Mar 1, 2013

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Gramma's Grammy Awards Birthday Bash

"Crazy Kendini" performs for the crowd at Gramma's Grammy Awards Birthday event.
FEB 2013

You heard us talk about it a few weeks ago, now here's our exclusive video all about "Gramma's Grammy Awards Birthday".

The big event took weeks to prepare and celebrated both my mom Joan Storie's birthday and the annual Grammy Awards ceremony. And just like the real Grammys, we had live performances and lots of awards.

I could tell you more, but that's what this exclusive 8 minute video is for.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Please Put Your Hands Together for 
"Gramma's Grammy Awards Birthday"...

You will need to TURN UP VOLUME a bit...
But, DON'T FORGET to turn volume down again when you are done watching, 
I forgot and my email notification sound nearly made me shit my pants 

 She Really Takes the Cake
OOPS.. I almost forgot to mention...the amazing birthday cake at mom's party was another creation by my niece Erin Papple. It took over 4 hours to get the hand-painted design just right and even though the gold birthday candles intended to be used on the cake got lost in transit to Welland, it was a winner on its own.