Nov 25, 2018

Nov 20, 2018


First we asked you to send in your costume photos. 32 friends entered our contest by sending in pix (the most entries we've had since debuting this popular annual contest in 2010.)

Our costumed pals ranged in age from not quite 1 to their mid 90's... another Scribbles first!

Then came the  Scribbles Video that featured all the costumes accompanied by special effects, graphics and scary soundtrack.

Next we asked everyone to vote for the costume they liked the most. Over 40 of you did that!

Now, as our US friends celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner, we finally (and proudly) present the results of this year's Halloween contest.

Who received the most votes and will win the Encyclopedia of Horror and Pirates of the Caribbean DVD set? You're about to find out....

video duration: 4:21 min.   

In case you missed it or want to watch it again, here is an encore:

video duration: 5:18 min.

Nov 19, 2018

KIDS | Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

It's c-c-c-cold! It's snowy! It's winter... and it has made an early arrival in many areas where Scribbles pals reside.

For some of us, that's been light flurries that didn't amount to much, but for others, it's been lots of the white stuff and temperatures cold enough to keep it hanging around. Take for example our friends in Ottawa. They received 10-15 cm of snow last week but not everyone was complaining.

Bundled up in his very roomy snowsuit, our buddy Joe was fascinated when his parents Megan and Andy took him outside to check things out. He was quite content sitting in the yard and looked so darn cute, he made the first blast of winter look almost enjoyable. LOL.

YOU | Picture Perfect Family

Our pals Robin and Tim are the proud parents of three amazing kids. First came Cole (who we all met here on Scribbles several years ago, when he daddy became our very first 'Father of the Year'.)

Next came Campbell, who has a ton of curiosity, something that can sometimes be amusing and sometimes can be a "real hair-raiser" (LOL...inside joke.)

Last year the estrogen level at the family's modern St. Catharines home got a little boost, with the arrival of little Everleigh,

I had the amazing pleasure of enjoying a visit with the gang this summer. We enjoyed a great visit, a delicious BBQ meal and a refreshing little beverage by the name of "Twisted Tea" (which gets two wobbly thumbs up for its refreshing taste.)

Like all proud parents, Robin and Tim like to post photos of their kids on Facebook and one thing I couldn't help but notice was just how active the kids can be. In fact, on more than one occasion, I have turned a series of Robin's pix into moving GIF files (such as the ones we see below.)

When the subjects are so darn adorable and the photos are so darn perfect, it's downright impossible for me not to want to get in on the fun, so please Robin and Tim, keep those photos coming and I promise to keep them moving.

Nov 9, 2018

YOU | Happy 29th Birthday Megan

My cousin Megan has been a part of Scribbles even before she was born.  First we featured the exciting news that her mom Jeanne was expecting and  then when Megan was born we introduced her to all our readers.

When she turned 3 years old in November 1992, Megan graced the cover of Scribbles Magazine (as we see in the image on the left.)

What stands out about that particular edition is that the cover image was in colour....sorta. Our circulation at the time was 35 copies, which may not sound like a lot, but when your using pencil crayons to colour each copy's cover - like I did - 35 was plenty.

Happy 29th Birthday Megan, I can't believe you will be 30 a year from now.

Nov 6, 2018

YOU | Recent Elections Bring Mixed Emotions to Scribbles Pals

KIDS | A New Trick to Get a Treat

YOU | Superb Shutter Bug

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Wow! He's a Teen Now!

Okay, you know you're getting older when your youngest nephew - the little guy who used to marvel at Uncle Ken's "green car" and whom you shared many adventures with, becomes a teenager.

As hard to believe as it is, my nephew Graham turned 13 in October. We gathered for a family birthday party at sister Jane and hubby Ken's place on Oct. 21 to usher Graham into his teen years.

Here's a short video clip highlighting some fond moments from that day.

video length: 2:15 min.

One Step at a Time

PETS | Years of Fond Memories

REVIEW | 'One's' Revisits The Beatles Biggest Hits

After a hard days night and working like a dog, my sister Kim was definitely ready for a night out. Fortunately for her I had acquired an extra ticket to 'One’s', a Beatles tribute show at the Performing Arts Centre on October 20th.

Featuring an 11 piece band, a large video screen and impressive lighting, this tribute show highlighted Beatles songs from the mid to late 60's that made it to number one on the charts.

Former Q107 DJ Al Joynes provided trivia facts and a bit of humour during pre-recorded video segments, between the band’s enthusiastic renditions of The Beatles hits.

Playing to a full house (of well over 800) the two act show concluded with number one hits the Fab Four when they all took on solo careers.

The show was dubbed a multi-media extravaganza, marrying live music with video images and special lighting. This combination often missed the mark by looping cheesy graphics throughout entire songs. But when the music, imagery and lighting were utilized to their fullest potential, it made for some very breathtaking moments.

This was Kim’s very first time visiting the Performing Arts Centre located in downtown St. Catharines and judging by her reaction to the Beatles show, she loved it...."ya, ya, ya" and will no doubt be back for more acts in the future.

HUMOUR | "Hard" to Believe...

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Meet Marvelous Mandy & the Amazing Arie

We love featuring your pets on Scribbles and for the most part it's lots of dogs and cats that make their way to our posts section.

Today we have a fine feathered friend to introduce you to. It's our pal Mandy's incredible ringneck parakeet Arie.

Arie will be 4 in December and is "very much a toddler" according to Mandy. She also said "Arie is literally my life".

After putting together this video, I can easily see why Mandy would say that. Hope you (and Arie of course) enjoy his Scribbles debut. A star is born..or is that hatched?

Nov 5, 2018

Nov 3, 2018

YOUR BUSINESS | Stimulate Your Imagination with DJ's

What happens when you take a hobby you're passionate about and make a decision to bring it to the masses? You get a unique store called DJ's Comic Corner.

DJ's Comic Corner is the brainchild of our friend Derrick Roslaniec and his wife Joanne. The business held its official grand opening on Sat. Sept. 8th with great deals, draws, snacks, beverages and special guests including several local politicians, members of the media and St. Catharines mayor Walter Sendzik.

Scribbles also was on hand to check out DJ's Comic Corner and congratulate Derrick and Joanne (although my arrival was in the afternoon, long after the politicians presence and the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which took place in the AM hours.)

In addition to comic books, DJ's also carries apparel (shirts, beanies, scarfs, wallets, bags and more) plus rare collectibles and memorabilia.

Derrick described the motivation behind DJ's on their Facebook page.

"DJ’s Comic Corner was born from a love of comic books. I have been a fan since my youth, and as I grew I couldn’t get enough of these wonderful stories with amazing artwork - my imagination was on fire" said Derrick.

He continued "Now I’m at a point in my life where I can share this genre with kids (and the kid in all of us). That’s what DJ’s Comic Corner is about. Promoting reading and the joys of the imagination."

Midweek is always special at DJ's, it's "New Release Wednesday" when -as the name implies - new comic books are added to the store's ever-growing inventory of unique finds. 

Since opening, DJ's Comic Corner has become a sponsor of local hockey team the Niagara IceDogs which means they get to "set up shop" and offer giveaways at select games. 

Reviews for DJ's have been quite favourable....

"Derrick knew what Venture Bros. was, and had a Spider-Man book I was trying to find for years... very good people, felt welcomed, and would definitely continue to go there" ~ Kyle H.

"DJ's is great! Derrick and Josie are absolute gems; you won't find nicer folk! 12/10 recommend this shop." ~ Kate A.

With Christmas just around the corner, check out DJ's Comic Corner for awesome comics, collectibles and merchandise.

DJ's Comic Corner 
33 Lakeshore Rd.- Unit 12 [plaza at the corner of Lake St. & Lakeshore Rd. across the road from No Frills]  
St. Catharines, ON  Phone: 905-938-2525

BUSINESS HOURS: MON. TUES. THUR. FRI. 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM  |  WED. 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM  |  SAT. 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM  | CLOSED SUNDAYS