May 28, 2017

EVENT | Sashay Away, Mr. 'Don't Be Gay'

It was a bright sunny day, when residents from Haldimand-Norfolk gathered at Central Park in Dunnville Ontario, for the region's first ever Pride Day Celebration on May 27th. Over 200 members of the LGBTQ community and their supporters enjoyed great fun and fellowship, for what could be called a perfect afternoon....well almost perfect.

In an attempt to cast a bit of shade on the occasion, two protesters showed up. One man in particular made his presence well known, waving a "Turn to Jesus" sign and yelling "Repent" repeatedly. He was pastor Jesse Morell, who flew in from Texas to attend the event.

Those who were there to enjoy the celebration created their own signs and circled the pastor while others shouted down his unwarranted protesting. Eventually Mr. Morell's sign was taken away and he left the park in a huff, serenaded by the cheers of those in attendance.

I truly don't understand what motivates people to act the way this man did. What possible good did he think would come from him showing up and disrupting the pride event? And how presumptuous of him to think one cannot be gay AND a devote christian. I know of many kind and loving Christians who would never act in this way and it's people like this pastor who misrepresent their faith and give it an unflattering image.

Live and let live. Love thy neighbour. Do onto others as you would have others do onto you. And if you're opposed to the theme of the party, then don't be a part of it.


May 27, 2017

YOU | We're Proud of the Sens

No shame! The Ottawa Senators came "this" close to advancing to the finals. I'm proud of the Sens for their standing in the playoffs this year and for kick-starting my heart with nail-biting O/T games that had me on the edge of my seat.

That was great hockey. Karlsson is a class act and Anderson is an amazing goalie. <3 you guys!

Here's a look at just a few of our many friends who loved the Sens....

ENTERTAINMENT | Freshly Squeezed & Sounding Great

I love all kinds of music, my favourites being classic rock and pop. I listen to GIANT FM 91.7 because they play classic rock. For today's top 40 and "throwbacks" from the past 20 years there's 95.3 Fresh Radio or perennial favourite 104.5 Chum FM or more locally 105.7 EZ Rock. If the 80's &.90's are your choice of music there's Boom from Toronto. 

The only problem with most of the stations mentioned above is the heavy rotation of the same songs. Classic rock stations are great, but their format means there will never be a new song aired. The top 40 stations play the most popular songs so many times in a day, that you could love a new song in the morning and by that evening be sick of hearing it.

Enter 101.1 JUICE FM. Dubbed as having Fort Erie and Niagara's biggest variety. Guess what? They really do. You just never know what genre will be next. One minute you're humming along with Steeler's Wheel as they sing 'Stuck in the middle with You' and the next you're moving to the latest by Katy Perry. Then maybe it will be Elton John, AC/DC, Pet Shop Boys or Bruno's always a refreshing surprise. 

It's the wildest and widest mix of music in the region, with very little DJ banter and very thorough local news in the morning and noon.

Their signal is a bit weak but you can listen online from anywhere!

If you like a bit of everything and are tired of hearing the same songs over and over, give 101.1 JUICE FM a listen.


May 26, 2017

PETS | The Tunnel of Love

There's no need for judge or jury, the verdict's quite clear.... Miss Kitty's new toy makes her wanna cheer. 
(Ok I know cats don't cheer, but it rhymed) 

May 23, 2017


It is with much sadness that we share the news of the passing of our Niagara Falls friend Scott's dog Booker.

I never met Booker, but was touched by the words Scott wrote about him on Facebook.

With permission, here is Scott's message...

"With heavy hearts and teary eyes, we had to say goodbye to one of our pack today. Booker, you gave us 12 amazing years of love and affection. We couldn't have wished for a better fur kid to be a part of our family. Your snores, ball chasing and cuddly moments will be cherished but missed every day. Goodbye old friend, we love you. You can chase all the balls you want now with the others. Our hearts are broken, yet full of the love you gave to us. xxo"

It certainly sounds like Booker had a full and memorable life Scott. My condolences on your loss.

May 22, 2017

YOU & ME | Celebrating with our Mom

Here's a video clip that was actually created for me by Facebook. It gathered random photos I had taken the previous day and put them into the slideshow video.

I tweaked it a bit, as in switched up a few photos & gave it different background music, but the rest was all Facebook's idea. LOL.

WOW! I just love technology!

May 21, 2017


Our condolences to our St. Catharines friends Doug and Heather on the sudden loss of their beloved dog Jack, who passed away on May 20th.

Jack [or "Jack, Jack" as Heather often called him] was quite a rambunctious boy who never shied away from making his presence known.

In fact, there wasn't much that Jack was afraid of, well except perhaps for my dog Timmi. When Jack was still a puppy, he met Timmi, who (surprise, surprise) did not like little Jack's energy level and snapped at him. Since then Jack would keep his distance from Timmi, even though Timmi was way smaller than him. As a result, Jack and Timmi were rarely in the same place at the same time.

Although he was quite big, Jack seemed to believe he was just a little lap dog. He loved to cuddle up on the couch, oblivious to the fact that when he stretched out, there was barely room for anyone else to sit.

Jack spent his leisure time exploring the backyard and playing with his sister Sassy (who he will be reunited with in doggy heaven.)  He was always a tail wagging happy camper when spending time at the family's trailer in Vineland.

I am so sorry for your loss Doug and Heather. Jack was quite a memorable character who will be missed by many.

IN MEMORIAM | Chris Cornell

Like a Stone is my favourite song by Audioslave, featuring the unmistakable voice of Chris Cornell, who passed away Wed. May 17th, only hours after performing with Soundgarden in Detroit.

I performed a lip sync routine to 'Like a Stone' - complete with choreography and break away wardrobe - at a local LGBT club, back in the day.  I will always love this song and the special performance memory forever attached to it.

By all appearances, Chris Cornell seemed to be fine, but he must have felt much differently when off stage and away from the masses.  It is sad that the way Chris passed away leaves behind so many unanswered questions. How? Why?

How could someone with such talent, wealth and success want all that to end?  As is often the case, we will never truly know.

Here's to remembering the good in Chris Cornell and not the darkness that took him from us at age 52.  He has a voice unlike anyone else and left us with many amazing songs to forever remember him by.

Rest in peace Chris, truly rest in peace.

To read more about Chris Cornell, click here.

ENTERTAINMENT | 'Roseanne' Returns in 2018

Lynn Elber, The Associated Press 

"Roseanne," one of TV's rare working-class comedies, will return to ABC two decades after it wrapped its hit run and with star Roseanne Barr and the rest of the cast intact, the network said Tuesday in announcing its 2017-18 season plans.
"The Conners' joys and struggles are as relevant -- and hilarious -- today as they were then, and there's really no one better to comment on our modern America than Roseanne," ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey said in a statement. The original series wrapped its nine-season run in 1997.
Besides Barr as the Conner family matriarch, the eight-episode reboot airing in 2018 will feature John Goodman as her husband, Dan, along with former co-stars Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman and Lecy Goranson. Sarah Chalke, who played Goranson's character, Becky, in later seasons, will appear in another role, ABC said. The five cast members appeared onstage at Lincoln Center during ABC's presentation to advertisers on Tuesday.
"I'm happy to be back," Barr said. "We did this show for years and thought we were done talking. But we found out we have a whole lot more to say."

ENTERTAINMENT | 'Will & Grace' Returns This Fall


YOU | Oh Boy!

YOU | Simply the Best

NEWS | Ontario Girl Receives Diana Legacy Award

Britain's Prince Harry, right, and Prince William give an award to Faith Dickinson from Ontario during a ceremony The Diana Award's inaugural Legacy Award, at St James' Palace in London, Thursday, May 18, 2017. (Paul Grover / Pool Photo via AP) Staff 

A Peterborough, Ont. girl got the royal treatment Thursday when she was presented an award by Prince William and Prince Harry for her charity work.
Faith Dickinson, 14, was one of 20 teenagers from around the world honoured with a Diana Legacy Award. The award is a tribute to Princess Diana, whose work “touched the lives of millions,” William told the audience.
Dickinson was selected for her initiative, “Cuddles for Cancer,” which has helped provide more than 3,500 blankets to help keep cancer patients warm. She started the charity at the age of nine after her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer.
The one-of-a-kind blankets have since been sent across the globe, and each one is personalized based on the patient’s favourite colour and interests.
The inaugural award ceremony took place at St. James Palace in London. Award recipients were chosen for embodying the qualities such as kindness, compassion and service.
"Harry and I feel that our mother lives on in the countless acts of compassion and bravery that she inspires in others," William said.
With files from The Associated Press

May 15, 2017

PETS | Dog Gone It!

What a week for my buddy Timmi (and his extremely stressed out daddy) As I mentioned before, he was accepted by a support program that was going to pay the vet bill to have some teeth pulled, the rest of his teeth cleaned and a lump on his back paw surgically removed.
When they were doing the procedures, his breathing became rapid so they did X-rays. They showed shadowy areas around the lungs. It looked at that time like he might have cancer. More X-rays were taken later in the day when he was less stressed out and these were all sent to a radiation place for thorough examining.
I had to bring him back two days later to have the bandage on his paw changed. The X-ray results had arrived. Timmi does not have cancer. The shadowy area around his lungs is a type of bronchitis related to being an old dog with old lungs.
His teeth - as it turned out- only had to be cleaned - no teeth were removed (which is good) But his paw wasn't healing properly, so the vet put a zinc patch on it before putting new bandage on. He is also on two types of medications and goes back to the vet tomorrow morning, so she can check that damn paw again.
So many things happened in the past few weeks involving loved ones (both two legged and four). I am truly emotionally exhausted and hope everyone feels better soon.

Timmi is still on the mend. That damn paw of his is ever so slowly starting to heal and Timmi has been back to the vet's every other day, for bandage changing and another new med -this one is for his tummy, possibly upset by the other meds he was one.

ENCORE SCRIBBLES VIDEO | We Really Loved Suzi Squirrel

I often wonder what ever became of my old pal Suzi Squirrel.

She lived in the neighbourhood around my mom's house, before mom moved to her apartment a few years ago.

 Although I once saw Suzi shortly after my mom moved, thanks to my "connections" in the area, it's been a while since that happy encounter with my friendly little buddy who would take a peanut right from your hand, as we see her doing with my nephew Graham in the classic photo below.

Dogs, cats and even squirrels. I am just a nut for animals.


WISE WORDS | by Rich Hunt

"Do everything you can in life with romance!

Romance isn't just a candle lit dinner with's the smells that trigger memories of warmth and love, it's the feeling of the sun on your face and the reminder of Mexican beaches and sun tan oil, it's the unexpected cuddle you get from a pet, a tear you refuse to own up to during a good movie. A hug from a stranger, a wink or a smile. A warm breeze on cool night under the stars. A wonder of amazement, an overload of the senses. The feeling of warm sand between your toes, floating in a hot tub in the winter while the snow falls straight down.

Live every moment with romance...doesn't matter if you share it with someone or keep it to yourself....but live it!"

-Rich Hunt

May 12, 2017

YOU | Pride Fallsview Event Blooms with Nina Flowers

Thurs. May 11th, Nina Flowers appeared at Pride Fallsview's first official event and by all accounts, the evening was a big success. Nina Flowers became known to many of us thanks to her appearance on the debut season of 'Rupaul's Drag Race' in 2009, where she came in second place.

In his own words....
Here's what our pal Brett Woods had to say about the event:

"[It was] a long night of fun, great peeps, fabulous performances and awesome tunes spun by the amazing Nina Flowers.

Pride Fallsview's first event was a great one! 

Big thumbs up to Pride Fallsview Coordinator Scott Johnson, The Ruths Chris staff, The Sheraton hotel staff for volunteering, the awesome security staff that I'm happy to be apart of, to the performers - Ladies on the Edge Jill Davies, Bradley Hamacher, Robin Derring and Deanna Stevens-Dior.

A huge shout out to NINA FLOWERS for the awesome DJ performance and being such a cool and absolute humble human being. 

Lastly the biggest shout out goes out to all the PARTY PEOPLE who came out to have fun, dance, drink and be fabulous with us. 

It was great to see some long lost friends i have not seen in ages and was great to meet some cool people too. Much love to you!!!!

The 1st Pride Fallsview was a great stay tuned, cause I'm sure the next one will be just as great!!!!"


May 8, 2017

PETS | On the Mend

YOU | Once a Wireless Talker, It's Now All About Being a PSW for Our Pal Clint

I sat down this morning with my cup of coffee and the free (but late to arrive) edition of local newspaper 'The Standard', prepared to read what's new around Niagara.

I had just sipped up a mouthful of java and almost choked, when I got to the 'Life' section and saw photos featuring our pal Clint Millar in an article all about DSBN's [District School Board of Niagara] PSW program.

The last time I saw Clint was back in the days when we worked together for a local telecommunications company. Despite our vastly different lifestyles, Clint and I got along great and he soon became someone I would be proud to call my friend.

That was quite a few years ago and a lot has changed for both of us since that era.

Clint seems right at home as a PSW, an ideal career choice for him. He has always been very caring, patient and diplomatic [Hey Clint, remember that rock 'em sock 'em almost fight, that all 5' 4" of me helped you defuse? Now THAT was a great test of patience and diplomacy...LOL!!]

I am so happy for you Clint. The big beaming smile you have on your face, in the photos accompanying the article, was matched by the big beaming smile I had upon seeing you in the newspaper.

Way to go buddy, you look good in scrubs (they really bring out your eyes, heehee) and you are a true inspiration.


May 7, 2017


YOU | They're Married!

Previous post (prior to wedding)...



4th Annual Niagara 2017 UNITY Awards 

Pride Niagara has collected the community’s nominations for the 4th Annual Niagara 2017 UNITY Awards! 

To determine this year’s UNITY award winners, Pride Niagara is once again calling on the community to cast their votes!

Voting is now open and will run until 6 pm Friday May 19th via online


The Ed Eldred Award: 

-Dennis Eveleigh -Stephanie Vail -Lorne Gretsinger -Brian Hay -Ted Mouradian 

The Jonathon Crawford Award: 
-Kieron A. Keegan -Kyle Miller -Linda Burgess -Justin Preston -Lindsay Jack Brauweiler 

The Community Involvement Award: 
-Quest Community Health Care -Michael Sherman - Stephanie Vail -The Bell Tower -Scott dePass 

The Volunteer Excellence Award:
-Brian Hay -Dennis Eveleigh -Dusty Balfour -Michael Thomson -Michael Sherman 

The Outstanding Young Person Award: 
-Justin Preston -Kira Rogers -Keanna Hogg -Jessica Hendriks 

The Outstanding School/Gay-Straight Alliance Award:
-Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School - Beamsville District Secondary School - Ridley College -
St. Catharines Collegiate -DSBN Academy -. 

The Commitment Award: 
-The City of St. Catharines -Jaywalk - Lancaster, Brooks & Welch -Walker Industries -TD Canada Trust 

The LGBT Positive Business Award:
-Hernder Estates Winery -Green Lotus -Mahtay CafĂ© -Pet Valu Pendale -Dani’s Bistro 

The Community Culture Award:
-Michael Sherman -Dennis Eveleigh -Niagara Women’s Drum Group -Noel Leboeuf -The City of St. Catharines 

Performance of the Year Award:
-Kyle Miller -Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus -Miss Conception -Danny Dymond -Niagara Women’s Drum Group 


The Niagara UNITY Awards will be held on Wednesday, June 7th at Amici’s Banquet Hall & Conference Centre (2740 Merrittville Highway, Thorold) with doors opening at 6pm. 

The event features an open wine reception by Hernder Estate Wines, silent auction, a formal three course dinner, the return of the amazing FEMALE DELUSIONIST "EXTRA-ORDINAIRE" Miss Conception and of course the awards ceremony itself.

Tickets are only $45 or $360 for a table of 8. 

Available via online till May 25th