Mar 29, 2013

Did Somebody Say Cake?

You'd be correct if you looked at this photo and suspected it may not have been taken recently. The flowers, trees and short-sleeves are a dead give away.

This photo was actually taken last August in celebration of Cole Whyte's 1st birthday. Our little pal and his parents Robin and Tim live in Nova Scotia and were visiting Cole's grandparents Keith and Janet Miller in Ontario. Although Cole didn't turn 1 until September, they had an early party for him during their stay.

August, September or 6 months later....this photo is just too fabulous not to share. Thanks Robin!

We just love this great photo taken by photographer Tina Robinson because it just screams "Easter".

Aside from how amazing her photo looks, Tina has another reason to be very proud. The little girl seen here is her 4 year old grand daughter Mackenzie.

Thanks for letting Scribbles repost your pix Tina and Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

Mar 28, 2013

We are just where we need to be today. The experiences that we meet are like points on the map of our journey. Some of them are rest stops. Others resemble high-speed straight-aways. The journey to our destination is not always smooth, but the more we let our higher power sit in the driver's seat, the easier will be our ride.

Mar 27, 2013

A Very Special Get Together

Colour me thrilled, when my friend Francesca Mackie from Toronto asked if I would like some company last Sunday. Our mutual friend Henry Strevens who lives in the U.K. was visiting the Mackies for a few days and Francesca wondered if they could come to see me. Of course my answer was a huge "YES".

Easter Bunny drawing Catriona gave me
Joining Francesca and Henry on the trip to Welland, were the Mackie's children Colin and Catriona. It had been several years since I last saw everyone and my how the kids have grown.

The visit began with a tour of my apartment. Francesca was impressed by how organized and tidy the place was, something she says is a bit hard for her to do with two active kids in the house. Colin and Catriona liked my massive Simpsons collection, while shutterbug Henry took lots of pictures.

Next up, lunch at M.T. Bellies, where us grown ups had a chance to catch up while the kids enjoyed playing the claw game and completing the activities on their placemats.  Catriona drew a wonderful picture of the Easter Bunny, which she gave me to put on my fridge and which I liked so much I used it for Scribbles Easter logo!

photo from mt
A bit pressed for time, we took a raincheck on taking a leisurely stroll on Merritt Island, in order that my visitors could make it back to Toronto in time for previous engagements.

I can't begin to express how special this visit was to me. It's one thing for friends to come over when they're already planning on being in the area, but today's get together was very different. The reason Francesca and company traveled to Welland was to see me and take me out for lunch. How incredibly sweet is that?

Being pretty emotional these days, I shed several tears after our visit, all happy of course. Thank you so much Francesca, it meant a lot to see you, Henry and the children.

Heart Smart

Don't you hate it? You've just finished enjoying a great concert and now you've spent the last half hour trying to remember where the hell you parked the car.

Not a problem for our animated friend Jeanne Prince and her daughter Megan Fox. The Ottawa Valley's dynamic duo recently saw legendary group Heart in concert. When they parked, Jeanne (in perfect Vanna White style) posed beside the parking garage sign while Megan snapped a pix.

After the show was over they simply needed to look for the big B17 sign and soon they would be homeward bound. How clever Jeanne and may I add, frickin' hilarious!!!

Stressed Out?
....There's an App for That!

If you own an ipod, iphone or ipad, there's plenty of apps out there to help you deal with depression and stress. My favourite app is "Relax and Sleep Well" a 27 minute hypnotic meditation program narrated by Glenn Harrold. Best when listened to with earbuds or headphones, this amazing app really helps me relax and feel good about myself. Other meditation apps I enjoy are "Zen Meditation", "Simply Being" and "Buddha Box" (which includes several chants, singing bowls, bells and music).

"Naturespace" gives you various sounds to relax with, including rain forest, ocean, forests and songbirds. "Moody Me" allows you to select what your mood is at any given time and keeps track of those selections, to let you see your overall moods for the week (Last week -during my 'meltdown' my average mood was "sad" -no surprise there).

For something a little lighter, there's "Laughing Buddha" -rub his belly, his feet, his ears or his head for various laughs. "Koi Pond" turns your screen into a tranquil pond with swimming fish and water sounds. There's really no end to the apps you can find to help you deal with daily stress and depression and many of them are free or only a buck or two.

Mar 26, 2013

photo courtesy SUN MEDIA
Harper Woes Pandas

Although Prime Minister Stephen Harper was too busy to attend a very important meeting with aboriginal leaders, he did find time to welcome two giant pandas, on loan to Canada from China, in Toronto on Mon.

Harper (he's the one on the left by the way) seemed thrilled at the prospects of the two pandas breeding while in Canada for the next 10 years.  The pandas were overheard saying they're all for the idea just as long as it isn't with the Prime Minister.

Mar 25, 2013

Niagara's new hospital -photo courtesy Bulett News Niagara
Open for Business

Our friend LeeAnne Chamberlain (above) joined her colleagues to make history on Sun. Mar. 24, as the new Niagara Health System on Fourth Ave. St Catharines opened its doors.

"What an awesome day! Cant believe we moved 230 patients in 6 hours. Wow", said LeeAnne on her facebook page. 

Patients were moved from from the St. Catharines General on Queenston Street, Greater Niagara General in Niagara Falls and Welland General.

We're glad to hear all went smoothly, LeeAnne, but then with highly skilled and caring individuals like yourself taking part in the big move, how could possibly not have. 

Here's a promo video outlining how the patient transfers project was being executed


Mar 24, 2013

The Tourist Tiger Trail

Photo by: Melisa Lee ( Malaysia ) / Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012
Where photo was taken: Tiger Temple, a Buddhist monastery at Kanchanaburi in Thailand .

What is happening: Why is a tiger walking with the masses? Apparently, Hernfa walks daily with the Abbot and humans at the monastery. This was a rare day when two young cubs (see Phayu chewing on dad's tail?) came along. They walk alongside humans as if they're just part of the crowd. Tourists wait their turn to be photographed petting the big, tame tiger.

How the photographer got the shot: Lee had three minutes to keep pace with the tigers, keeping a low angle while walking backwards.

Forwarded to Scribbles by Wilma Flintstone

It's Not a Meteor!

Do not be alarmed friends...that bright light you may have seen in the sky today was NOT a falling meteor. I have checked online and apparently it is something called "the sun" and it is supposed to shine and make us feel good inside. WOW...Who knew??


And then, wouldn't you know it, just as quickly as it came it disappeared once again...gee maybe it really was a meteor after all?

Mar 23, 2013

Banana Rama

We first fell in love with them in 2010's box office blockbuster, Despicable Me, those adorable and hilarious little minions who work for evil Dr. Gru.

Since that time, the minions have appeared in mini movies, helped launch the Despicable Me Minion attraction in Florida and have been busy filming their sequel movie Despicable Me 2, which comes to theatres this Summer.

Since we knew they love bananas, our roving reporter Mr Scribbles grabbed a bunch of the tasty yellow fruit and asked a few of the little minions for an interview.

SCRIBBLES: "Hello Minions, my name is Mr Scribbles and I have some nice ripe bananas for you."

MINION #1: "Banana?"

MINION # 2: "Banana, Banana?"

 MINION #3: (slowly and loudly) "BAAAA-NNNAAAAA- NNNAAAAAAAA"

This caused the entire room of minions to come rushing over to where we were standing, all squealing with delight and jumping up and down at the sight of the bananas I was holding.

SCRIBBLES: I see you love bananas and I promise to share with you, but first what can you tell me about your new movie?"

MINION #2 (Taller minion, wearing a tie) clears throat and then says "Boop Popie umm Gru Boom Zap zap " Then makes hovering sound with his hands high in the air.

MINION #1 (little guy, one eye) " Ya, boop boom zap zap" and then he too makes hovering sound and waves his hands in the air.

Next thing I knew all the minions repeated the same thing together, while raising their hands in the air and making that silly hovering sound.  All the minions that is, except for one.

I stopped and looked at him and asked "Movie? Boop Boom Zap Zap?" and raised my hands in the air.

Wouldn't you know it, the bananas fell out of my hands and landed right in front of the one little minion who had not spoken a word.

"BANANAS!!" the excited little minion screamed as he tried to grab them all for himself, causing a stampede from the others as they all raced around the room chasing after him and the bananas.

I figured this interview was over and packed up my gear. Just as I approached the doorway out, I heard a soft, little voice.

I turned around and much to my surprise, there was the little minion holding one lone banana. He looked at me, held the banana up to my hand and said "U Banana?"

It was so nice to see that he wanted to share with me and when I peeled back the banana and took a bite, the entire roomful of minions cheered and waved.

No wonder we all love those minions so much. Can't wait to see them in theatres this Summer. 


On any journey, 
we must find out where we are before we can plan the first step.
--Kathy Boevink

Mar 22, 2013


All Aboard ....

Having mixed Reactine cold capsules with his usual meds, we're not sure how well Conductor Kenny will steer the Birthday Train, but here goes...

Happy Birthday to train passengers (left to right after Kenny) Terry R. Lyons-Schram, Daryl Delledonne, Jenn Young and Jonny Sullivan.

Get you free ride on Scribbles Birthday Express by letting us know when your birthday is coming up or the birthday of someone close to you.


Mar 20, 2013

Heather & Jack enjoy time at their campe
Getting Ready To Sing Once Again

Let's face it, this Winter was a real bear. We had lots of snow and frigid temperatures, dark days and long cold nights. Enough already!

March 20th is officially the first day of Spring, that time of year when our thoughts are of enjoying outdoor activities, gardening, Spring cleaning and wearing less layers of clothing. Who can deny smiling when they see the first robin of the season or flowers budding from the ground?  Heck, after suffering through Winter, even the sight of dandelions can be a joyous thing.

So while we may still have some snow to contend with and a frosty night or two, sit back and be happy because Spring is just around the corner.

When we first introduced you to Emerson Rose Todd, she had just arrived on Feb. 3rd and weighed only 2 lb 15 oz.  Now our little pal tips the scales at 4 lb 11 oz and is out of the hospital.

Way to go Emm!  

Mar 18, 2013

ACHOO! Sniff Sniff

I am so pissed off! Instead of attending my sister Kim's birthday at my mom's on Sunday, I spent the entire weekend sniffling, sneezing, coughing and tossing my cookies. I'm pretty sure I caught this cold from Rob who was sick last week.

Kim, I'm sorry I missed your birthday, but it was probably better to keep my germs at home than share them with everyone at the party (that's one gift no one wants, eh?)  We will get together soon, ok??


 A St. Patty's Tradition

Those three amigos are at it again!  Cousins Jack, Dylan and Ethan once again participated in the Douglas, ON annual St. Patrick's Parade.

Lookin' great in green, the boys smile for the camera as they pass the infamous Douglas Tavern which was no doubt standing room only this weekend (or was that 'staggering room only'?)


The French Connection

Erin Papple and her brother Patrick have gone bilingual. The siblings have both recently enjoyed trips with their classmates to popular French speaking locations.

In February, Patrick and his school pals spent 4 fun-filled days in the province of Quebec and Erin is currently wrapping up a trip to France. With her teacher (who has taken the trip to France several times now) as her tourist guide, we're certain Erin is having the time of her life.


Mar 17, 2013

More Starstruck Moments

After reading about Hazel MacKiddie rubbing elbows with Johnny Cash and his family, it reminded us that other Scribbles pals have also been up close and personal with celebrities.  Here's a few of them.....

Kerri Fortier-Thomson with Shemar Moore

Jody Edwards and Jon Bon Jovi

Mike Wing ("Winger") with Canadian rocker Sam Roberts

Rob Dennis with ET Canada co-host Rick Campanelli

Joan Storie with Rockin' Ronnie Hopkins
A Country star herself, our pal Jacquie Henderson is seen here with Charlie Daniels

Paul Whiteley (inset) met Goldie Hawn in Vancouver years ago
Jessica Wilson gives a thumbs up at Dan Ackroyd's book signing