May 29, 2014

ME | Not This Again!


I have to admit, if I were a boxer, I would be throwing my towel in to the ring in defeat. For the third time in less than two years and the second time in two months, I find myself sitting in an apartment with wall to wall boxes, all packed and ready to go. Yes, I am moving AGAIN!

We all know the reason why by now and if you don't, then that tells me you haven't been visiting Scribbles regularly. The place I am currently residing in is ok, except for those f'n banging pipes that drove me crazy and had my doctor writing a letter indicating that this place was bad for my mental health.

So with last minute things to pack, errands to take care of, a disruption in my internet service and the desire to set up my new "new" place, Scribbles will be taking another brief break.  How long it will be for, I cannot say for sure. I do want to get back into the swing of things as soon as possible, with videos still on hold and other new stuff to share, but at the same time I do not want to be rushed when I am trying to be creative.

I'll keep you all posted when Scribbles will be back with new stuff and in the meantime there has been a lot of new things added lately for you to catch up on or just enjoy again.

So before I pack myself into a corner, I'll sign off for now. Take a nap and get back to preparing for my fourth home in less than two years.

Thank you to everyone who have once again come to my aid and recognized that even a sane person might find this a very trying time, especially when others don't always seem to see it that way.

Love Kenny

Email address and phone number remain the same

ME | Good Clean Fun

There's a few reasons I am happily displaying this new automatic hand soap dispenser.

I got to see just how cool they work when I recently visited my pals Terry & Terry in Toronto, after admiring the several units they have at their condo.

I mentioned that a while back I had received an email offer where I could buy one and get reimbursed for its cost. So the unit would be free. But alas, I did not act in time and therefore the offer was no longer valid.

Well wouldn't you know it, just a few days later, I received another email, with the same offer. I didn't let this one pass me by and immediately purchased the Lysol dispenser kit and sent for my rebate.

I can already visualize the soap dispenser looking oh so cool in my new "new" apartment and best of all, all it ended up costing me was the price of a stamp.

Now THAT'S something to smile about!

PETS | Ready to Move


My ever-growing cat JJ seems to think he is just a little kitten still, judging by the box he had selected to move in.

With everything being packed up in to boxes again, JJ is up to his old tricks, exploring what I've packed, trying to pull off packing tape from boxes, getting in to places he's not supposed to be. 

He did this a few months ago when we moved from Welland.

We move to St. Patrick Street on Saturday and this will be JJ's THIRD home.  

That's quite a lot of places to get used to for someone who isn't even a year old yet!


YOU | Snuffie's Best Bird

KIDS | Too Cool @ Two

Aeitch Ruberg turned two last Friday and despite his silly antics with his tongue out, mommy Tammie assured us he had a great time.

May 27, 2014

KIDS | A Winning Combination

What do you get when you take two adorable twin sisters, outfit them in dresses designed by Picture Perfect Props by Mich, place them in front of a scrumptious cake created by Cakes and Cupcakes by Siobhan and capture their antics with photographs taken by These Are Your Moments ?

Why, you get these amazing, amusing one-of-a-kind photos, that's what.

The twins are no strangers to Scribbles or to the camera. They are Maia and Kayla Dennis, who made their TV debut last Fall on the short-lived ABC series "Seven" and appeared more recently in an episode of Global-TV's hospital drama "Remedy".

The twins won a photo shoot in a contest collaborated by Picture Perfect Props by Mich, Cakes and Cupcakes by Siobhan and These Are Your Moments photography.  Their mother Heather was  "beyond excited" after seeing the results of the photo session and we certainly can understand why.

Looking for props, desserts or an astounding photographer?  Click on the links here, to visit  Picture Perfect Props by Mich, Cakes and Cupcakes by Siobhan and These Are Your Moments photography.

Scribbles thanks everyone involved for permitting us to post these pix.

YOU | New Do's

"Hair's" the Story, of Some Lovely Ladies...

There must be something in the air or should I say "hair" (ok, enough hair puns Ken) A lot of our Scribbles pals are sporting new hairdo's these days.

Above from the top: Niagara Falls friend Kerri Thomson-Fortier has added lots of colour to her locks of gold.  Next we have our Ottawa sweetheart Megan Fox who has new highlights.  St Catharines pal LeeAnne Chamberlain sports a new style and darker colour, which we think is mighty sexy.  Merry Christine from Welland went from long locks to short hair and she looks great.

Below: My sister Jane Storie looks great with curls but also turns heads when she straightens her hair. And of course, what would our lovely ladies new hairstyles be without me adding myself in to the mix.  I got bored with my light brown hair and coloured it dark brown (although it looks more black than brown)  I also experimented with putty, sprays and gels (as seen in my hair product collection at the bottom) and came up with a faux hawk look.  I can still style it the way I used to if I want, but right now I'm liking the extra inch in height.....LOL!

May 25, 2014


PETS | Introducing Scout


Scout's honour....there's a new occupant at the Papple family's home!

My sister Kim, husband Don and their kids Erin and Patrick are happy to announce the arrival of their new dog Scout.

Kim told Scribbles, "After some time of searching and discussing we decided we would all be able to handle a little dog....Introducing Scout our Miniature Dachshund. "

"She is very small and won't get much bigger." Kim reports, "Scout has a timid personality and is still getting use to our place. She is seven months old and from the line called Reds, because of their colour coat. She is already Crate and paper trained so we were glad of that"

Congratulations gang, I can't wait to meet your new companion and I promise to leave Timmi at home when I do, since we all know just how much he loves other dogs....LOL!

KIDS | They Grow So Quickly

WOW! Siblings Deryk and Joanna [seen above] have certainly grown up since we first introduced you to them 7 years ago. They were just carefree kids and look at them now. Deryk will soon be finishing High School and Joanna is no a little girl anymore.

Deryk and Joanna's mom Patty [left] is my friend Rob Dennis' sister, and it was through my relationship with Robert that I met everyone.

So much has changed since then, but I still see many of Rob's relatives on a regular basis and that's something that I hope will never change.

May 24, 2014

KIDS | It's a Boy!

This just in!  Jenn and Sean Young are now proud parents.

Jenn wrote on her facebook page today,  "Baby Young (still nameless) was born at 9:59am on Friday May 23rd weighing 8lbs 3oz. Mommy, Daddy, and baby [boy] are doing great!"

Congratulations Jenn and Sean, we're super excited for you both and may we add, you all look beautiful.

And we are THRILLED to add the pix below of happy grandparents Connie (Oma) and Al. Connie is actually who I met while working at Talk Wireless and through her I met Jenn and Sean (well I also met Sean at a campsite fire, but that's a whole other story...LOL)


May 23, 2014

KIDS | Happy Birthday!

When Tammie Holditch posted the pix above on her facebook page she noted that "time has flown by".

We have to admit, you're absolutely right Tammie. It seems like only yesterday we were introducing Aietch to our Scribbles family (and making them wonder how to you pronounce his name....LOL... It's pronounced "H", just in case you forgot)

Happy 2nd birthday big guy!

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | The Dandelion Song

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Home Sweet Two Month Home

I moved here on March 29th and in a matter of days it will be history, as I move once again, See my apartment before it becomes a thumping memory, in this tour video.


With his legendary rock sound and bad ass attitude, it was little surprise that Caleb Johnson was voted as the winner on this season's American Idol. The 23-year-old North Carolina native beat out 17 year old Jena Irene, whose talents are also sure to take her far. 

Throughout the season Caleb impressed the judges and fans with his renditions of classic rock songs, including a killer version of "Maybe I'm Amazed", "Dazed and Confused" and in what surely shot him to the top on the final performance episode, "Dream On", where he emulated Steven Tyler to a T. 

The top 13 Idols will soon embark upon a Summer tour and Caleb's new single "As Long as You Love Me"is available on itune now and his album is set to release in August. 

YOU | Spreading the Message

This Saturday (May 24th) Bowl-O-Rama in Welland is playing host to a 5 and 10 Pin Bowling Tournament, in support of Bylynnda Turvey's Fight Against Lyme Disease.

Not into bowling? That's ok, there will also be door prizes, draws, contest and more ways to show your support and make donations.

Scribbles is only one of the many places promoting Bylynnda's cause. You can find links to "Bylynnda's Journey" website and other upcoming fundraisers in our EVENTS section in our right sidebar.
Even Bylynnda herself got in on the act of letting people know about the upcoming Bowling Tournament, when she sat in her wheelchair at the bottom of Clifton Hill, holding a bright poster telling of the event.

Bylynnda explained on facebook "It was kinda raining... thats why I had the messed up face."

Your face looks far from messed up to Scribbles, Bylynnda. In fact we think it is pretty damn awesome that you took the time to spread the message -and what better place than one of the Country's biggest tourist areas?

Scribbles hopes to be at the bowling tournament to support the cause and report on the event. The only thing that might prevent that is my car. It has been sometimes making an odd squealing sound and if it gets worse, I may not be able to drive it there.

But I sure will try to attend because I really want one of those awesome ribbons your family and relatives have been making. (photo seen here features Cyndy Bouck and Merry Christine with some of the groovy green ribbons they have created for this event)

Bowl-O-Rama is located at 968 Niagara St North in Welland, ON.  Registration for bowling is at 12:30pm and bowling starts at 1 pm.

Further information is available by emailing

KIDS | Daddy's Little Helper

Alina Dennis is growing up so quickly. Seems it wasn't that long ago when we were introducing you to our little friend and look at her now!

Alina is seen above helping her daddy Rodney installing netting on the family's deck and ready to go for a drive in his truck.

So pretty in pink.

YOU | Go Habs Go


The New York Rangers currently lead 2-1 in the Stanley Cup Eastern Conference series but Habs fans aren't crying in their drinks (or in the case of Louie the dog below, in his kibble) quite yet.

The Montreal Canadiens are in it to win it and we couldn't be happier!  Go Habs Go!


May 17, 2014

YOU | Pond Memories

Becky Lee is seen above with her dog Raina, looking at the koi pond in her yard, in this photo taken a few years ago.

Sadly, the harsh Winter took its toll on the fish and Becky has decided to close up the pond. She already found new homes for the surviving fishies and is selling off her pond supplies.

I remember "fish sitting" for Becky a couple of years ago, when she was at her family's cottage. I would take my nephew Graham and my dog Timmi with me (pictured below) where we all loved feeding the fishies and playing in the yard.

Becky gave me 4 small koi which I had in my aquarium. The aquarium would later find a home at my mom's, but eventually the fish grew too large for the tank and were given away.

YOU | Two Big Birthday's



Since I've known him for all his life, it's hard for me to believe that Kevin MacNeil is celebrating his 30th birthday. But it's true. Kevin, his girlfriend Amanda, family and friends will gather on Sun. May 18th for a party that's going to literally be a big blast.

There will be a massive fireworks display to light up the evening sky at Walkinshaw Park in West St. Catharines. The party invitation indicated the fireworks will be popping until they're gone or shut down, whichever comes first.

Originally the party was slated for Sat. May 17th and I was prepared to join in the fun and hopefully recreate the photo of me holding Kevin when he was a baby. It was bumped to the 18th and wouldn't you know it, I will be in Toronto rocking in another landmark birthday. Francesca Mackie is turning 50 and doing it with a disco party at the Mackie's homestead.

This marks the first time I have seen the old gang in 4-5 years and I'm thrilled to have been on the guest list. I'll be staying at pals Terry and Terry's condo, somewhere else I haven't seen in eons.

Back in the day, I ventured to Toronto for Pride each year, where I would join everyone for the festivities. But with my aches and pains and lack of funds, what was once an annual pilgrimage has become a rarity.

Two invitations to two big birthdays in two different cities, both on the same day. Go figure!

I hope your 30th birthday party is a roaring success Kevin and I hope to see lots of photos.

Francesca and pals, I'll see you Sun. night and I can hardly wait!


What a wet & wild weekend it turned out to be. Francesca Mackie's 50th Birthday party was unlike any other and everyone had a great time.

I captured much of the fun on video and in photos and will soon put it all together for a memorable video, as only Scribbles can do.

I have not yet had a chance to check facebook, but I am pretty certain when I do, I will find lots of photos of Kevin MacNeil's 30th Birthday party (which was being held in St Catharines on the same day and time as Francesca's Toronto gathering.) I will do my best to bring highlights of Kevin's big party for you to enjoy, soon. 

PETS | Mommy's Girl

Kerri Thomson-Fortier enjoys a cat nap with her pal Maggie. Maybe they were tuckered out after cheering on their hockey team The Montreal Canadiens, after they defeated The Boston Bruins, moving on to the Stanley Cup Eastern Conference.

PETS | Cotton's New Do

Our Welland friend Merry Christine's cat Cotton is seen before and after his recent haircut. We can't say for sure, but we think he "pre-furs" having longer hair.

KIDS | Ride On!

William and Keira Blythin are looking cool, as they prepare to learn to ride bikes.

Their father Neil told Scribbles William was a bit more "ready" to roll than his younger sister, but like any sibling, she is always eager to do whatever her big brother does.

In addition to their helmets, to keep their "melons" covered, a Hello Kitty First Aid kit was also close by.

PETS | Introducing Hendrix

Awake or asleep, our Dunnville pal Nancy Erskine's new addition is dog gone adorable.

"We had quite a long list of names for him on his first day, Ken", Nancy told us; "Hendrix won out because of his laid back style followed by theatrical attitude. He's pretty cool like that."

"Hendrix Mum is a pure-bred Samoyd and Dad is a pure-bred Yellow Lab", exclaimed Nancy, "[His] Dad is 110 pounds, but pups take after Mum more, she's 65 pounds. Either way, he'll be a pretty big boy."
He sure will Nancy, and something tells us we'll be seeing lots of amusing photos of him as he grows and grows and grows.

KIDS | Cray Cray

No Kayla Whiteley isn't making a new fashion statement with her wild was Crazy Hair Day at our Nova Scotia pal's school, when her mom Angela took this photo.


Rob Kalmar is best known for being the driving force behind Ignite Entertainment, his renown Niagara DJ service.

But we just couldn't help join in on the fun, when his facebook friends created various remastered versions of Rob dressed in style. We were somewhat kinder than others, by placing him on the cover of GQ Magazine, as one of their Men of the Year.

The cover pix may be fake, but the guy in the pix is definitely Man of the Year when it comes to providing the best DJ service around!

ME | Still in Welland??

Keeping track of where I live is getting harder all the time. I moved to my current address on March 29th but will soon be moving AGAIN, thanks to the unbearably loud banging pipes in this building -which were literally driving me insane.

May 31st, my pets and I will be moving a few blocks away to an upper unit apartment in a house on St.Patrick St. in St.Catharines.

But no matter where we actually are, you can always find Timmi and I walking along East Main St. in Welland, thanks to the pix found on Google Maps Street view. Yep, that's us out for a walk, in a shot that was taken in 2013.

YOU | We All Scream for Ice Cream

Megan Fox (left) is seen with her mom Jeanne Prince (right) as they visit Jeanne's mom Connie Farquharson at the hospice in Renfrew.  Connie is eating and sleeping better since moving to the hospice a few weeks ago.  In fact, the day this pix was taken, the three generations shared a common craving....a tasty treat from Dairy Queen.

PETS | My Bedtime Companions

JJ and Timmi only sit like this when it is bedtime. They are usually sleeping in the living room - Timmi on the couch, JJ on the chair. 

When I am ready to go to bed, I go in and pick them up and place them on the end of the bed. That's when we get this type of moment. They look so cute when they are like this.

Usually a few minutes later, once I get settled in to bed, they curl up beside or on me....but it's always THIS moment just before I tuck in, that I look at the two of them and get all emotional....I my precious babies

YOU | Winner

The sign says it all. Winnipeg pal Rebekah Eckert (who's looking brilliant in blonde) was Athlete of the Week at her school. Way to go Bekah!

May 11, 2014

YOU | Appreciation

A heartfelt thank you to Francesca Mackie for her kindness. 

You are a shining gem in my crown of supportive friends.  

I can hardly wait to celebrate your birthday with you and "the gang" on Sun. May 18th!!


May 7, 2014

KIDS | Double Delight

Day or night, twin sisters Maia and Kayla Dennis are out of sight! The girls are seen here enjoying a long awaited bright, sunny day and then side by side in their cribs at bedtime. 

Since last August, the young cuties have appeared in two TV programs, Seven (the short-lived ABC series) and on an episode of Global TV's Remedy. Looks like that's a wrap for now, according to the girls mommy Heather, who told Scribbles they haven't received any recent offers.

Don't worry Heather, whether Maia or Kayla ever appear on TV again, they (and their siblings) will always be stars on Scribbles!