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Jun 29, 2017

KIDS | Rolling Along on Her 12th Birthday


Jun 26, 2017

A Proud Canadian Moment

Matthew Cutler wrote it well when describing this photo he took at Toronto's Annual Pride parade...


"636 nations, three orders of government, one photo, one moment in #PrideTO history."

Thanks for sharing this memorable photo with Scribbles, Matthew.

Jun 19, 2017


VIDEO | The Story of Tracy & Jack

"Mutual Rescue shares with us the story of Tracy and Jack, a woman and a dog who truly rescued each other. Together they found each other and the quality of both their lives improved. I think adopting a rescue dog is a wonderful idea for anyone trying to increase their emotional and physical health. I know our two rescue dogs have certainly added joy, love, laughter, and countless other emotions to our family."
A very touching video, a Kleenex might come in handy when you watch this.

Thank you to Joan Storie for forwarding this video to Scribbles


In celebration of Father's Day this past Sunday, here's who Scribbles selected as Father's of the Year:

Previous Father of the Year recipients include: Tim Whyte (who resided with his wife and son in New Brunswick when he was selected, and is now back in St. Catharines), Rodney Dennis (Welland) and Neil Blythin (Niagara Falls). Although each of the gentlemen we have saluted over the past 4 years come to us with different backgrounds and lifestyles. they ALL have one thing in common. An enormous love for the children and spouses.

KIDS | The Unknown Artists


Jun 17, 2017

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Welcome to our first Scribbles INSIDER post. Here is where you can keep up to date on what your fellow Scribbles friends have been up to.
And just to make it more entertaining, each Scribbles INSIDER post will feature one fake story. See if you can "Find the Fake" in this debut installment...

There's no shortage of major changes going on with our Scribbles pals.

Our friend Becky Lee sold her house in St. Catharines recently and is now in the process of unpacking and arranging furniture at her new home on the outskirts of Niagara Falls. The rural location sounds like a nice retreat from the hustle bustle of the city. Congrats Becky, "Jack" can't wait to see "Grace's" new place.

And speaking of moving.... Toronto twosome Terry & Terry Lyons-Schram have sold their condo, located a hop, swish and jump away from all the happening LGBT clubs, restaurants and retailers. This coming weekend, the two Terry's will be moving to London...as in London Ontario, where they have purchased a beautiful, spacious new home. Why London? We're not certain, but we do hope Terry & Terry will be very happy there. Stay tuned for more details.

Also on the move are our Welland friends Rodney & Heather Dennis and their growing family. They've worked hard over the past few weeks preparing their home to be put on the market and are eager to sell.  With homes selling like hotcakes these days, we're certain it won't be long until the old homestead is sold and the Dennis gang are settled in to a new larger house.

She's done her time and is ready to enjoy lots of rest and relaxation. Janet ("JJ") Miller recently retired from Convergent Telecom in St. Catharines and will now get to spend lots of time with hubby Keith, "kids" Robin & Carleigh and her grandsons. Work colleagues gathered for a dinner a few days before JJ said goodbye and I was thrilled to receive an invitation to that gathering. There was also a surprise retirement party at Robin & Tim's place, which was also a good time to wish Janet a happy birthday. JJ and her daughters will be taking a trip to New York City to kick off her retirement. The Big Apple may never be quiet the same....LOL!

When Robin Whyte wanted to enroll her son in soccer, she found out there was a huge need for volunteer coaches. Always willing to take on a new challenge, Robin offered to become a coach and took to You Tube for tips on how the game is played.  She even told the other kid's parents she knew nothing about the sport and that by the time they were finished, they're kids may never want to play soccer again. Now that takes a lot of balls....soccer balls, of course!

Happy anniversary to our Niagara friends Ryan & Laura Haanappel. The couple celebrated their 3rd anniversary on June 13th, posting messages to each other on Facebook. "I am so lucky to have you as my husband and best friend. Here's to many more adventures together!" Laura wrote to Ryan. Ryan's message to Laura, "3 years have flown by! We've packed in lots of adventures, excited for what's to come!"... We're sensing a theme here and it's obviously an adventurous one,

And while we're talking anniversaries, my cousins Bob & Vicky Farquharson from Ottawa celebrated their 30th on June 5th. Their daughter Amy congratulated her parents with this message, "I know that many changes have taken place over the last 30 years, but 2 things have managed to remain the same - my dad's mustache and my moms hairstyle!" It's funny, because it's true. LOL! We're very happy for them both.

We know her best as the producer of Dunnville Community Theatre's live plays, but this summer Nancy Erskine will take on a new role, when she guest produces an episode of CTV's Marilyn Dennis show. Nancy wrote Marilyn several months ago, telling Ms. Dennis that she loves her show and how she has always dreamed of producing a TV series. Marilyn was so impressed by Nancy's email that she offered her a guest spot producing an episode of her show, which will air this July.

Ken's nephew Graham Clark really enjoys creating his Scribbles inspired magazines 'Nighttime Digest'. He started making his one-of-a-kind publications a few short months ago and has already surpassed 40 issues. Way to go Graham, we're thrilled you've got the creative bug.

Bobby Rock & his musical buddy Shane Christopher Neal wrapped up the first season of their Cogeco cable TV show BS Live Rocks at the end of May. But don't think for a minute that this dynamic duo will be chillin', now that their series goes into rerun season. Bobby & Shane are debuting a video podcast series this month...is there anything these talented guys can't do? We don't think so.

My friend Shelley Stewart and I were tingling with excitement when we attended the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre's gala reveal of what's coming to the St. Catharines venue starting this fall. The evening included performances by indigenous musician Susan Aglukark and comedian Elvira Kurt as well as video previews of next season's presentations. There's not much in the line of rock music but Canadian icon Gordon Lightfoot will be performing in October and comedian Roseanne Barr is coming next April and Shelley & I have already ordered our tickets for both of them.

Kerri Thomson-Fortier has a new job and she can never again say she was late because she was stuck in traffic. Kerri still works for the same company as before, taking customers phone calls and resolving their issues, only now she does it all from the comfort of her Niagara Falls home. No dress code required here, pajamas and bunny slippers are perfectly okay, just as long as the calls get answered. Way to go Kerri!

INSPIRING | Present Minded


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Jun 9, 2017

YOU & ME | Perfectly Proud in the Park

Congratulations, It's a Girl!
Mother Nature seemed to get the bulletin that Niagara's LGBT community and their supporters would be celebrating their annual Pride in the Park event on June 10th, as she provided us with a hot and sunny day, with just a wee bit of humidity. Perfect weather for a day in the park.

I went to the event with my friend and downstairs neighbour Deanna, her daughter and granddaughter. They stayed for a few hours in the afternoon, but I was there for the entire day & night.

This was the 6th year for the festivities, once again held at Montebello Park in downtown St. Catharines and it drew a record crowd who enjoyed a day filled with music, food, numerous vendors and live entertainment.  

Vendors from across Niagara and Hamilton were on hand selling jewelry, rainbow attire, clothing, pet stuff and Scentsy products. Other vendors included realtors, Niagara Regional police department, positive living/anti-bullying groups, Federal Liberal MPP Chris Bittle, the local LGBT Conservatives group and numerous food vendors, who kept our bellies filled with yummy dishes. 

For the kids, there was a bouncy castle and the Waterfall Empire group featured the one and only Miss Shada Black, reading storybooks throughout the afternoon. 

The Bell Tower Community Arts & Entertainment Complex of Fort Erie were in charge of the licensed area, restricted to guests 19 and over. They had several cocktail options served by the happiest, best-looking bartenders around. 

That's a Wrap!
Entertainment included acts on the main stage (featuring Rupaul's Drag Race alumni Chi Chi Devayne and Milk) and local drag performers on the smaller stage near the licensed lounge area. 

The all day event started at noon and closed at 10:30 pm, but organizers were there bright and early around 6 am to help set things up. Most of the vendors closed up between 5-6 pm, with the exception of those selling food, who stayed open later.

After Pride in the Park was over, the fun moved to the Detour Music Hall on St. Paul Street for the Wrap Up party. I attended the party with my sister Jane and although I'd already had my share of liquid refreshments, I had the desire for a few more... LOL!

Throughout the day I ran into old friends, some of which I had not seen in almost 20 years - Yikes, I'm so old! Everyone was in agreement that celebrating Pride in the heart of downtown St. Catharines was something we couldn't even imagine in the past. 

There's plenty of volunteers, businesses and organizations who work hard to put the annual festivities together, but the group that sees to it that we even have a Pride week are the members of Pride Niagara. It's hard to believe that this small group of devoted individuals take the challenge of putting together a week's worth of Pride activities and turn it into an annual roaring success. I am so proud of them for all they do, not just during Pride week, but all year round. Give yourselves a round of applause, Pride Niagara, as you certainly deserve it.

YOU | A Colourful First Impression