May 31, 2016



Wine, Women & Song!

Check out the photos and video clips of the Rainbow Flag raising events from across Niagara including St Catharines, Niagara Falls, Grimsby, Welland & Fort Erie. Visit Pride Niagara's fb page to see it all  

A Special Visitor


Our condolences to the loved ones of furry little Louie, who went to dog heaven on May 27th. He was 12 years old. Erin, Ian, Dylan, Cathy, Ernie. I believe I met Louie once. I know for sure Louie was featured on Scribbles before, perhaps in one or more of the photos featured above, in a collage by Erin Dick.  

Rest in Peace Louie.

May 30, 2016

YOU | Walking in Memory of her Sister

As written by Becky Lee:

Dear Friends, 

I’ll be participating in the Walk for Women in honour of my Beautiful Sister Susan on June 4th 2016. Our Team Susan's Angels was the Top Fundraiser Team at last year's walk and we would love to do it again!

My goal is to raise as much as possible but I can’t do it without your help so please join me in raising money for Gillian's Place by sponsoring my campaign. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Pledges can be made by cash, cheque or online with a credit card. In order to make an online pledge, visit and then click on ‘sponsor a participant’. Use the search engine to find me; Becky Lee. Click on my name when it appears and follow the instructions on the screen.

Online donations are secure and an electronic receipt will be sent directly to your email address once the donation is processed.

Thank you so much for your support. It really means a lot to me.


Becky :)


KIDS | Terrific at Two...

KIDS | .... Fab at Four

We can't take credit for the design seen here, which features pix of our pal Aeitch (pronounced "H") Our buddy turned 4 on Mat 23rd and his mom Tammie created this collage and posted it on her facebook page.

FOUR!  How can he be four Tammie??  Blows us away!

May 28, 2016

PETS | Sitting Pretty

YOU | Sweet Sixteen

We got a bit choked yup when we saw these photos of our pal Bobby Rock and his wife, as they celebrated their16th anniversary together on May 27th.

Bobby wrote on facebook, "We have spent 24 years together and today marks our 16th Wedding Anniversary.

When we first met an old co-worker (and self-proclaimed psychic) told us we were soul mates....what did he know anyway!"

Apparently he knew quite a lot B.R.Can you send him my way, I'd be interested in finding out what he sees in my future...ummm, then again, maybe I don't.  LOL


Match Game: ABC hopes Sunday night bet on game shows pays off

ABC’s ‘Sunday Fun and Games’ sees three old 70s formats back from the dead, with Alec Baldwin hosting Match Game. But is three shows in one night overkill?

There is one certainty in TV: whenever the networks locate a hit, they’ll try to replicate it until everyone is sick of it.

To that end, ABC just ordered a revival of 70s staple Match Game to join last summer’s surprise hit Celebrity Family Feud and a new version of that other 70s game show (and syndication giant) $100,000 Pyramid, which they ordered in January. The three shows will all air in a three-hour block on Sundays this summer starting June 26. They’re calling it “Sunday Fun and Games”.

Match Game will be hosted by Alec Baldwin, who guides two civilian contestants while they try to win cash and prizes with the help of a panel of celebrities. Baldwin will read Mad Libs-style sentences and the contestants will try to fill in the blank with the same word as the celebrities. For example: “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many peppers did Peter Piper ... blank.”

Originally created in the 60s on NBC and played straight, Match Game returned on CBS in the 70s. The new version was much funnier, thanks to panelists such asCharles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers, famous for their double entendre-laden banter in completing sentences like: ““Mary felt apprehensive about her wedding night because she discovered her BLANK was missing.” Since then there have been attempts at a revival in 1983, 1990 and 1998, to little success.

The Baldwin-hosted incarnation could be different, considering he’ll have all his celebrity friends to call on, including all the comedians that were his co-stars on 30 Rock. The network would also be smart to enlist Betty White, a national treasure who was also a frequent guest in the 70s.

ABC seems to have settled on a combination of celebrities and game shows, which has also proven a success for NBC’s Hollywood Game Night. The $100,000 Pyramid, with Michael Strahan filling in for legendary host Dick Clark, will also feature famous people trying to help the plebs win money while trying to guess phrases without saying any of the words.

May 27, 2016

Here Comes the Sun

ME | The Yard Birds

Timmi and I don't always see eye to eye, but other times we're in perfect sync. This was one of those moments, as we both chill-lax around the faux fire pit in our backyard.

The yard's seeing more action this year, as I planted a garden and was given sod and top soil from the NICE neighbour at the corner, who was enlarging his driveway and was giving sod and soil to all who were interested.

It's not much to look at right now, but here's the garden. Can't wait for it to start doing its thing. What did I plant?  Yellow beans, spinach, 2 types of tomatoes, green peppers, parsley, dill and in the mounds cucumber and pumpkin. I'm not expecting to grow giant pumpkins, just a few little ones would be cool. I've grown most of these veggies before, so I have an idea what to expect.  Stay tuned!

KIDS | What an Angel!

FAB PHOTO | Pleasant Beach by Lorenzo Cromwell


We're only a week away from Joe Friday's 1 year anniversary appearing on Scribbles website.
Here's some classic Joe Friday's, with more to follow next week. 


EVENT | ComicCon Niagara Celebrates 5th Anniversary!

Rich Hunt's New Cover Song

YOU | Taking a Spin

May 26, 2016

FAB PHOTO | by Shannon Convery

Is the glass half full or half empty?  In this inviting photo taken at Papineau Lake, the glass always runnith over.

May 25, 2016

FUNDRAISER | Fri. Jun. 3

Here's encore's of two Scribbles Videos from previous Fundraisers for Bylynnda...

Now that you've seen some of the fun we've had at past fundraisers, join us Fri. Jun. 3rd for the next one.

May 24, 2016



May 16, 2016


REVIEW | The Dixie Swim Club

There's something very special about the Dunnville Community Theatre (DCT). The group once presented shows from the Optimists Club, located near the downtown area. Now DCT productions are coming to us from the Dunnville Hunter's & Angler's Club located in the middle of nowhere and yet they're still packing the house with top notch live entertainment.

The Dixie Swim Club was this spring's production. The show revolves around the lives of 5 ladies who first met when they swam on the Dixie Swim Club in North Carolina. Throughout their lives the 5 girls gather at a cottage that overlooks the Atlantic ocean.  And at every gathering, at least one of them has a major shocker to reveal, resulting in moments we literally laughed out loud, we're talking very loud, laugh out louds.

At other times our heartstrings were pulled as the gals, now in their golden years, deal with the often bitter realities of aging.

Making it all work were actors Pat Morris, Candace Stern, Julie Turner, Diane Morris and Judy Wenjina. They lit up the stage (well "technically" Ritchie Carnes is the guy who kept the lights lit and phone effects ringing.) LOL.

The play was directed by Nancy Erskine and produced by Linda Young. The Dixie Swim Club was written by Jesse Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten, collectively known as Jones Hope Wooten, whose works have been enjoyed around the world.

Scribbles was at the Fri. May 13th show, my neighbour/friend Deanna Gilligan was the driver. Deanna and I have enjoyed several DCT productions together, a trend I'd love to see continue for a long, long matter where the community theatre group is performing from.

"Speaking for us all....we had a wonderful time, and the audience enjoying it, that was the honey on the biscuit. Thanks for your wonderful review, Ken."
~ Candace Stern

"Awesome Ken, thanks so much... always a joy to see you at the performances, so glad you could come!"
~Diane Morris

"Thanks Ken, wondeful pictures and review....and always a pleasure to see you and Deanna Gilligan. 
Much love to both of you. XO"
~Nancy Erskine

"Thanks so much Ken Leavoy, so glad you came to see us at Dunnville Community Theatre"
~Pat Morris

Part 2

Some of Julie’s recent facebook updates.

I am a warrior and I will FIGHT! Mind, body, and soul!

Well good morning all. It’s another beautiful sunny day out. I'm off to have blood work done before the 2nd big FIGHT and KILL day tomorrow. I am starting to shed this morning lol. Pretty soon I think I will be hairless. Oh well, I just know that it is the CURE. Looking forward to my visits today. Have a great day everyone. Xo

Fought and killed. Haha. I got this! I feel energized and pumped. Going to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. 

Good afternoon all. Not feeling very energetic today. I'm going to listen to my body today and get lots of rest. Although I hate to waste a beautiful day, I know that rest and taking care of me is the best thing. Have a great day everyone.
Howdy all! Just getting myself worked up for the day. Got a few things going on including losing that stupid birch tree in the back yard. Feeling a little more energetic today. Enjoy your Friday everyone.

May 14, 2016