Jan 29, 2014

Karin's Video

Our friend Karin Campbell-Gadd and her husband Gerald escaped Winter for a little while, with a trip to Cuba.

On her last day there, Karin recorded some breathtaking footage of the beach. We may not actually be there, but watching Karin's video is the next best thing.

Let's take a few deep breathes and enjoy a tropical break, with this trip to the beach.

Jan 28, 2014

Funny Ad

This reminds me of my mom who is a big zebra fan... 

Tropical Memories

We've all heard of having a creative block. Well in my case my creativity is much like the weather....frozen. I've told several friends they're going to be featured in Scribbles in the past few weeks, but just can't seem to thaw out my brain long enough to get at it.

Maybe I'll crank the thermostat to max, stare at my pix taken from A 2001 visit to the Bahamas with my friend Jeff and pretend I'm there again. Perhaps that will get those creative juices flowing again and we will all be enjoying new Scribbles posts again soon.

Take a look back at the time my friend Jeff and I went to the Bahamas.  View slideshow of photos CLICK HERE 

Jan 26, 2014

Pets Video

Not sure whose kitty this is, the video was found online.  I know it isn't my cat, he runs and hides the minute he sees the vacuum cleaner come out. But this kooky kitty seems to think this is one of his toys....cute!


The Blythin siblings keep warm and toasty together in this big comfy bed. Left to right; Keira, Rachel, Evelyn and William.

Jan 21, 2014


When we saw this breathtaking photo on our friend Christian Bisson's facebook page, we immediately contacted him to see if we could feature it on Scribbles.

Christian wrote back, "Hi Ken, feel free to use it for Scribbles, you can crop the right side, I just noticed my finger I think lol! It was taken in Quebec City at the Montmorency Falls".

Thanks Christian, it really is a great shot and we had no trouble saying au revoir to your finger  before posting the photo here.

Jan 20, 2014

For Sale



Relive every moment of TV's most beloved prime time drama. Who shot J.R.? Bobby returns. Pam's dream. It's all here and waiting for YOU! Get reacquainted with the Ewings this Winter, for hours and hours of memorable entertainment.

Entire 14 seasons DVD set. [Season one and two were packaged together, all other seasons on separate DVD set. ] In good condition. Originally purchased each season for approx. $40 each. (Worth over $500)

Scribbles Friends Special Price!!! only $90

I am located in WELLAND ON and you must be able to come pick them up.  

 CASH, Visa, Mastercard or PayPal

EMAIL ME @ scribblesonline@sympatico.ca 
or facebook message me 
or TEXT 905-937-5725  
(No phone calls please, I am on a very limited minutes plan, but have unlimited text)


Budding Artist

Would you believe this awesome painting was created by a 5 year old?  It's true. Morghyn Quinlan is the little artist responsible for this work of art!

Morghyn's mom, Jodi told her facebook friends "P.A. Day fun - Morghyn had a blast taking an art workshop and creating this masterpiece to celebrate the year of the horse."

Great job Morghyn, we sure hope you create lots more artwork for us to show everyone!

Jan 19, 2014

Beat the Winter Blahs

Let's face it, after we're finished dreaming of a white Christmas and the holidays are a thing of the past, Winter can be a very depressing time of year.

This article was first featured in Scribbles Magazine's March 1990 edition, right around the time we've had more than enough of snowy, blowy, frigid Wintery days.

Some of the tips included here may be a bit outdated (remember, this was published before the days of computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices that distract us from the world outside our doors.)  That having been pointed out, there are still plenty of ideas that you might find useful.

Hang in there. Groundhog's Day is Feb 1st and after that it's six more weeks before we truly start thinking about Spring.

Here, in its entirety is Scribbles Magazine's 'Beat the Winter Blahs'.

LOL... There you have it, Scribbles tips to forgetting about Winter, as written in 1990 (on a device called a typewriter and obviously well before spell check.) 

We will continue to bring you highlights from Scribbles Magazines throughout this, our 35th Anniversary Year.


Our Buddy Dale Featured in Inflight Magazine

The latest edition of InFlight magazine includes a feature story about the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club visiting the Rehab Centre for Children (in Winnipeg) to meet some of their young fans.

Dale Eckert was amongst the kids who got to meet many of their hockey idols, including Eric Tangredi, Bryan Little and Ondrej Pavalec.

According to Dale's mother Ginny, the players signed autographs and gave the kids toques and a cool book called The HOME Team.

It was sure a delight to see Dale featured in InFlight, although Scribbles readers may recall that we featured this story and photos in mid December....so you read it here first friends!!

To revisit Scribbles post about Dale and the Jets CLICK HERE



'WOTE' Tour Off To a Great Start

Walk Off The Earth's Gang of Rhythm Tour began last week in Minnesota and is already receiving rave reviews. And why wouldn't it? Walk Off The Earth (or WOTE as their fans refer to them) have a unique style and sound that's hard not to fall in love with.

We recently featured an encore of WOTE's version of "Someone That I Used To Know" along with tour info and photos of Scribbles pals Megan and Rene meeting the band. You can find that post by clicking here.

Meanwhile, here's a couple more exciting videos from WOTE. The first is their original hit Red Hands which was shot in one take and then expertly tweaked to come up with the amazing video found here.

Next is a very cute video featured on CBC Kids, featuring both the band and kids performing as junior versions of each member of Walk Off The Earth.

Both videos are amazingly creative and perfect examples as to why Scribbles pals across North America are such devote fans.

Scribbles thanks our pal Rene in L.A. for keeping us and the rest of WOTE's fans up to date with her facebook fan page.

RED HANDS by Walk Off The Earth  
GANG OF RHYTHM by Walk Off The Earth & kids

Jan 18, 2014



It's been a while since we caught up with our friends at Talk Wireless Inc. and with so many wonderful things happening with them these days, this is the perfect time to get back in the loop.

Dynamic Duo

When I worked with them, Jay Wannamaker and Katie Lacey were two very nice people who just happened to also work at Talk Wireless Inc.

Things have definitely changed since my departure. Oh, Jay and Katie still work there and they're still very nice, but now they're dating and may I just say, I could not be happier to hear it.

The cute couple were recently featured on the cover of Niagara This Week newspaper's St Catharines edition, enjoying The Twenty Valley Winter Winefest in Jordan Valley with Sarah Smith. 

Keeping things all in the family, both Jay and Katie's mothers also work at Talk Wireless. Jay's mom is Pam Hopkins and Katie's mom is Diane Murray and back in the day- when I was also part of the team, Pam and Diane and I were very close, often turning to each other when we were having an off day or something was troubling us.  We even had nicknames for each other, based upon the TV show Bewitched. Pam was Samantha, Diane was Endora and I was Uncle Arthur (talk about typecasting.....LOL)

Now that Jay and Katie have been struck by cupid's arrow, could this mean Pam and Diane might someday be related in real life?  Now that would be very bewitching indeed!

D'oh! Where's The Fire?

Talk Wireless alumni Joshua Chassie has joined the rank of volunteer firefighter, as we see in this pix Joshua posted on facebook recently.

Joshua is a recruit right now, so he's not putting out any fires quite yet, but he certainly looks the part, doesn't he?

Way to go buddy! Your firefighter outfit looks good on you and I hope you complete the course with glowing success. 

Call Her Oma Inventory Queen

Connie Bering is best known at Talk Wireless as the Inventory Queen, where she does an amazing job of keeping tabs on what's in stock and what's not.

Soon Connie will have a new title. Oma. Her daughter Jenn Young is expecting in May, the first baby for Jenn and husband Sean (both of whom were featured in a Scribbles post during the holidays.)

How exciting Connie, you are sure to be an amazing grandmother. Congrats to you, Al  and of course Jenn and Sean.

Scribbles Video

Masthead, header or enhanced logos.....whatever you wish to call the introduction at the top of Scribbles website, we love to change them up with every new event, season or featured post.

This new Scribbles Video takes a look back at 2013 through those colourful toppers and is one of many new videos and posts we are currently working on.

To really get a good look at all there is on this video, we recommend you view in full screen mode.


Classic Interview

We're getting nostalgic as we celebrate 35 years of  keeping you (our family and friends) entertained and informed, as only Scribbles can do. Throughout the year, we'll be featuring highlights from Scribbles Magazines and here's our first one.

We're Not Lyin'....Jacquie's Still Dandy!

In June 1994 Scribbles Magazine was thrilled to feature an exclusive interview with local Country singer Jacquie Henderson.

Jacquie wore many hats in those days, working at a local children's book club by day (where I too worked, and where we first met) and performing at clubs across Niagara by night.

In 1992 Henderson traveled to Nashville to record  her debut album 'Just Jacquie' which included 3 songs that made their way onto the Can-Country Hit charts, the most popular being "Dandy Lyin'".

At the time of our interview, Jacquie was about to return to Nashville to compete on Charlie Daniel's Talent Round-Up.

Her second album 'Who Do You Think I Am' was of particular interest to me, as I had helped Jacquie come up with the its title. 'Who do you think I am' is actually a lyric from one of the album's songs and it just seemed to fit perfectly.

These days, Country singer Jacquie Henderson and her partner Linda can be found performing at venues across Niagara and Scribbles is thrilled to salute her with this post!

Here in its entirety is Scribbles 1994 Interview
 with Jacquie Henderson...

Scribbles Comic

created 1990


I just blew my own mind..... Sifting through old Scribbles Magazines, scanning pages, etc and suddenly it hit me...... THERE ARE 35 YEARS OF SCRIBBLES SURROUNDING MY DESK!!!! 35 Years.... WOW! That's older than some of our website followers are.

And the stuff in these magazines....the original comics, the stories and pic of our readers, holy crap! There's soooooooooooooooo much of it here.

It kinda feels like I'm looking at Scribbles with new eyes, like I've never seen them before. No wonder my friends liked those magazines, they're pretty frickin' awesome.

My goal for this -Scribbles 35th Anniversary year - is to bring some of the best of Scribbles Magazines to our internet friends who have not seen them before.

I sometimes look at Scribbles and think, "Gee, I missed my calling" (and I've been told that by others over the years as well)

But you know, what if THIS is my calling? This is my contribution towards spreading happiness to others. My little stamp that I will be remembered for long after I'm gone.


Jan 17, 2014


My Furry Friends....Past & Present

For those of you who don't recognize all my furry friends they are (clockwise from top) J.R. my beloved kitty who passed away in Oct 2012 and was my "Bestest" cat ever. His full name was John-Ross Ewing-Leavoy (LOL)

Next to J.R. is Emerson. He passed away in Sept 2000 and was such a big suck, he'd wrap himself around my neck like a stole and stay there all day, if I'd let him.

A familiar face to Scribbles these days, we have JJ, my 6 month old kitten who is cute and cuddly at times but also very VERY mischievous.

On my lap is Timmi, who is now 9 1/2 years old and seen often on Scribbles and in Scribbles Videos.

The smiling cocker spaniel is Poppy, who left us many years ago but whose antics will be always be remembered by those who met and loved him (he was not the brightest bulb on the tree, but hilarious and lovable.)

And if you're looking for my cat Alysha (now an angel kitty) she is where she spent most of her life, hiding under the bed.


Our friend Kieran Farragher from the U.K. wets his lips as British actor/comedian James Corden plants a kiss on his cheek.

Kieran tells Scribbles, "[The photo] was taken at a travel industry dinner held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane [in] London"

Sweet pix Kieran, you look VERY happy. Do let us know if Corden accepts your offer to be his Rentboy  :)

READ MORE ABOUT JAMES CORDEN in this article from The Guardian  CLICK HERE


The Resurrection of American Idol 

All it took were a few diva smack down moments between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey and I decided to boycott American Idol last season. I wasn't alone, the show's ratings plummeted as the rivalry between Minaj and Carey out shadowed the talent search.

Season 13 premiered this week with the return of Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban to the judges panel and the addition of Harry Connick Jr. A few more changes have also been added to the show including "The Chamber" (a holding booth the contestants enter prior to facing the judges) and other surprises that promise to ramp up the elimination process, that will bring us to the top 13 quicker than before.

The chemistry between the judges is infectious and entertaining, with Harry Connick Jr. being the one most prepared to tell it like it is, shattering the dreams of some of the young hopefuls [he's not quite Simon Cowell, but give him time]

It may be season "13" for American Idol, and if the first few episodes are any indication, it'll be anything but unlucky.

I'm back on the AI band wagon and looking forward to seeing what the new season has in store.

Have you been watching? What do you think of the new American Idol?

Jan 15, 2014

35 and Holding

WOW~ I just realized 2014 will mark 35 years since the first time I ever sequestered myself in my room and came out with a single copy hand drawn magazine known as Sunny Digest. It would later officially become Scribbles Magazine which in its heyday had a circulation of 60 copies, distributed to family and friends.

Print editions would end in 1996 with email newsletters taking the their place until Scribbles website debuted a few years later.

Now Scribbles is in its 35th year with an ever growing fan base and (when updated regularly) our website is visited over 3000 times a month.

What makes that number most impressive to me is that one way or another I pretty much know every person who continues to make Scribbles one of their internet faves.

You are family members, friends, former high school classmates, fabulous folks I used to work with, guys I once dated (a group which in MY heyday boosted our circulation considerably.....LOL) and new facebook friends of friends.

Together you are the every growing group I affectionately refer to as our Scribbles family and the driving force that keeps my creative juices flowing.

Of course, it's not been all fun and games in recent years. Physical and mental health issues often prevent me from taking all the great ideas floating around in my head to making their debut on Scribbles website.

I appreciate you allowing me to share your adventures and photos on Scribbles and your patience when I'm not quite up to doing so. Although I highly doubt there will be 35 more years of Scribbles to come, I do vow to keep at it for as long as I can.

With much love and sincere gratitude, I'll sign off for now.


Jan 12, 2014

Walk Off The Earth

You don't have to tell our pals Megan in Ottawa and Rene in L.A. (and probably many more Scribbles pals) who this amazing group is and  what a viral sensation their cover of "Somebody That I Used to Know" became, when it was released a few years ago.

Originally from Burlington ON, Walk Off The Earth (WOTE) have a very devote fan base which spans the globe.

A year ago their cover of the Beatles From Me to You was featured in several Telus (Canadian mobile company) ads.

The group has just begun a new tour which kicks off in Minneapolis, MN and will also be touring other locations in North America and Europe. [see tour list at bottom of post]

WOTE is a unique group with an even more unique sound who continue to walk around the earth and grow in popularity.


Scribbles Pals are Walk Off The Earth Fans.....

Scribbles Pals Megan Fox and Rene in L.A. have both met the band Walk Off The Earth (as seen in the photos below). In fact Rene even has a fan site which we hope to find out more about very soon.

Megan Fox gets her funk on with members of Walk off The Earth
Rene gets a hug from Sarah as she poses with the band.


I've mentioned during past Christmas seasons, and I'm about to do it again. One of the symbolic ways I know that the holidays are truly here, is the arrival of the Mackie family's Christmas card, photo and -the best part of all - their annual newsletter.

The newsletter is an in-depth look at what Francesca and Brian Mackie of Toronto and their children, Colin and Catriona, have been up to during the past year.

Francesca once told me she wondered how I manage to keep on top of things doing Scribbles, keeping everyone informed and entertained.  She mentioned that putting the family newsletter together was quite a project and she was a bit in awe by my ability to do Scribbles all year long.

Francesca I have a confession to make. When I was reading about your family's accomplishments this year, it was I who was amazed  by how each of you lead busy, active, fulfilling lives.

Your family truly makes the best of each day and that's something that frequently doesn't seem to happen with me. Maybe this year I'll take a page from the book of Mackie and make more of my time, if I'm feeling well enough, of course.

Ken's Top Ten Happy Moments of 2013

It is usually mid December when I typically think about putting together the annual list of my highs and lows of the past year for Scribbles. Twenty five or more of the best and worst things that happened to me in the last 12 months.

The problem with that concept is that in 2013, it felt like there were far more bad days than good. 

Too many things going on that hurt me and that I was having trouble believing and inevitably accepting. Too many wasted days being in pain or attempting to manage it.

If I was to do that thorough type of list, the event that I remembered most vividly in 2013 was not a pleasant one. Nor would many of the others on the list. So rather than do that, I decided upon a list featuring only the happy moments of the year.

It may be a shorter list, but at least there's smiles and laughter associated with each of them and that's something we could always use more of.


10. ACCEPTED FOR DISABILITY. That might sound like a strange statement, but I was greatly relieved when CPP accepted my claim for disability which meant I would also receive ODSP with medical coverage. Had they not seen what I already knew, I’m unable to work right now, things would have been very different. 

I am grateful to have this assistance (the drug coverage is especially important since I am on so many pills), although it does mean things are super duper tight money wise.

9. SHARON & RHONDA’S WEDDING. When I first met Sharon Janzen and Rhonda King, they weren’t even seeing each other yet. That wouldn’t happen until a few years later and it’s been a modern day storybook romance ever since. The two were wed in April in Niagara Falls, ON. and it was so great to have been on the guest list, see many old friends and watch two peas in a pod make it all official.

8. TIME WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS. I still laugh when I think about Labour Day weekend at the campground in Vineland and the fire fighters arriving on the scene after a generator blew. That entire weekend with pals Doug and Heather was frickin' hilarious!

Other notable times with you in 2013 included Niagara’s annual Pride in the Park, live plays by the Dunneville Community Theatre and GCP, coffees with Cathy, the surprise party Convergent Telecom put on for Becky Lee’s 50th Birthday (I saw so many great friends that day), family get-togethers and when my mom or nephew slept over at my place.

7. MEMORIAL PARK. My Top Ten list would not be complete if I neglected to include Welland’s massive Memorial Park. It’s only a few minutes drive from my apartment and the perfect outdoor escape. 

It would be rare to find me there unaccompanied by my dog Timmi and it was also where I would often bring guests such as friends, my mom and nephew. Many days became brighter and less stressed out in 2013, after a visit to Memorial Park.

6. GRANDMA’S GRANMY AWARDS. I went a bit overboard with my Grammy Awards themed birthday party for my mom last Feb. 

Oh, it was still a birthday, complete with dinner, cake and gifts, but it was also a music/talent contest which would find each guest “on stage” performing before we gave out Grandma Grammy Awards for those who participated. 

It was really quite entertaining and worth all the time it took to put the entire themed package together.

5. ADOPTING TROUBLE. I had no intention of adopting a cat. I was at the Seaway Mall on route to Target to see if they carried a new air freshener product which I had a coupon for. 

Up ahead I saw the sign: “ Kittens and Cats $50, includes neutering/spaying, and 6 week pet insurance”. It was a shop set up by the Welland Humane Society. 

The rest is a blur. My feet took over, marching me directly to a cage where a little gray tabby was chillin' out on a blanket. 

He would soon become JJ and although he was thin and sick the first few weeks residing at his new home, this hyper active kitten has made up for it every since.


4. DADDY, DOGGY TIME. If they were giving out a prize for having seen me at my absolute worst in 2013 and still staying by my side, that prize would go to my dog Timmi. It’s amazing how intuitive he can be at times.

Of course, Timmi has also been with Daddy when he was at his very best. 

We went to many local parks and Merritt Island, enjoyed drives to St Catharines to visit Nana and my sisters homes and he was my co-star in Scribbles “Love Will Keep Us Together” video. 

Anytime is a good time to share a nap in Timmi’s books, which worked well with my odd sleep pattern. 

3. SHE WAS JUST POPPING BY. Although it was almost Easter, it wasn’t the Bunny who made a surprise visit to my place early this Spring. 

Our Toronto friend Francesca Mackie contacted me to see if I was going to be home the following day. Our mutual friend Henry Strevens of the U.K. was visiting Francesca and her family and Cheska said they wanted to visit me.

The next day Francesca, her kids Colin and Catriona and Henry came over for a tour of my place (and to say hello to Timmi and take pix.) We then enjoyed lunch at M.T. Bellies, a popular Welland restaurant, before my guests headed back to the big city.

What struck me the most about the visit was that Francesca came all the way from Toronto, to see me and then return. It wasn’t like she was travelling through on route somewhere. This WAS the destination and making me feel special and well fed was its very successful mission.

That was just too sweet of you Francesca and made the top three of the year. 

2. COUSIN JEANNE & THE GREAT RENFREW CAPER. The timing could not have been better, when my cousin Jeanne Prince invited me to the Ottawa Valley. She would be visiting Niagara with her daughter Megan Fox in August and asked me to go back with them.

Jeanne’s generosity made it possible for me to spend a day and night at the family’s cottage on a remote island, visit my relatives and favourite Renfrew sights [go Swinging Bridge!!] and enjoy a long and winding bus trip back.

This was so very kind of Jeanne to extend the offer for me to escape the madness that was happening all around me at the time. I can't begin to thank her and the hospitable residents of the Ottawa Valley for making it so magical and memorable. 

OK. now we come to my top memory of the year.  The list is not in random order. After determining what my top ten events were, I took a great deal of time determining which order to put them in. What GOOD event or memory of 2013 truly sticks out above the rest??

1.  SWEET SUZI SQUIRREL. We first met in early Spring. I was at my mom’s, out in the garage, the door was open and up popped a squirrel. I ran into mom’s, found some fancy nuts, then returned as she would take each nut from my hand.

I called her Suzi Squirrel, named after a book I liked as a kid.

Another day... as soon as my car pulled in... Suzi came by. When I spent 10 days at my mom’s house, Suzi was fed every day. Rain or shine, she would show up at the kitchen door and peak in looking for me. We bonded in a big way that week and it was ADORABLE!

I wasn’t Suzi’s only friend. Mom of course fed her, my nephew, relatives, even a cable worker had a chance, she was very social.

A few months later, things had changed considerably. Mom would soon be moving, I was not at the house as often, things around me were falling apart. I went to my mom’s and stepped out for a smoke. I just sat on the end of the driveway, feeling down, when all of a sudden something caught my eye. It was my pal Suzi! She had come to see me for one of our final visits. 

She ate several peanuts and we spent some quiet time together as she worked her magic, making me feel good to be alive and stop to take in the moment. It was just as we had done so many times before, whenever we were together.

My eyes would fill with tears (both happy, because we were together and sad, because I knew this was undoubtedly our last visit.)  I love that darn squirrel.