May 31, 2013


Having Fun at Age One

It's hard to believe, but cutie patootie Aietch Ruberg turned one year old on May 23rd.  Aietch celebrated the big event with his parents Tammie and Lee, family and friends.

Above, Aietch is "hyped up on sugar from his birthday cake", according to Tammie, as he gets comfy in his new Jake and the Neverland Pirates chair he got from "Pa and Nana". Below, the family shares a hair-raising laugh in a captivating photo courtesy of Ming Photog.

Happy belated birthday Aietch, you're certainly growing up fast!

Don't I look impressed with my sister Jane's silliness?  LOL!
What a Hoot!

In  celebration of Mother's Day, my niece Erin Papple (seen on the right with her nephew Graham) went out on a limb with yet another creative cake.

This time around, a owl family tree. The big owl representing my mother Joan, the three owls in a row, myself, and sisters Kim and Jane, the pair of owls, Kim's kids Erin and Patrick and the lone owl, Jane's son Graham.

We all gathered at my mom's this year, for what could prove to be one of our last gatherings at her Rebecca street home.

Mom has recently put our old homestead up for sale, after finding the two floor house a bit too big for this sexy single senior. With her bucket list in hand, Joan is setting her sights towards getting a nice apartment, preferably with a pool.

Rebecca street has been home for over 40 years and mom is one of the last original neighbours still living there.

Sure will miss the old place when it sells, but totally get where mom is coming from with her game plan. Now just as long as the new owners make sure to feed my pal Suzi Squirrel, I will rest easy.

The Valley Girls are Coming to Town

Look out Niagara pals, Jeanne Prince and her daughter Megan Fox are coming to town. My crazy cousins will resume their annual Summer getaway to the Pennisula, after a noticeable absence last year.

Jeanne and Megan reside in the Ottawa region these days, but once lived in St Catharines for many years, where they left a lasting impression with many.  Those friends will once again get to share some laughs and memories, when the dynamic duo visit this August.

Can't wait to see you both!

Birthday Beauty

Our Toronto friend, Francesca Mackie was indeed a blooming beauty on her birthday in early May.

Francesca was treated to a delicious dinner out where she was joined by her husband Brian and ever-growing offspring, Colin and Catriona to dine on the best burgers in town.

Glad you had a good time Francesca.

You Can't Disguise Their Joy

We had the pleasure of seeing Cathy and Ernie Dick when they enjoyed a few days vacation in Niagara Falls (their first visit to the tourist attraction in over 30 years.)

We guess that wasn't quite enough to cure the Ottawa Valley couple's travel fever, as they recently ventured much further away with a trip to New Orleans.

As we see above, they got right into the festivities with colourful masks and an era of shiny beads.  Tradition dictates one usually has to earn their beads in one way or another. We're not sure if that rang true for Cathy and Ernie, who should get theirs for being such a terrific twosome.

Shine on Little Star

The Victoria Day tradition continues, as my nephew Graham Storie-Clark lit up the night sky with his bright and shiny sparklers. Supervised by his parents Jane and Ken, Graham enjoyed his sparklers at a park across the street from the family's Roehampton Avenue apartment.

This was the first time I was not there to join in on the fun, now that I no longer live in the same building (or city) as Graham, Jane and Ken. With Victoria Day being only the first of the Summer long weekends, I will sure try to be there for at least one of them.

Siblings in the Rain

We just love this candid pix of Colin and Catriona Mackie, as they prove sibling rivalry really is a thing of the past, by sharing an umbrella in the rain.

Grin and Bear It

It was a family affair as siblings Rebekah, Nathaniel and Dale Eckert joined their mom's Ginny and Mickey for some fun at the zoo.

Our Winnipeg friends are seen here hamming it up for the camera along side a polar bear. Not to worry, the bear's obviously a fake, but the fun is 100% authentic.

Stag n' Doe-Ho-Ho!

Scribbles alumni Jane Storie had a great time when she joined in the funny at her friend's recent Stag n' Doe.

The event included a photo booth and an ample supply of hats, wigs and other zany fashion accessories.  You had only a matter of seconds between shots to grab different articles and pose for the camera.

The results?  Some pretty funny photos and some pretty amazing memories!


Well this is embarrassing.  April 22nd was Earth Day, which means we have been stashing these awesome drawings away for over a month  (gee, how the heck did we fall so far behind?)

But, better late than never, I always say. These drawings, featuring important Earth Day reminders, were created by Jade and Patrick Eckert and were featured on proud mom Julia's facebook page.

We love them both, what great talent you have Jade and Patrick and we like your important messages too.

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.



Super Squirrel

I thought my squirrel Suzi was pretty tame because she takes peanuts from my hand. Well, this old fellow has me beat. Check out what his squirrel friend does.


Pool Inspector

A sure sign of Spring is the opening of residential swimming pools and in the case of Heather and Doug MacNeil, everyone gets into the act.

The couple's dog Jack is seen here making his inspection of the pool before taking a well deserved break.

And when the family isn't relaxing in their refreshing pool, they can be found "roughing it" (or in Jack's case "ruffing it") at their seasonal campsite in Vineland.

Now THAT'S the way to get the most out of Spring!

"Ruff, ruff!"

May 23, 2013


The Dandelion Song 
by Kenny Leavoy  (1978)

Some people that I meet,
   Think dandelions are neat
They think that they are lots of fun,
   Just watch them grow in the Summer sun

Some people that I know
   Hate dandelions so
They say that they are very bad
    And that they make them very sad

I'm asking you one and all,
   Be you big or be you small
I think that they are very fine
    Oh, whaddaya think of a dandelion?

May 21, 2013


"My Last Days"
The Story of Zach Sobiech

Zach Sobiech, at the age of 14, found out he had a rare form of terminal cancer. So he became a rock star, and millions of people got to see his music before he passed away on May 20, 2013.

This is his beautiful story.

"Clouds" by Zach Sobiech

"Sandcastles" by Zach Sobiech and Sammy Brown

Rest in Peace Zach

May 20, 2013



May 19, 2013


'Bobby Ewing' Tweets Me!

I recently received a pix on Twitter feed that featured Linda Gray & Patrick Duffy. When I clicked on the link it took me to Patrick's Twitter page, where he had tweeted that the new Dallas series had been picked up for a third season. 

 So I tweeted him and said: "Love the new series -glad to hear u will be back for season 3 - 11 more to go to match original Dallas! U can do it Patrick" 

Patrick Duffy later replied: "@scribblesonline: Believe me I will try my best" 

Ok so it wasn't a huge message, but it was more the fact that he responded that I was so excited about.

May 18, 2013


Strengthening My Resolve
By Joan Wiley

"This is one of the reasons why I observe the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia,...

Last year, at a ceremony to raise the rainbow flag at city hall, a man approached me in a menacing way. I was carrying a little rainbow flag, and my straw hat was festooned with plastic rainbow flowers. The sign that the man carried said "No homos."

He took one look at my appearance and said. "Huh. Another effin' fag." (Only he used the f-bomb.) "I'd like to take that effin' flag and shove it down your effin' throat!"

For the first time, I understood from an emotional level (outright fear) what it means to be targeted because one is perceived to be part of a community that is not always accepted.

I thought of high school kids who hear words like this every day when they walk down the hallways. I thought of my older friends who heard words like these before boots met flesh and bone. And it strengthened my resolve, as a straight cisgender woman, to support the LGBTQ community in any way I can."

Scribbles Responds to Joan's Message:

Joan I am not sure if I have ever told you before, but you are an "effin" amazing woman.

Your support towards the LGBT community and your tireless efforts working with PFLAG Niagara are a shining example of what a real superhero is all about. 

I remember meeting you at a Pride event several years ago and being in awe of you. You are the mother so many in the LGBT community dream they had and in some ways you act as that loving, compassionate mom to us all.

If ever they were looking to clone the world's finest, you would surely be at the top of that short list. You face obstacles with a courage and openness many of us only wish we had. You do so with modesty and a sense of humour and it fills my heart with joy to consider you amongst my friends.

May improved health and continued happiness to be with you always and know that I -like so many others- stand with you, as you have so selflessly and graciously done for us.  


It Takes a Village

CBC Metro Morning announcer Matt Galloway recently spoke with Matthew Cutler. He is the director of community engagement for the 519 Church Street Community Centre External Site.

The centre is behind a study of the Church and Wellesley Village which is aimed at helping shape the neighbourhood's future.


Matthew Cutler once lived in Niagara where he was active in such projects as OUTspoken -Niagara's first LGBT weekly radio program.  Matthew has since moved to Toronto where -as you can hear in the interview - he continues to be a voice for change within the community.

Kudos to you old friend!

Robert William Harper

HARPER, Robert William - Peacefully in his sleep on Thursday, May 16, 2013, Bob passed away in his 66th year.

Loving husband to Jennifer (Miller); loving brother to Joan (Jack) Parnall and Barb (Bob) Cornellson; father to Tammy Yokum.

Will be sadly missed by his in-laws Bob Miller, Diane and Roger Bain and David Miller (Lindsy Reid) as well nieces and nephew.

He will be sadly missed by his extended family in Canada and Trinidad.

Family will receive friends at the HULSE & ENGLISH FUNERAL HOME & CHAPEL , 75 Church Street, St. Catharines 905-684-6346, on Friday, May 17, 2013 from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Funeral Service at Christ Lutheran Church, 140 Russell Avenue on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 2 p.m. Cremation to follow. Donations to the Heart & Stroke Foundation would be appreciated by the family. On-line tributes may be made at

May 15, 2013

Looking For a Place to Rock?

Visit BS Live with Bobby and Shane for 41 new band listings. If it rocks, you'll find it on BS Live. CLICK HERE to visit website.


The human mind is so delicate and so complex that only its Maker can know it wholly. 

Each mind is so different, actuated by such different motives, controlled by such different circumstances, influenced by such different sufferings, no one can know all the influences that have gone to make up a personality.

Therefore, it is impossible to judge wholly that personality and what that person is going through.

But God (the one of your own understanding) knows that person wholly and He can change it. 

Leave to God the unraveling of the puzzles of personality. And leave it to God to teach you the proper understanding.

May 14, 2013



No, this isn't my squirrel friend Suzi, but it sure looks like something she would do. As you know by now, MY Suzi squirrel lives in my mom's neighbourhood and we were reunited on Mother's Day when my family gathered to celebrate the day.

We'll feature more about that Mother's Day get together and get caught up with all your adventures when I'm feeling a bit more focused and less frantic.... let's all hope that is sooner rather than later.

May 11, 2013

Longtime 'Young & the Restless' star Jeanne Cooper dies at 84
by Lynette Rice

Jeanne Cooper, who played matriarch Katherine Chancellor on CBS’ hit soap The Young and the Restless, died on May 8th. She was 84.

Cooper, who has starred in the daytime series since its first year in 1973, had been in and out of a Los Angeles hospital recently due to an undisclosed illness. Her actor/son Corbin Bernsen had been informing fans of her condition via Facebook, where he confirmed her death today. “My mother passed away this morning just a short time ago, peaceful with my sister by her side, in her sleep. I was going to visit this afternoon, thought I had time. Reminder to self – time is a precious thing. I too am at peace however. I said my goodbyes several times over during the last few weeks.

“I’ll go one last time now for a gentle kiss a final farewell for this lifetime,” he continued. “She has been a blaze her entire life, that beacon, that boxer I spoke of earlier. She went the full twelve rounds and by unanimous decision… won! And while her light finally gave into the wind that gives flight to all our journeys, there will always be a glimmer left behind by what she stood for. I will speak about that more in coming days, months I suppose. I will certainly dedicate what remains of my life to continue her purpose of honesty, equality, humility, empathy and love.”

No cause of death was revealed.

Cooper in 1977
A California native who was born with the name Wilma Jeanne, Cooper had a flourishing career as a journeyman TV actor — she made countless appearances in shows that varied from Playhouse 90 and Twilight Zone to Gunsmoke and L.A. Law — when she was approached about a role on a daytime drama that was in development at CBS.

“(My agent) said ‘I know you. You won’t like doing it,” Cooper told EW recently. “Even with the stage you don’t like doing it for six months. You will get very bored playing the same person.’ I said you’re right, so I just kept hiding on island after island in Hawaii. Finally (Producer) John Conboy said, we have to have her. I caught a red-eye out for the table read. William Gray Espy, the young lead who played Snapper, warned everybody that I was a tough lady who doesn’t put up with a lot of nonsense.

“I was going to give it my all for three years but all of a sudden, when you are creating another person who grows with you, Katherine grew with me. I grew with her.,” Cooper continued. “It was fascinating. Then, of course, I got a divorce and couldn’t afford to be too terribly hard ass about what I was and wasn’t going to do. You have to admit, to have a paycheck coming in weekly for 40 years is pretty great. I did not join this show when I was 21. I was 45. Everybody was shocked I would do this and stay with it. [Co-creator] Bill Bell gave me carte blanche to do what I wanted.”

Cooper’s fan base — not to mention her stardom — exploded when she allowed the soap to incorporate her real-life facelift into the storyline. Cameras were there when her Beverly Hills plastic surgeon took off the bandages to reveal the results of her surgery for the first time.

Cooper and the soap were also was lauded for shining a light on alcoholism. The actress told EW that she was routinely approached by recovering alcoholics, who thanked her for the storyline. They also offered up their AA sober chips.

The actress was nominated 10 times for a Daytime Emmy and two times for a Primetime Emmy. She won a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004 and finally took the gold for playing Katherine Chancellor in 2008.

“You can have a life with this show,” Cooper said recently about her longtime gig on Young and the Restless. “Lots of actresses say they want to do movie but that’s for only three months. It all depends on where you want to hang your lights. If you want to be a movie star, then this is entirely different. I never wanted to be a movie star. I always wanted to be an actress, one of the best. And I am.”

Jeanne Cooper Tribute to Air on May 28th

Jeanne Cooper, 84, star of CBS’ The Young and the Restless will be honored in a tribute to air May 28.

An episode of the daytime soap opera will feature Cooper’s family and friends as well as cast members of the show.  They will share their fondest memories of the actress as well as review clips from her time on the series.  It will also feature interviews from the show’s 40th anniversary.

Angelica McDaniel, Daytime CBS executive opines, “Jeanne Cooper was a legend and we want to give her the tribute she deserves.”  She goes on to say, “The cast will honor their longtime friend, family member and coworker in the greatest way possible, as we celebrate her life and vibrant spirit and share it with the audience who loved her as much as we did.” (