Feb 27, 2018


Scribbles Relies On Facebook ...Even When it Hurts 

Back in the day when I had a job, a car and a life, I saw many of you fairly often.  When we were together we shared stories and took photos and they would often end up on Scribbles.

These days, getting together with others is a rarity. There's many reasons for that, which include no longer having a car (SOB, I miss "Betsy" my beloved dark green '96 Ford Taurus.) and my health issues, which often dictate when or if I get out at all.

Thankfully there's Facebook which is a tremendous source of info and photos for Scribbles.

I enjoyed going on Facebook to discover your latest adventures, through photos and words. With your permission, I would then take the fun stuff you had posted on Facebook and turn it into exciting Scribbles stories.

Many of you continue to use Facebook to entertain and inform your friends about the things that are happening to you and your loved ones, and I still love to use this stuff on Scribbles and would be totally lost without it.

Over the past couple of years, there are more negative items being posted and shared on Facebook than ever before. Some of it comes from Facebook itself, with its "algorithms" and "suggested posts" but much of it is featured on some of your Facebook pages. Hell, I've done it myself sometimes, by sharing an unbelievable thing Trump tweeted or did.

Certainly everyone is free to post anything they wish on Facebook (well, almost anything) and I get that I can't act like an ostrich, hiding its head in the sand to avoid the harsher elements of life.

But I can limit my exposure to negative things and make a conscious decision not to feature those things on Scribbles or my Facebook page.

In fact, right now, I believe I not only CAN limit how much negativity I allow into my life, I MUST limit it, for the benefit of my health.

Your Neurotic (But Working on It) Friend,



Feb 21, 2018

KIDS | Siblings Enjoy a February Filled with Birthday Cake & Winter Fun

MUSIC VIDEO | 'Most People Are Good' by Luke Bryan

It's hard not to feel like the whole world's gone insane these days, but Luke Byran is here to say it ain't necessarily so, in the down-to-earth song 'Most People Are Good'.

The line I like the most is "I believe if you just go by the nightly news. Your faith in all mankind would be the first thing you'd lose." It really speaks to me. I am now limiting my exposure to the news. It may sound like that ostrich with it's head in the sand approach AGAIN, but for my own self preservation, right now less is best when it comes to the gloom and doom of the nightly news.

Feb 20, 2018

HOME STYLE | Do-It-Yourself Shelves

What a great idea! Those old crutches makes a very modern looking shelf unit. We first posted this in Feb. 2014.

KIDS | Precision Driving

 This special encore post was first featured on Scribbles Jan. 2015.


Feb 13, 2018

ME | Ready for Blast off!

Despite a whopping amount of snow, followed by freezing rain, the Birthday Blast event was still a go. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the game I created. More on all this, coming in the weeks ahead. 

Creating new Scribbles posts has taken a back seat to preparing for my mom's big birthday bash, which is being held at my place Feb. 11. As you know, each year for as long as I can recall, I've hosted my mom's birthday celebrations.

What sets them apart from other birthdays is that each year there's been a theme or game created. We've had Valentines theme,  Zebra theme (my mom collects zebra stuff), a Grammy Award Extravaganza, Rock n' Roll Oldies theme as well as cool games that I created like our version of Family Feud and the amusing Hot Potato Game.

This year I've got another original game for the gang to play. It's called Birthday Blast and I've been having a blast putting it all together There's lots of prizes to be won but whether or not our "contestants" win them depends on what clip option they pick. Some will reveal prizes while others will offer "No Prize".

I have been working on the Birthday Blast game for several weeks and might put together a video all about it after we've actually played.

In the meantime, below is an extended video that I created for last year's party for mom. The theme was "Another Birthday" and we all gathered for the debut of my video of the same name. It's heavy duty family birthdays with a sprinkling of others, in this 22 minute creation.

Feb 6, 2018


ENTERTAINMENT | Grammy's Honour Sir Elton John in All-Star Special


With a career spanning more than three decades, 35 gold albums, and 25 platinum, and more than 300 million records sold, Elton John has left an indisputable mark on music, which includes more than 4,000 performances in more than 80 countries.

That's why mere days after the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards®, CBS, the Recording Academy™, and AEG Ehrlich Ventures will celebrate the legendary career of the five-time GRAMMY winner by presenting a new concert special entitled Elton John: I'm Still Standing - A GRAMMY® Salute.

The live concert was held Jan. 30 at The Theater at Madison Square Garden and broadcast later in 2018 on the CBS Television Network and CBS All Access.

In addition to Elton John taking the stage to perform a selection of his greatest hits, there will be blockbuster musical talents paying tribute to the artist, including:

- Miley Cyrus
- Kesha
- Miranda Lambert
- John Legend
- Little Big Town
- Chris Martin
- Maren Morris
- Sam Smith
- Keith Urban

...and many more!!

"Sir Elton John is an international music legend who has captivated audiences across generations for more than five decades," said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of the Recording Academy. "His creativity, dynamic presence, and melodic virtuosity have positioned him as a cultural icon, and the Recording Academy is pleased to honor his immeasurable contributions to the music community."

"Elton John is an undeniable force within the music industry, and I can't think of a better musician to honor at this special GRAMMY Salute," said Ken Ehrlich, executive producer of AEG Ehrlich Ventures. "We're proud to pay tribute to his artistry, and can't wait to see what the participating musicians have in store for this momentous celebration of Elton's work."

Elton John: I'm Still Standing - A GRAMMY Salute continues the tradition of previous Emmy®-winning TV specials presented by CBS, the Recording Academy and AEG Ehrlich Ventures, including Sinatra 100—An All-Star GRAMMY Concert, Stevie Wonder: Songs In The Key Of Life—An All-Star GRAMMY Salute and The Beatles: The Night That Changed America—A GRAMMY Salute.