Apr 27, 2018

EDITORIAL | Spring Relaunch

Something I'll Never Know

Hello Everyone:

There something everyone reading this editorial is doing that I will never experience. What is this unique thing?

It’s going to Scribbles website and discovering all its new content. It's not like it's a new thing. For many of us, we've shared this special form of communication for decades.

What is it like to see new posts and videos all about you, your friends, kids, pets and so much more, all under one umbrella? I don't quite know what that feels like....but that's okay.

'Cuz while you check out all the posts that are debuting as part of Scribbles spring relaunch, I will be enjoying my very own unique experience...the extreme thrill and satisfaction of bringing it all to you.

[Ching, ching - our drinks here]



SCRIBBLES VIDEO | A Yearful of Nighttime's

My nephew is a big fan of Scribbles. Well, more precisely, he's a fan of the old (make that very old) copies of Sunny Digest, the single-copy hand-drawn magazines which I created from 1979 to 1990, before we officially became Scribbles.

He liked them so much, he started making magazines of his own, called Nighttime Digest. The first edition debuted on Feb. 25, 2017 and just over a year later, he's still at it. 

Here's a video clip celebrating Nighttime Digest's one year anniversary. 

Apr 22, 2018

ART | Spring Crocus

A Photoshopped creation by Ken Leavoy

Apr 19, 2018

KIDS | The Coolest Little Drummer Boy

A Moment in Time...


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend Jody's beloved "baby girl" Lily, who went to doggy heaven on April 18th.

Lily had been featured in Scribbles many times over the years, as she was quite similar in age, size and breed, as my dog Timmi (who actually got along with Lily...something he doesn't usually do with other dogs...guess even he knew how special Lily was.)

Most recently, Lily was featured last winter in photos and posts, when she and Jody stayed in Florida for several months, where Jody volunteered at Clearwater Marine Aquarium - a rescue, recovery and release facility.

Jody I send my sincerest condolences to you. I know how much Lily meant to you and how much she will be missed.  Lily couldn't have asked for a better "mommy" and I hope you will treasure the many memories you made with her.

Here is a video in honour of Lily...
PHOTOS: Jody Edwards | VIDEO FOOTAGE: Scribbles | MUSIC:'Hallelujah' by Bon Jovi

Apr 18, 2018

REVIEW & VIDEO | Zepagain Truly Gets the Led Out

Rock artists Led Zepagain played at the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre in St Catharines on Saturday, March 24, to a sold out crowd.

The group formed in 1988 and have been referred to as "the most accurate and authentic replication of Led Zeppelin in the world today." After now seeing and hearing them for myself, I can tell you, it's absolutely true. 

This was the first show I have been to at The Performing Arts Centre where it truly felt like I was at a concert. Lead singer Swan Montgomery embodied Robert Plant. He had the sound, the look, the swagger and (of course) Plant’s long locks. Giving the show it's rocking sound were the others in Led Zepagain;  Anthony David, Derek Smith and Jim Wootten. 

Once again I was joined by my friend Shelly, who has been my Performing Arts Centre show partner for around two years. From the moment the show started, we knew we were both in for a rare treat.

Midway through the show Swan glanced at the crowd and said, “I see some of you out there taking pictures and video with your phones" as he shook his head "no", while waving his finger back and forth, seemingly in disapproval. 

Then he laughed; “I’m only joking! Take as many pictures and videos as you like. Put it on Facebook. Put it on YouTube." 

Suddenly a sea of phones came out, including mine. Even Swan himself took out his phone and recorded the crowd live to Facebook during one song. 

There was a whole lotta love in the crowd that night which Swan and the band acknowledged as they said how they really hope to come back to this venue again. 

When I got home I visited Led Zepagain‘s Facebook page. I watched the video that Swan took of the show. It was interesting to see things from the performers point of view. I messaged Swan asking if I could use his footage for a video that I would be making of the show. He was only too happy to oblige. What a great guy!

When it comes to reviewing Led Zepagain, five stars is simply not enough.


Here's approx. 12 minutes of Led Zepagain at the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines. Some of my footage is a bit shaky. I was having a little difficulty recording the show, while rocking to it at the same time. 

Led Zepagain has seen our review and video and wrote to us:

"Thank you for the very high compliments Ken ! We're glad you enjoyed the show!" 

REVIEW | Out of This World!

April 12 was a very busy afternoon. I climbed to the peaks of majestic mountains, got to work in an auto body shop, a convenience store & fast food restaurant, played fetch with a robotic dog in a busy warehouse, traveled to the wild west and defended myself against very gruesome zombies...all without barely breaking a sweat!

How could I do all this and still make it home before the street lights came on? It was made possible thanks to virtual reality and more specifically, thanks to a visit to Ctrl V, a new attraction located at 20 Hartzel Road -Unit 11 in St Catharines. 

Ctrl V has locations across Canada and the U.S. They offer visitors the chance to play high action games or just enjoy leisurely, breathtaking life-like views of places they may normally never get to experience.

The simulated scenes are not just located directly in front of you.  Thanks to a virtual reality device, which is worn similar to diving goggles, you can see things all around you.

When I visited the vast mountain scene in Vesper Peak, I could look up and see the sky, clouds and birds in flight. I could look down and see I was standing at the narrow edge of a rocky cliff, with a river far, FAR below. To the left, to the right and even behind me, it truly felt like I was actually “there.”

The day I visited, the high tech arcade was hosting an invitation only media event. The owners of this location, Charmaine and Wally, are Scribbles friends and had extended an invite for myself and a guest.

My “plus one” was my sister Kim, who (like me) had never experienced virtual reality before.

Kim joked that we were “Virtual virgins”... you can insert your own jokes here.  LOL.

Ctrl V St. Catharines has 14 game cubicles and you go online to book a time and date to play.

Games vary from 1 to 4 players and you can also compete with players at other Ctrl V locations.

Games include; Smashbox, Quivr, Loco Dojo, Cowbots and Aliens, Space Pirate, Slingshot, Xortex, Brookhaven and my personal favourite, Job Simulator.

There is also a room you can reserve for parties or other gatherings.

Pricing and hours of operation can be found on Ctrl V St.Catharines Facebook and Instagram pages.  You can also visit Ctrl V’s main website, where you can view previews of the various games offered.  Links to these are featured below.

It was indeed a thrill to be in attendance with the mayor of St. Catharines and other members of the media. Thank you very much Charmaine, Wally and other family members for making us feel so welcomed.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Kim and I tried out numerous games for over two hours.  We may have entered the building having never experienced this type of reality before, but we left there feeling happy and invigorated....”virtual virgins” no more.

YOU | Easter Egg-citement [REVISED]

YOU | The Handmaid's Big Secret!

Last year Hulu's series The Handmaid's Tale grabbed audiences with its eerie, post-apocalyptic storyline.

Set sometime in the not-so-distant (and hopefully fictitious) future, the show revolves around the lives of  fertile American women who have been abducted and taken prisoner. Their sole purpose in life becomes to bear children for rich, elite couples who cannot conceive children of their own. It's twisted and haunting and was a huge success.

The Handmaid's Tale returns later this month for a second chilling season. 

Last year parts of the series were filmed in Hamilton, ON.

The producers were back in Hamilton in March, to film portions of the upcoming season and also ventured to Brantford to shoot more scenes.

Figuratively, you could say The Handmaid's Tale was in  "our own backyard" and for a couple of Scribbles pals, that can be taken quite literally as well. 

Our Brantford friends David Bailey and Jim Triemstra live in a large 3 storey historic brick mansion known as Sunnyside Inn. It was built around 1888 and is setback 80 feet away from the street, which was an old trick for making a house more prominent than neighbouring houses. This setback continues to contribute to its prominence today.^

Sunnyside is distinguished by Gothic details, including rounded Roman arches which appear over the doors and windows.*

It was these details that made this magnificent old structure an ideal location for production on The Handmaid's Tale.

Although it was a bit inconvenient at times to have their home taken over by various cords and flood lights, a production crew and series stars, David and Jim were still thrilled at the opportunity to open their doors to the show.... and who wouldn't be? How often can you say a TV series used your home in its production?

That's just way too cool!  :)

Season two of The Handmaid's Tale debuts April 25th on HULU & April 29th on BRAVO CANADA. 

 [Information about Sunnyside Inn from ^HistoricPlaces.ca, and *Greg's Smalltown Southern Ontario Flickr site.  Photos of Handmaid's Tale production courtesy David Bailey]

KIDS | The Fab Four

YOU | Guiding Lights

JOE FRIDAY | Drooling Crime-Solver Turns 3


ME | Steppin' Out in Style

PETS | Going to Grandma's


I'm extra happy to advertise Pretty Sweets by Erin for a very good reason. Erin is my niece.

I have seen (and tasted) Erin's masterpieces and they're great. Here's a video that features mouth-watering photos of Erin's tasty creations.


"Shhhh! I Have a Mouse Problem & Don't Want My Neighbours to Know"


VIDEO | Off The Leash: 'The Weigh In'