Jan 18, 2014

Classic Interview

We're getting nostalgic as we celebrate 35 years of  keeping you (our family and friends) entertained and informed, as only Scribbles can do. Throughout the year, we'll be featuring highlights from Scribbles Magazines and here's our first one.

We're Not Lyin'....Jacquie's Still Dandy!

In June 1994 Scribbles Magazine was thrilled to feature an exclusive interview with local Country singer Jacquie Henderson.

Jacquie wore many hats in those days, working at a local children's book club by day (where I too worked, and where we first met) and performing at clubs across Niagara by night.

In 1992 Henderson traveled to Nashville to record  her debut album 'Just Jacquie' which included 3 songs that made their way onto the Can-Country Hit charts, the most popular being "Dandy Lyin'".

At the time of our interview, Jacquie was about to return to Nashville to compete on Charlie Daniel's Talent Round-Up.

Her second album 'Who Do You Think I Am' was of particular interest to me, as I had helped Jacquie come up with the its title. 'Who do you think I am' is actually a lyric from one of the album's songs and it just seemed to fit perfectly.

These days, Country singer Jacquie Henderson and her partner Linda can be found performing at venues across Niagara and Scribbles is thrilled to salute her with this post!

Here in its entirety is Scribbles 1994 Interview
 with Jacquie Henderson...