Aug 17, 2013


My buddy Timmi turned 9 on Aug 17th. Here's an encore of the video I created a few months ago.

Several years ago I created a video featuring my dog Timmi called 'Puppy Love'. I guess you could call this the sequel. Recorded at various outdoorsy locations around Welland, 'Love Will Keep Us Together' is a toe-tapping salute to my little buddy.

Every clip featured in this video was recorded by me. Sometimes I am holding my iphone at arm's length and other times it is strategically propped up against a box, a bench, or whatever else it took to capture the shot. 

Sometimes it took only one try to get what I was looking for and then there were times we had to do it over and over - much to Timmi's confusion and the occasional odd look from passing motorists.

FYI, before you report me for driving and recording a video at the same time, the car footage was recorded in a parking lot and as you will see by the slow moving trees in the background, we really weren't traveling very fast.

Also, my bedroom doesn't really look as hideous as it appears in this clip, although upon seeing it on video, I've got some revamping planned..... LOL!

I'm not sure why, but for some reason when I edit a clip it briefly goes into freeze frame mode at the onset of the piece.  Blame that one on Windows Movie Maker (and if you know of a better video program, by all means tell me.)

For all his fine acting efforts, Timmi received  doggie "cookies" and lots of lovin', along with the notoriety of having a video made in his honour.  Not bad for someone who slobbers all over his daddy. WOOF WOOF!