give him credit for acknowledging the financial mess our province is in. Now it’s up to Wynne to prove to us her ideals will take us down the road of recovery and not sink us further in debt.

A tall order for a minuté woman, but one she and much of the province seem to feel she can fulfill. 


Jun 9, 2014

YOU | Country Spuds

Our pal Becky Lee's brother Michael is really cooking these days.

Becky told Scribbles "Michael opened up a French Fry Truck 'Country Spuds' in the little town [called] Maple Leaf ".

Maple Leaf is located close to the family's brand new cottage on Pappineau Lake (which is in Eastern Ontario) If you're in the area be sure to drop by and check out 'Country Spuds' it is located on Hwy 62 in  Maple Leaf, ON.

Tell him Scribbles sent you :)

YOU | Vacation


ME | A New Place to Escape

When I lived in Welland, one of my favourite things to do in the Spring and Summer months was to take Timmi to Memorial Park, which was located only a short drive from my apartment.

Now that we're in St. Catharines, we needed to find somewhere a bit closer.  A few days ago I discovered not one but two parks side by side. The big park has a fenced in leash-free dog area, but since Timmi hates other dogs (of all shapes and sizes), we stay away from there.

The smaller park is called St. Patrick Park, which is ironic because I now live on St. Patrick Street (although the park is not actually on this street.)  This little park has a baseball diamond, a walking trail and plenty of trees which provide plenty of much appreciated shade.

The park is especially nice to go to since the guy who lives next door and the lady who lives below me usually hang out in the back yard at my new place and haven't exactly made me feel welcome to join them. So Timmi and I bypass the back yard and head to peaceful St. Patrick Park instead.

VIDEO | The Banker & the Ducklings

Jun 8, 2014

YOU | Forever Young

Happy birthday to our pal "Bobby Rock" [B.R.] whose big day was June 7th.

On his facebook page B.R. wrote "Thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes!!! I had everything that makes for an awesome day.....family, friends, rocking out and a whole lotta sun! U all rock!"

Sounds perfect buddy and even if the sun had not been shining, I just know that your bubbly persona would have brightened the day.  

ROF [Rock On Forever]

CLEVER IDEA | Lego Play Area

I love receiving these amazing do-it-yourself repurposing ideas. Here's another great one. That old end table has a whole new look and use when redesigned to become a Lego play area. 

We don't have the step-by-step instructions, but if you are interested in trying this, I think the photos speak for themselves.

Jun 7, 2014

ART | "The Yellow Rose"

OK, I'll admit it, since he's my nephew, I love all of 8 year old Graham Clark's artwork. But his latest mixed media piece "The Yellow Rose" has me blooming with pride.

A combination of marker, paint, construction paper, tissue paper and a photocopied pix of the artist himself, "The Yellow Rose" is a real masterpiece.

To truly appreciate this one, you really should view a larger version of it. You can do that easily enough, by clicking on the pix.

Awesome art Graham. Uncle Ken is going to print a copy of it, frame it and display it at his new apartment. Giving you and your parents one more reason to come visit once I'm settled in.

Jun 6, 2014

IN MEMORIAM | Ann B. Davis

Although she enjoyed success in the 1950's on the Bob Cummings show, it would be when she took on the iconic role of Alice on the Brady Bunch that would make Ann B. Davis a household name.  

The Brady Bunch was the story of a lovely lady, a man named Brady and their collective six children, but it was Davis as the family's maid Alice, who often kept the whole blooming Brady Bunch under control, during the series 5 year run on ABC from 1969 - 1974.  The Brady's success would live on through TV movies, a painfully pathetic variety show and numerous sequels, many of which Ann reprized her infamous Alice character.

Davis passed away on June 1st, following a severe fall. Her death came as a shock to her friends, who said she was in excellent health for someone her age. Fans worldwide were also saddened by her departure.

Ann B. Davis never married nor was she ever romantically linked to anyone, once claiming she never found a man more exciting than her career.

The Brady Bunch is still seen in syndication around the world, including TV Land and Me TV in the U.S. 

Davis was 88 years old.

Jun 5, 2014

YOU | Pride Niagara Recap

Rainbow flag raising celebrates diversity

COURTESY: Niagara This Week - St. Catharines
By Paul Forsyth

ST. CATHARINES — A large, rainbow-coloured flag raised in front of St. Catharines city hall on Tuesday is doing more than adding a splash of colour to the stately old building.

To those gathered on the front lawn, it also symbolizes diversity and a world in which a person’s sexual orientation doesn’t make them a target for discrimination.

The annual flag raising was a kick off to this year’s Pride Niagara week, highlighting the work of the group to promote an inclusive society.

Brandon Vrysen, a Mississauga native who’s graduating from Brock University this week and who now calls Thorold home, told a gathering inside city hall before the flag raising that Canada has come a long way toward acceptance of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender) community. But he said people are still bullied in schools and in the larger world for their sexual orientation — meaning the push to promote tolerance and acceptance must continue.

“We deserve just as much respect as other people do,” he said. “Never stop fighting” for your rights.

St. Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan said Canada’s charter of rights and freedoms

ensures Canadians can’t be discriminated because of their sexual orientation.

“It doesn’t matter in this country,” he said. “It shouldn’t matter.

“That’s why we have events like this so we don’t forget that.”

Enzo DeDivitiis, chair of Pride Niagara, said the flag raising is an important, symbolic gesture of acceptance.

“It really unites all of us and celebrates our diverse community,” he said. “It shows we are all one.”

Sarah Burtch, women’s community development officer with AIDS Niagara, said embracing people’s differences is what makes a true community.

“When we come in solidarity to speak out against discrimination in all forms, whether it is on the basis of sexuality, gender, race or HIV, we begin to create a world in which each and every one of us can thrive and realize our full potential,” she said. The third annual Pride in the Park Festival will be held on Saturday, June 7 at Montebello Park in St. Catharines, with entertainment and vendors from noon to 10 p.m. capping off the week-long Pride Niagara celebrations. The day will feature Adam Coleman from 12:15 p.m. to 12:45 p.m., fitness from 1-1:45 p.m., the Nathan Drake production of ‘The Witches of Oz’ from 2-3 p.m., Lexi Tellings from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Shawnee from 5-6 p.m., the Pride drag show in the Pride pavilion from 6-7 p.m., the RuPaul Drag Race Diva Shangela from 7-7:30 p.m., and the Pride pavilion dance party from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m


Showing Our True Colours

From Rainbow flag raisings and Niagara Falls lit in bright colours, to a celebration of diversity through the Niagara Unity Awards, Pride Niagara 2014 has given us much to be proud about.



From the City of Welland's facebook page, Mayor Barry Sharpe, Enzo De Devittis, and Tyler Neal raise the Pride Flag to Celebrate Pride Niagara.

Celebrating Diversity

The photo below, found on Pride Niagara's facebook page was taken at the 1st Annual Niagara Unity Awards.  See more photos from the event at Pride Niagara's facebook page CLICK HERE.

VIDEO |  Dancing Fountain

Found on Brett Wood's facebook page the video clip below features the back fountain at Niagara Fallsview Casino as it dances and showsits colours for PRIDE

The 3rd Annual Pride in the Park event was held on June 7th and featured appearances by Fitness, Lexi Tellings, Shawnee and Shangela from the RuPaul's Drag Race, to name but a few. The event was once again held at Montebello Park in downtown St. Catharines

Although I was unable to attend due to being in a lot of pain that day, I was definitely there is spirit.


VIDEO | Tim McGraw & Dude Perfect

Jun 4, 2014

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Empty on Ottawa Street

One final look at Ken's Ottawa Street apartment before he handed in his keys.

I just want to add. Even though in my final walk through of the empty apartment I said "I'd like to say I'm going to miss you [the apt.], I can't say that"....I have since found myself SEVERAL times this week missing the place....and this is on top of missing Maria. 

The layout of the apt. was different than what i'm used to, but it was still "home". The back yard was so handy for Timmi and I felt welcome back there and in the and around the whole place. 

My new place is tiny and cute and I'm sure in time I will love it, but I still feel very much like a stranger here.

SEE FULL VIDEO of MARIA singing her original song "I'm In Love" CLICK HERE

SEE FULL VIDEO of MARIA singing her original song "I'm In Love" CLICK HERE

KIDS | Wow! They're One Year Old

A baby's first birthday is always a special occasion, but in the case of Rachel and Evelyn Blythin, that celebration is even more extraordinary.

As you'll recall, the twins were born quite prematurely and gained media attention with their story.

A recent article on Mount Sinai Hospital's website recalls the saga of the tiny girls who have often been referred to as "the miracle twins" (and rightfully so)

To read that article CLICK HERE

Happy Birthday Rachel and Evelyn.

Jun 3, 2014

ME | There's No Place Like Home??


Oh what fresh new Hell have I gotten myself into now? 

While I absolutely LOVE the layout of this little upper unit apartment, which screams potential, when it comes to decorating it (something I love to do), I'm not feeling very welcomed by the neighbours.

First up was the oddball next door who once owned this building and refuses to let anyone use the driveway. When I met him on moving day, he was making an "exception" for the U-Haul to pull in and be unloaded, but made sure to point out to me that under no circumstances is anyone ever allowed to use the driveway. 

"If you order a pizza, the driver is not allowed to park in the driveway" he commented. 

When the Bell tech guy had to come here on Mon. I made sure to advise him not to pull in to the driveway because the guy next door is an asshole.

Yesterday I met the lady who lives below me. She was "ok", but when we were discussing pets (she has two cats) and I mentioned I have a cat, she was quick to say "Yes, I know, I can hear him when he pounces on to the floor". Maybe she didn't mean anything by it, but I was not impressed. I'm sure she's going to love it when Timmi joins us. He has been at my mom's since Fri. and I bringing him to our "new home" tonight.

So let's recap shall we....At the place I just moved from, the lady on the main floor (Maria) came down on my first day there welcoming me with a plate of homemade cupcakes and was very cordial. The building on the other hand was unbearably loud and drove me crazy, to the point my doctor wrote a letter saying I should move.

Now I find a place that is super cozy but the neighbours have thus far not exactly been very hospitable.

Is it really asking too much to have a place that is nice and those around me are civil? Apparently the answer to that question is "Yes"