Feb 28, 2019

Feb 24, 2019

YOU | Celebrating Their 20th with a Little 'Hola!'

NEW VIDEO | Kirt's Trinidad Getaway

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | The Hot Dog Birthday Party

The days surrounding my mom's birthday party were pretty rough. The weather was brutal, with record-breaking extreme cold temperatures and snowfall. We were trying to understand why our friend Don and canine pals Ram & Preston had all just passed away, and I played private eye as I unraveled info about a crooked neurologist, ending with me racing to his office to get my $180 back.

But as they say....the show must go on. Come hell or high water, I was going to host my annual shindig, which is both a celebration of my mom's birthday as well as the opportunity to test my creativity in a different direction.

I try not to repeat themes, but made an exception this year. The Hot Dog Birthday Party was actually our second wiener-themed festivity. We held our "Hot Diggity Dog" Birthday several years ago when I lived on Roehampton Ave. That party had hot dogs with lots of trimmings but there was no game for guests to participate in.  This year's party featured The Hot Dog Birthday Game, where players answered questions for a chance to win a novelty prize.

Here's a look at the way I transformed my place from home to party central along with more memorable moments from The Hot Dog Birthday Party.

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YOU | The Original "Great One"


KIDS | "Order Up!"

VIDEO | Pretty Little Thing Can Really Sing

We first heard Courtney Hadwin's killer voice on America's Got Talent where she received a Golden Buzzer in 2018. Shockingly, extremely shy Hadwin didn't win her season and she was invited back to sing on AGT's recent World Champions show, where she once again was robbed of the big prize.

All is not lost however. Courtney made the most of her second chance on AGT by premiering an original song called 'Pretty Little Thing'.  Judging by how many views the song has received on social media, this pretty little 14 year old is destined to become a star.

[If you want to skip Courtney's intro package and only watch her perform 'Pretty Little Thing', advance the video clip to the 3 minute mark.]

YOU | Francesca's Blast to the Past

QUIZ | Which Costs the Most?


Feb 23, 2019

YOU | BrideThrilla

NOTE: Scribbles features "YOU" and "ME" will now be combined and go under the new title "US"

YOU | The Great Outdoors

NOTE: Scribbles features "YOU" and "ME" will now be combined and go under the new title "US"

ARTFUL | Berry Nice

With the school and event closings, traffic issues and how difficult it is just to walk outside, it can be very easy to look at ice storms with an extremely critical eye.  But sometimes the ice can produce some very beautiful affects.

In the Icy Berries photo above, our Niagara Falls pal Neil makes us forget the nastier side of ice storms with this magnificent image. It was the ideal piece to kick off Scribbles new 'Artful' feature.

Feb 20, 2019