Aug 28, 2013

Music Video

Here's the official video for Cher's catchy new single 'Woman's World'. Gotta love the wild wigs in this clip, especially the shredded paper one (careful, no open flames on the set please....LOL)

Scribbles Video

Here's a short clip featuring my nephew Graham as he recites Hickory Dickory Dock during his recent visit with Uncle Kenny  :)


Aug 27, 2013


Houseguests are the Best

In the past few days I've played host to my mom -who spent a few days at my apt, and my 7 year old nephew Graham, who returns home Tuesday.

It's been great getting to show them some of Welland's hidden treasures, like Merritt Island, Memorial Park and the docks at the old canal.

I think I need to extend this offer to more of you, as it brings a lot of joy and new life to my home. Anyone interested?

VIDEO CLIP starring and co-created by my nephew & I....

Aug 22, 2013


Harvest Time

Janet and Bill McParland have had a busy year renovating and rebuilding their beautiful Country home in Renfrew, but as we see above, their house isn't the only thing that's been growing on the farm.  Now that's fresh!

Aug 20, 2013


Introducing Campbell Keith

Congratulations to Robin and Tim Whtye on the arrival of Campbell Keith Maxwell Whyte who was born Aug 20th at 8:53 am and tipped the scales at 7lbs 8oz.

This is the Nova Scotia couple's second son ....a little brother for Cole, who you may recall seeing with his dad in our "Father of the Year" video released on Father's Day.



Fun Down Under

Our mate Gail Sharratt Malory and her daughter Katie (seen in the middle pix above) are having lots of fun down under as they enjoy a vacation in Gail's homeland, Australia.

Many (MANY) years ago, Scribbles created a large farewell card for Gail when she was returning to Australia. I drew a kangaroo on the card, which all Gail's Hojo's cohorts signed before she left.  Rumour has it that card is still around somewhere back on Canadian soil in Niagara where Gail resides with her family.

Judging by the vacation photos Gail has been posting on facebook, we're pretty sure she'll be seeing some real kangaroos before she boomerangs back to Ontario.

Glad to see you are having a great time Gail and Katie, you both deserve it.


 Message from Timmi

TIMMI SAYS: "I know the words 'cookie' and 'walk' but for some reason on August 17th my daddy kept using the word 'birthday'.

I don't know exactly what that means, but I did get to go to the park, share a Tim Horton's raspberry lemonade with daddy, go for a drive and later eat "doggie" popcorn (that my Aunt Kim got for me) while being brushed and petted.

I think I like this word 'birthday'. WOOF WOOF"

Aug 19, 2013


Suzi On Demand

While my cousins Jeanne and Megan were in Niagara, they visited my mom Joan.  As you'll recall, my mom's place is where my squirrel friend Suzi hangs out and the friendly rodent dropped by for some peanuts when Jeanne and Megan were visiting.

Above is a sequence of pix taken by Megan of my mom and Suzi. 

Aug 17, 2013


My buddy Timmi turned 9 on Aug 17th. Here's an encore of the video I created a few months ago.

Several years ago I created a video featuring my dog Timmi called 'Puppy Love'. I guess you could call this the sequel. Recorded at various outdoorsy locations around Welland, 'Love Will Keep Us Together' is a toe-tapping salute to my little buddy.

Every clip featured in this video was recorded by me. Sometimes I am holding my iphone at arm's length and other times it is strategically propped up against a box, a bench, or whatever else it took to capture the shot. 

Sometimes it took only one try to get what I was looking for and then there were times we had to do it over and over - much to Timmi's confusion and the occasional odd look from passing motorists.

FYI, before you report me for driving and recording a video at the same time, the car footage was recorded in a parking lot and as you will see by the slow moving trees in the background, we really weren't traveling very fast.

Also, my bedroom doesn't really look as hideous as it appears in this clip, although upon seeing it on video, I've got some revamping planned..... LOL!

I'm not sure why, but for some reason when I edit a clip it briefly goes into freeze frame mode at the onset of the piece.  Blame that one on Windows Movie Maker (and if you know of a better video program, by all means tell me.)

For all his fine acting efforts, Timmi received  doggie "cookies" and lots of lovin', along with the notoriety of having a video made in his honour.  Not bad for someone who slobbers all over his daddy. WOOF WOOF!

Aug 16, 2013


Silly Sister

We had hoped to feature a video all about my sister Jane Storie and my niece Erin Papple's recent birthdays, before we take our break....but alas, time has not allowed us to get to that quite yet.

In the meantime, here's an example of the foolishness you might expect to see whenever we complete that video. It's my sister Jane displaying a lovely scarf which was one of her gifts. We're not quite sure this is how she intends to actually wear the colourful fashion accessory, but maybe she's starting a new trend.

Aug 11, 2013


Wowie Zowie

When I discovered this photo on one of Scribbles newest fans Jocelyn Duguay's facebook page, I just had to find out more (and ask permission to share with the rest of you.)

Jocelyn tells Scribbles "Her name is Zowie (pronounced Zoe) She's a 2 years old Fawn pug. She squeals like a pig and howls like a husky."

"She also has the most hilarious personality- can be a complete and utter nerd, but the biggest suck ever, Jocelyn added,  "She's my fur baby."

Zoe is adorable Jocelyn and now she is a Scribbles celebrity, that should make her squeal and howl "fur" sure!  .LOL


A Rose by Any Other Name

Seen here with her mom Mandy, Emerson Rose Todd once again steals the limelight, looking cuter by the minute.

Hopefully, Scribbles will get a chance to meet little Emm in person during our visit to the Ottawa Valley this week. That's something that even a grumpy gus like me can't help but smile about.



McGraw Takes the Pledge

Tim McGraw has taken the pledge to never text and drive. Learn about the dangers of texting and driving and take the pledge at


Titled "You're the One That I Want" these Grease inspired face and body paintings by Angela Whiteley have us hopelessly devoted to her amazing work.

Aug 10, 2013

Aug 7, 2013


Enjoying lunch at Swiss Chalet in Welland.  CLICK PIX TO VIEW LARGER VERSION
Tame By Comparison

We recently featured a photo of my cousin Megan Fox as she got down with the big boys, and her mom Jeanne Prince welded an axe.

By comparison, my visit with Jeanne and Megan was a lot less "party" and a lot more "visit & lunch". Given the day had started off with a shocker, lunch and a good visit was just perfect.

I will be seeing plenty of Megan and Jeanne next week.  They return to Renfrew on Sunday and I am traveling back with them.

Jeanne and her husband Peter have a cottage which is on an island  (only accessible by boat..yipes...where's my life jacket and ducky water wings.) It is one of the places I will be checking out while in the Ottawa Valley, which is choked full of relatives....making it even more awesome. 

As I will be away, there will be little new content on Scribbles next week.  But if all goes as hoped, there should be lots of new stuff to share with you when I return.

Aug 3, 2013


Good girls gone bad. Megan hangs out with the hot boys while momma Jeanne makes an "axe" of herself! 
On the Loose

Look out Niagara. Jeanne Prince and Megan Fox are in town for a week of...well... judging by the pix above...just about anything...LOL!

I lovingly refer to them as my "crazy cousins" ...that's crazy as in fun-loving, spontaneous and wild, NOT crazy as in the way I am....LMAO.

We'll be getting together sometime during the week, as the girls shuffle themselves from place to place visiting friends, in their annual Summer pilgrimage to the Niagara Pennisula.  And as if that weren't excitement enough, I will be returning to the Ottawa Valley with Jeannne and Megan next weekend, where I'm sure we'll be makin' mayhem.  Can hardly wait!

Aug 2, 2013


McParland Family Falls for Niagara

Back on their farm in rural Renfrew ON, our friends Janet and Bill McParland and their sons Ethan and Jack have a quaint stream running through the acres of their property.  Within that stream you'll find a peaceful waterfall, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to the mighty Niagara Falls, where the McParlands recently spent some vacation time.

The Falls were only part of the family's big adventure, which included a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge and the usual Clifton Hill tourist trappings.

When you return home and check out your own waterworks, remember boys and girls, even the grand Niagara Falls was once a lot smaller. So think big, someday you could be living on the newest wonder of the world. :)


Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Todd Sweet (left) and Tom Wright, who celebrated 24 wonderful years together on July 31.

The happy couple originally resided in Niagara many years ago and left a lasting impression to all who met them.  I was tickled every colour of the rainbow when I saw this photo.

The news of their anniversary was brought to Scribbles attention by the King of facebook "shares" Chuck Connors. You keep sharing Chucky and Scribbles will keep the chain going.  LOL

Aug 1, 2013


There's Something About Judy

When it comes to friends, there are some you meet and spend a lifetime with. There are others who you see plenty of for a specific time and then somehow drift apart. And then there are those who you might only have the pleasure of actually being with for a brief period, yet somehow no matter how many years pass or how far away they may now be, you feel just as close to them as ever.

Judy Quiring falls into the latter category. We have not seen each other for a few years now, yet somehow I feel like it was only yesterday that we sat in Starbucks, sipping over-priced premium coffees as I presented her with a prize she had won in a Scribbles contest. That would also be the time we would say our goodbyes, as Judy was soon moving to Ottawa.

Even more memorable than our tearful goodbye, was the unique way we first met. I had recently joined the staff of a local Rogers dealer and traveled to Mississauga in my old brown truck to attend a day of training.

Although I had left St Catharines bright and early, I arrived at the meeting 30 minutes late, thanks to a poor sense of direction. When I entered the conference room, the instructor motioned for me to come in.

There were several large round tables filled with participants and a few empty seats for me to choose from. I took a seat beside a tall, striking girl, just in time for the instructor to go from table to table, getting each person to introduce themselves, tell which city and store they worked at and a bit about their history with the company.

When he got to our table and it was my turn to speak, I said my name is Ken and I had been with the St Catharines dealership for only a few days. The girl beside me was next. She introduced herself then looked at me and smiled saying "Ken, I work at the same dealer as you, in their Fort Erie location and I was the person who called yesterday to welcome you to the company." I was both surprised and relieved. I could have selected one of many available seats, but somehow I choose the one next to Judy Q.

Throughout the day, during breaks and lunch, Judy and I got to know each other better and by the time the course wrapped up, it felt like we were old friends.  We shared another laugh when we went to the parking lot to go to our vehicles. In conversation, I had mentioned my old brown bomber to Judy and as we got closer, I pointed it out to her. Wouldn't you know it. Judy's sporty red car was parked right next to my truck. Destiny was making sure one way or another, we would meet on this memorable day.

During my stay with that company, I had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Judy on many occasions and believe me when I say, I learned from the best and grew closer to her each and every day.

In time, I would leave the company. Judy's relocation to Ottawa was short-lived when she and her husband divorced and Ms. Quiring moved to her hometown of Leamington.

A few years ago Judy met Dale Teigrob and cupid's arrow made a direct hit. Last Summer while attending a wedding Dale caught the bride's garter.  The photo which followed was, as they say, priceless.  A beaming Judy held the garter, while Dale had a comically perplexed look on his face.

And now there's another reason for our friends to smile....the happy couple recently announced their engagement, meaning wedding bells will soon ring for Judy and Dale.

Judy, I've told you in person and in facebook chats, so it's only fitting I share it with our entire Scribbles family..... I love you!  You are truly one of a kind and someone I've admired and looked up to since that fateful day I choose the empty seat beside you. 

Congratulations to you and Dale, and thanks for showing me that if you believe in your dreams, they really can come true.  [Insert a big cyber hug here]


During my latest visit to St John's Conservation Area, I became BFF's with a flock of birds. There was an old goose, a Canadian goose and a dozen or so babies.

Talk about tame, the entire troop followed me as I fed them very small pieces of bagel (sorry little guys, no cream cheese for you.)  Even the fact that Timmi was only a few feet away didn't seem to phase these docile ducks, who had us completely surrounded at one point.

It really "quacked" me up.  (Groan, terrible pun)


Rockin' Safari Style

Canadian singer Colin James entertained to an appreciative crowd at Safari Niagara on July 26th. Not surprisingly, our pal Kerri Thomson-Fortier [above right with pal Kim] was amongst the many who enjoyed Colin's outdoor concert.

Kerri is a major Colin James fan (as we have pointed out several times before) so it was a given that she would be in attendance when the guitar god was playing so close to home.

And Kerri was not the only Scribbles pal on hand that night. Following a very touching visit with me that afternoon, LeeAnne Chamberlain was also off to Safari Niagara to take in the show. Unlike Kerri, this was LeeAnne's first Colin concert, but we're betting it won't be her last.

Were you there? Let us know.


The DeDivitiis family outside of Gord's Place in 2012. From left, Sergio, Paul, Mike, Paul Sr., Carlo and Enzo.

The De Divitiis Dynasty
It's no secret. The De Divitiis name is renown in Niagara for providing the finest in dining and entertainment venues. Throughout the years, the family has operated some of the region's most popular and diverse bars, restaurants and lounges.

When founder and father of the family Paulo De Divitiis passed away on Dec. 29, 2012, he left behind a legacy admired by many and carried on by his sons.

Recently the family has shared events of both somber and celebratory natures, with the community.

[On Wed. July 17th] "Thorold's mayor Ted Luciani unveiled a street sign recognizing the section of Front St., south of Clairmont St. and adjacent to the Moose & Goose tavern, as ‘Paul De Divitiis Sr. Way’", wrote Jeff Blay, of Thorold Niagara News.

Jeff Blay stated " Hundreds of friends, colleagues and community members gathered at the Moose & Goose for the special ceremony honouring the late De Divitiis and his special place in the Thorold community."

A memorial golf tournament to Paul De Divitiis was held on Wed. July 24th. 

On Fri. July 26th ENVY Lounge, St Catharines' LGBT Nightclub and Lounge celebrated its 4 year anniversary with its 5th annual Black and White Ball.

The next day, the tone was somewhat more subdued as another of the family's fine establishments, Stella's Dining Lounge, on James Street in St Catharines, closed its doors forever.

But dry your eyes, as you won't have far to go to find another De Divitiis treasure. The family resurrected Gord's Place - just down the street from Stella's- last year.

In its prime Gord's Place was Niagara's most popular and infamous eatery and nightclub. Although the property enjoyed success over the years under other monikers, including The Honest Lawyer, none of them could replace the uniqueness of Gord's and the De Divitiis family was proud to bring that feeling back to life.

What's next for the De Divitiis dynasty?

We can't say for sure, but you can bet they will be gems, shining as brightly as the man who came to Canada from Italy in 1954 with high hopes and a dream.

A vision which Paul De Divitiis worked hard to turn into reality - with grace and generosity, and which will live on within the hearts and souls of the entire De Divitiis family forever.


To London With Love

Is the photo above a tad blurry or is it just reflecting the teary eyes of Francesca Mackie as she reunites with her mate Kieran Farragher in Jolly Ol' England?  The Mackie family of Toronto, enjoyed a visit to the UK - their second home- or should we really call it their "first home"

Below, the Mackies also met the Royal Family, well in Lego format at least, at Hamley's Toy Shop on Regent Street. Now that baby George Alexander Louis has arrived, it looks like the toy shop will require a few more blocks for these Royal blokes.


Cat Tales

It was a purr-fect time to bring home a furry new friend when the Lincoln County Humane Society in St. Catharines, ON offered cats or kittens for adoption for only $25 the weekend of July 20-21.  The felines were spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and had their first set of shots. Six weeks of health care were also included in the offer, a 75% discount off the LCHS's already reasonable rate of $100.

Over 100 cats and kittens found new homes, which included a little black kitten adopted by our good friend LeeAnne Chamberlain.  Leeanne is seen above on the right, holding her new friend, Chloe, who joined LeeAnne and her dog Zack at her St Catharines condo on July 31st.

Leeanne posted on facebook, "In 3 hours she spilled a glass of water, broke a picture frame and scratched my leather couch. And Zack ate the catfood. Shes sooo cute"  

LOL.... We're sure this is the first of many cat-tastrophes you'll be regaling us with LeeAnne. Congrats on the new arrival. 

The special offer may be over, but there are always lots of cats, dogs and other pets waiting for someone to make them their forever friend.

Find out more about the Lincoln County Humane Society by clicking here.


On the Right Track

Congratulations to our high-flying Winnipeg,MB pal Bekah Eckert who won a Silver Medal in the Triple Jump competition in Calgary, AB.

Your mothers, brothers, relatives and Scribbles friends are so proud of you Bekah, because Miss Eckert you are truly amazing.


One Year Later

It's hard to believe it was one year ago that I moved to my "new" apt in Welland. So much has changed since that time.

My beloved cat J.R. passed away only a few months after the move and quite sadly, "Big Daddy" is no longer in the "Big Picture".

But home is where the heart is and I like this apartment and have decided to stay here for a bit longer.




DIY Self Watering Planters