Nov 26, 2016

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Timmi Swims - In This Classic Clip Taken a Decade Ago!

Timmi was only 2 years old when this amusing video of him doing the dog paddle was taken. And what a perfect spot to go for a dip! The beachfront at our pal Becky's family cottage located on beautiful Papineau Lake, ON.

Here's my little buddy swimming, ten years ago...


CLASSIC CHRISTMAS | He's Been a Good Boy

This photo of our pal Glyn first appeared on Scribbles in December 2013...

Proving you're never too old to believe, our Nova Scotia friend Glyn Whiteley is seen here sitting on Santa's lap.  Judging by what his wife Angela has been sharing on facebook, Glyn has been a very VERY good boy this year, so Santa better have something special planned for him,


EVENT | Hairspray LIVE!

Nov 24, 2016

Nov 20, 2016

REVIEW | DCT Gives Us a Tasty Treat with The Red Velvet Cake War

The Dunnville Community Theatre continued to amaze audiences with their production of The Red Velvet Cake War by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & James Wooten.

The comedy is set in Sweetgum, Texas and revolves around the wacky members of the Verdeen gang as they prepare for a dysfunctional family reunion. Cousins Gaynelle, Peaches and Jimmy Wy wager a bet with mean ol’ Aunt La Merle that Gaynelle will bake a better red velvet than her and what pursues is pure hilarity. Theft, a tornado, an ill-fitting glass eye and an amorous psychologist are but a few of the things that made everyone in the house laugh out loud.

What set this production apart from some of DCT’s other recent shows, was the size of the cast. Past productions have seen 3 or 4 actors portraying multiple roles, while The Red Velvet Cake War featured 9 actors portraying 12 characters (that’s a lot of quick costume changes, wigs and accessories.) It was refreshing to see new faces among our familiar favourites.

DCT President and director of the Red Velvet Cake War, Nancy Erskine, sat with my neighbour Deanna and I, for a front row experience that has us in stitches and wanting more.

The cast of The Red Velvet Cake War included Sheila Scumacher, (Cee Cee), Judy Wenjina, (Gaynelle), Ellen Bloomfield, (La Merle), Michael Maloney, (Aubrey and Purvis). Candace Stern (Peaches), Julie Turner, (Jimmie), Diane Morris, (Bitsy and Mama Doll), Jordan Heron, (Newt and Grover) and Tracey Stirling (Elsa). Behind-the-scenes, the crew included Linda, Everett, Ritchie, Chris and Wendy.

Another 5 star production from the little community theatre that continues to grow and astound us.

Nov 17, 2016

Costume Contest WINNER!

Comment received from contest winner Darin Sherk:

"Wow, thank you everyone that voted, this was a lot of fun. Thank you yo our good friend Ken for all the hard work, dedication he does for Scribbles!!! Luv ya buddy."

Scribbles VIDEO  |  
Want to see more cool costumes?  Check out this video of Scribbles Costume Contest 2015. 

... And in case you forgot, the tie breaker round winner was Dale the Champion.

ENTERTAINMENT | Carol Burnett Returns

by ME TV Staff

The queen is returning to primetime, in a traditional multi-camera sitcom. Yesterday, it was reported by Deadline that Carol Burnett will star in a new comedy series from executive producer Amy Poehler. Even the concept sounds like a throwback to sort of humor found in '60s, '70s and '80s shows.

On paper, the generation-gap, living-under-one-roof sitcom seems like a mash-up of The Beverly Hillbillies, Silver Spoons, Golden Girls and Mama's Family. Here's the pitch: A family gets the chance of a lifetime to purchase a fabulous house well beyond their income bracket. There's just one catch — they have to share it with the original owner, an old actress, until she dies. Burnett plays the aging star, naturally.
Over a span of half a century, Burnett has earned 22 Emmy nominations and won six trophies. The Carol Burnett Show ran for 11 years, garnering a best variety-comedy series Emmy nomination for each of the 11 seasons, winning three times. Of course, we don't have to tell you that Burnett has the chops. 
Michael Saltzman will serve as writer and producer. The industry veteran has credits such as WingsMurphy BrownMad Men and Halt and Catch Fire on his resume. The untitled series will hopefully kick off in 2017.

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Nov 16, 2016

Nov 14, 2016


Check out 2%'s Official website here >




Nov 13, 2016

A Scribbles Annual Tradition

UPDATE: This contest is now closed and a winner has been determined. Find out who won here

We have 19 costume photos for you to check out. Let us know which one you like the best. The person whose photo receives the most votes is crowned our winner and they win a $15 Tim Horton's card. 

You can EMAIL or send your answer to Ken through FACEBOOK.

Here are this year's awesome costumes... 

So which one do you like best?

Remember you can EMAIL or send your answer to Ken through FACEBOOK.

VOTING ENDS ON WED. NOV. 16th @ 11:59 PM 

Voting is open to all Scribbles friends and Ken's facebook friends. One vote per person. If you entered a photo in this contest, you are allowed to vote for your own photo if you wish to. Shortly after Nov 16th, we will announce our winner. In the event of a tie, we will have a tie breaker round.

UPDATE: This contest is now closed and a winner has been determined. Find out who won here

Nov 7, 2016

YOU | Raising More Green


Our Picture Perfect feature is back. We will randomly feature photos that really capture a moment or make a statement in some way. We start off with this gem, When we see it, we think it's perfect....Picture Perfect!  Watch for more in the days ahead.

YOU & ME | A Ton of Trick or Treaters

SCRIBBLES VIDEO  |  Gigi's First Halloween

I wasn't the only one enjoying Halloween at my sister's place, Her new cat Gigi also got in on the fun as seen in this mini video clip.

Gigi is quite the cat. She plays catch and return with her pink rubber ball, like a dog would do. She is indeed quite the kitty!

YOU | Humble & Kind...and Very Close to Home


Nov 2, 2016

KIDS | Table Top Creations

Siblings Em & Maddie create some awesome jack-o-lanterns (with maybe a little help from a grown up)

VIDEO | Great Bathroom Cleaning Tips