Sep 25, 2009

Katie Perry's Hot for Elmo

A video clip has been leaked on You Tube where Katy Perry teams up with Sesame Street's Elmo for a kid-friendly version of her hit "Hot n' Cold". But the amusing video may never make it to Sesame Street, after complaints from parent's groups over Perry's revealing outfit, worn in the video.

Personally I see nothing wrong with it, this is after all, Katy Perry we're talking about, not Marie Osmond. What do yo think? 
View Katy Perry & Elmo Video here

 14+ ONLY:Check out this NAUGHTY PARODY of Katy & Elmo.This one's NOT for kids...LOL

May 1, 2009


Your Summer Adventures

When we last met here, it was the month of May. Summer was just around the corner and everyone was gearing up for another season of vacations and hazy-lazy days of fun.

One the hottest (if not the hottest) Summers on record is now history and along with the anticipated highs, there were some unexpected lows.

Here's some of what kept us busy this Summer...


Four Weddings and Two Funerals

Wedding bells rang for Rob's twin brother Rodney Dennis and his bride Heather, early July. The couple's son Kade was the Ring bearer, Rob was the Best Man and I was the Flower Girl (GOTCHA! I actually was the videographer for the ceremony, which was held in Welland.) It was a beautiful wedding and although it was as hot as Hell that day, no one collapsed and no one stripped naked at the reception (although the groom did come close...LOL). What a memorable event.

Our Talk Wireless friend Dave Thompson and his sweetheart Kate also tied the knot on Labour Day weekend. Fellow Talk Wireless employee Phil also said "I do" to his bride as well.

Janet & Keith Miller's daughter Robin is now Mrs. Tim Whyte. The picture perfect couple wed in August.

Engaged to be wed is my New Jersey "Soul Sister" Joanne Bonadies. She will soon marry her hunka hunka burnin' love Kent Kildow. Throughout our long distance friendship, our lives have often taken many parallel paths and it was not lost on us that we are now both engaged to men who treat us like Princesses and whom we love to pieces. Congrats SS!

Sadly, we also had two scribbles friends who said goodbye to loved ones this Summer. Our Link Wireless pal Trudy O'Neill lost her life partner Garrie in August, while Troll Book Clubs alumni Sharon West said goodbye to her beloved husband Rob. Our condolences to you both.

Award Winners

My sister Jane Storie graduated this Spring from Brock University with an MA in Comparative 
Literature and Arts. Meanwhile on the same day, my mother Joan Storie received a certificate in recognition of her volunteer work. Both ladies are very worthy of their awards and we were all aflutter on that double-event day.

His Job Really Bites

Used to be, I saw my old pal Doug MacNeil fairly regularly, but somehow our busy lives got in the way and we had not seen each other for many months. We made up for that a few weeks ago when I visited with Dougie at his trailer at N.E.T. Campground in Vineland.

With so many months since our last get together, we had no shortage of things to catch up on. Such as this one...Doug (a mail carrier for Canada Post) was bit on the leg by a large unrestrained dog. He showed me his "war wounds" and it looked pretty nasty. Scary stuff Doug! Rain nor hail nor wind nor snow may prevent our mail carriers from delivering, but no one said anything about big old nasty dogs!  Hope you feel better soon buddy!

Wanna Be a Hopkins

Our Talk Wireless "sister" Pam had cause for celebration this Summer. Her divorce has finalized and she is now Pam Hopkins once again. Ms. Hopkins found many ways to celebrate her new status, including attending a Bon Jovi concert (with great seats, no less) and countless trips to her trailer up north with new main squeeze Craig Saltsberry. "Way to go Samantha, Uncle Arthur loves to see that smile on your face again".

Nifty at Fifty

As you may know, my 50th birthday is quickly approaching, a milestone I could just as easily do without and I'm already planning my all-black wardrobe to wear that day.

Fortunately, not everyone looks upon turning 50 with as much enthusiam as going to the dentist for a root canal. Our active Talk Wireless pal Diane Murray celebrated her 50th in August, with a brave smile and ultra-positive attitude. Talk Wireless "Inventory Queen" Connie Bering and her creative daughter Jenn spent several hours the night before Di's big day, wrapping every item on her desk. It looked like something you'd see under a Christmas tree and Diane was certainly surprised -to say the very least. After a round or two of singing "Happy Birthday" and some awesome pix taken by Pammie, Jenn helped Diane unwrap the numerous packages, returning her desk to normal.

Since I'm next on the chopping block, I'm a bit leary of what to expect at my work station that day. If you do plan on wrapping something for me girls, make sure he's cute and muscular. I'll gladly unwrap it all by myself -perhaps I'll even use my teeth. Oh what a naughty "Princess" I am.


Also celebrating the big 5-0 this Summer was my cousin Bob Farquharson of Ottawa ON. Family and friends gathered in droves at Bob's sister Jeanne Prince and her husband Peter's rural home in Renfrew, to celebrate with the ever-crazy birthday boy. Judging from all the photos Jeanne's daughter Megan Fox posted on her facebook site, it was once again "Party Central" at the Prince household. When it comes to celebrations, you go big or go home in the Ottawa Valley.

REMEMBER: You can click on these pix to view larger versions, then hit your browser's BACK button to return to the article you were reading.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Laura DeGraaf of Talk Wireless wanted a unique way to show her workmates her new apartment, so she came up with a plan. Host a "Ladies Night" party at her place and invite all the girls from work. This naturally included "honourary girl" yours truly. There were cocktails and munchies (each person bringing something yummy to contribute to the buffet) and we enjoyed some shop talk and other amusing tales. It was such a hit, we are planning on doing it regularly at different people's homes. What a great night Laura, thanks for your hospitality.

In keeping with the estrogen-only theme, my BFF Becky Lee and her sister Sue Edwards invited their gal pals to join them at their family cottage in Pappineau Lake, located near Bancroft ON. Because I'm so in touch with my feminine side, I was invited to this one too. In fact the only thing remotely representing the male population was Becky's French bulldog Preston and my delicate puppy pal Timmi...LMAO! In proving anything he can do, she can do better, the girls cooked outdoors, built bonfires and drove a boat with the greatest of ease. I was totally in my element and oh what a great time I had with "Grace", "Mary", Shanny, Jody and their friends.

One of the more amusing moments of the Civic Day long weekend was when "someone" went tubing behind the boat Becky was driving and lost her bathsuit bottom. One hand on the tube, the other keeping her bathing suit from drifted off to sea, Oh ya...GOOD TIMES indeed.

Even with all that rugged outdoorsy stuff to enjoy, thanks to their satelite dish, we did manage to group inside the cottage Sunday evening to catch the hotties [right] on the latest episode of Big Brother (which got me hooked on the show for the rest of the season.)

Thank you for inviting "Jack" into the girls club, he will always remember that weekend with great fondness.

Outdoor Living

So many of our readers have found their own pieces of Heaven in the form of their cottages or trailers on remote campgrounds. As noted above, Pam Hopkins, Doug MacNeil, Becky Lee and their families have all enjoyed many long Summer days around a campfire, enjoying a little rest and relaxation. Laura Degraff and her BF Ryan enjoyed the great outdoors on their Summer vacation as well.

Taking flight and leaving the comforts of home, Tom Balint travelled to Machu Picchu with his companion earlier this Summer. His facebook pix tell of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Glad you had a good time Tom.

Rob & I enjoyed a weekend at his dad Ron Dennis & girlfriend Rae Rae's trailer in Ridgeway this July. Ron & Rae Rae spend the entire season at Windmill Point, located not far from Fort Erie. This Winter the couple will do like the birds and flock off to Florida until next Spring. Have a great time there and think of us back in Ontario shovelling that white shit and freezing our asses off.

When they weren't celebrating family birthdays, my sister Kim Papple, her husband Don and their kids Erin & Patrick got away as often as they could to their cottage in Turkey Point. This year the Papple clan went to new heights, zip lining through a wooded area around Turkey Point. Looks like fun guys, but Uncle Ken prefers his feet firmly planted on the ground.
Not to be outdone, Jeanne & Peter Prince have not only got a cottage to retreat to, they've also got an island to call their own. Only minutes from their Renfrew home,  the happy couple, family and friends spent lots of time on "Prince Island" accessible by boat only. Now that's what I call paradise!

"Apple" Season

The hype finally got to me last month. I ditched my home phone and bought an iphone. I'm not alone, our pals Pam Hopkins, Diane Murray and Jay Wanamaker have also recently jumped on the Apple bandwagon.

And oh what fun I've had with my iphone already. I love being able to download TV shows & videos, listen to music and search the net on the user-friendly device. But my favourite feature has to be the animated Talking Tom Cat app that I downloaded. Whatever you say, the cute little cartoon cat repeats, in a high-pitched voice. You can pet him, poke him and give him some milk to drink. Totally worth the 99 cent installation price. Best of all there's no litter box to clean, making him an ideal pet indeed. MEOW MEOW!

New Doors Open for Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

It has been a Helluva Summer for my longtime friend Marsha Scott. Sadly her cat Michael passed away a few months ago (see "Pets" page for more) and the job she held for many years ended when the company downsized.

Thankfully, good news came in recent weeks and now Marsha has a brand new job. Also around the bend, Marsha's annual jaunt to Ireland takes flight the end of September. This year's travelling companion is Shelly Stewart, who has never been to Ireland before. As is also tradition, Marsha will be away for my birthday and I will once again cat-sit her two furry friends Lucy & Emily. Marsha vows we will celebrate my 50th when she returns in October, but I'm not so sure I'm up for another reminder of that sad fact. Have a great time Marsha and Shelly, you both deserve a break.

Baby on Board -the Sequel

In a case of dejavue, Ginger Blythin is once again on maternity leave from her job at Talk Wireless. You may recall this was the case about 2 years ago, when Gingee and her husband Neil welcomed the arrival of baby William. Their next bundle of joy could arrive any day now and we couldn't be happier for the growing Blythin family.

Looking forward to sharing baby pix with our scribbles pals Ginger, all the best to you both!

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Jan 6, 2009

 "I Can't Wait" Contest Winner

We offered you a chance to win a copy of "The Wizard of Oz" 70th Anniversary 2 DVD Set. All you had to do was tell us you couldn't wait for scribbles to return, making it one of our easiest contests yet.

MANY readers entered, meaning two things: 1- You really want to win this Special Collector's Edition of "The Wizard of Oz" and 2-You really couldn't wait to see scribbles return.

The winner of this contest is: 
Ginger Blythin
Niagara Falls, ON

As for the rest of our entries, you may not have won our prize, but at least you don't have to wait to enjoy scribbles anymore.

We've got another exciting contest in a few weeks, so stay tuned.

Have you ever wondered how we pick our 'random draw' contest winners? Ever wonder if Ken is just picking names of people whom he wants to win? Well here's the scoop. First off, since I know all of you, we can safely rule out that there is any favourtism going on. I'm happy no matter who wins. Secondly, I am not the person who usually selects our winners. Each person's name is written on a small piece of paper, those papers are then folded up and placed in a bowl. Next I get someone else to reach in and select one slip of paper. That person is the winner of the contest. In the case of our "I Can't Wait Contest", when Rob got home from work, I asked him to select one name. It was Ginger's. So I guess in this case, Gingee can thank Rob for picking her as our winner. And, as Paul Harvey would say, "Now you know the rest of the story" LOL

PS..Be sure to click on Dorothy and Toto to see a HUGE version of this awesome pix (I included it especially for you Heaven Leigh)

Jan 5, 2009


Beep Beep..
Car #3 for Rob

It's getting increasingly harder to keep track of just what vehicle Rob Dennis drives these days. When car #2 required more costly repairs, the best option was to get another automobile.

He went out in search of a new car and came back with a boat. A '99 Cadillac Seville, which despite its size, is not the pig on gas one would think it to be. Why such a big car? Rob claims he feels squished up in smaller vehicles, no fear of that now. My feet barely touched the gas and brake pedals, when I took it for a spin shortly after my proud man had first picked it up at a local used car dealership.

With ample room for passengers, Rob often takes his sister Patty and his mom Merry Proulx on excursions throughout Niagara.

Here's hoping this one lasts for a while.

Jan 4, 2009

Bigger IS Better

No need to squint or grab your magnifying glass in order to best view the photos featured on scribbles NEW site.

Thanks to Blogger -our new web host- you can simply click on each photo to see a larger version of it.

Click your browser's BACK button to return to the page and article you were enjoying.

Just one of the many great things your NEW scribbles can do for you.

Jan 3, 2009

The Wait is Over!

Hi Gang:

No, it's not an illusion, you really are looking at scribbles once again. It's been several months since we last grouped here, meaning there's no shortage of news and photos to share with you.

In addition to getting caught up, we're also happy to introduce to you our new look, thanks in part to a new web host This was not my first choice for new web host. I selected yet another host when I wisely decided to abandon Piczo this Spring, but then discovered Blogger, which seems like the perfect fit for scribbles.

The last time I was this excited about scribbles was when we celebrated our 15th Anniversary (believe it or not, that was 16 years ago now.) Back then, we came to our readers in the format of an actual hard copy magazine. This predated computers, so when I cut and paste, it was the real deal. Text was written using a "typewriter" (Google it youngsters) and then I'd cut & paste the text and actual photos onto 11 x 17 sheets of paper. Next would be a trip to the local printers to photocopy it all, then home to collate and staple. Our 15th Anniversary edition included many pages with colour content, again done by hand, all 60 copies were coloured using highlighters and markers. There were even little glittery gem stickers on various pages and each copy just had to look exactly like the next. It was (up until now) the most labour-intensive edition of scribbles and still remains the one I'm most proud of.

Not to take away from what you are looking at now. It may be a lot easier, thanks to computers and internet, but starting with a blank template and bringing it to the site you now see, was no easy task. But as always, I consider it a labour of love, worthy of all the late nights and sleep deprivation.

One thing I did discover over our hiatus, is just how many of you not only read scribbles, but remember so many features we've included over the years. That really makes me proud. Proud to create something that brings joy to so many great friends.

The break is over, it's time to enjoy scribbles once again.

Ken Leavoy

Jan 2, 2009

Previewing our
New Site

There's no shortage of new and archived materials to enjoy on scribbles new website. Here's a few changes to watch for.

OUR ARCHIVES page features popular stories and pix plus entire past pages from our previous site. Now you can revisit your favourite pages, all from one location.

CLASSIC SCRIBBLES page lets you relive the best of scribbles contests, covers, comics and original drawings. You'll also find our Classic Readers Recipes here.

SCRIBBLES READERS SPOTLIGHT is our new version of Fantastic Friends and will continue to be the page where we salute our readers. Archived Fantastic Friends from our old site are also featured here.

PETS is our new version of Precious Pets and picks up where the old page left off, including an archive of Precious Pets featured on the old site.

FAVE PHOTOS salutes just that are simply amazing. Archived pix from over the years are also included.

FUNNY STUFF is a new page of photoshopped pix, jokes and funny photos. Some classic favourites will also pop up from time-to-time.

YOUR BUSINESS is the perfect page to locate businesses and services where our readers work. Be sure to send us your business info, so we can include you on this page as well.

A new page to our line-up is STAR STRUCK  We'll feature salutes to our favourite TV shows, music & movie stars on this cool new page.

I'm thrilled to be debuting a whole new page: LIFE TIMES will feature amusing recollections of events in my life and also welcomes your tales as well.

With all these changes, we anticipate you'll have a lot to say so we've also added a page devoted to your comments and feedback called EMAILS FROM OUR READERS.

Grab a beverage and find a comfie spot to sit -there's more to enjoy in scribbles than ever before.