Sep 1, 2019

PASSAGES | Valerie Harper

VALERIE HARPER | AUG. 22, 1939 - AUG. 30, 2019
I admired Valerie Harper from the very first time I saw her on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She usually made me laugh more than Mary and it's little wonder she won 3 Emmy Awards for her role as Mary Richard's endearing and amusing neighbour.
Her sitcom Rhoda remains one of my all-time favourites and I eagerly bought each season when it became available on DVD, a collection that I'll treasure even more now. 
Valerie was brave and courageous. She lived with cancer since 2009... and I mean she really lived each and every moment, she was an inspiration to many.
Although I obviously never met her, somehow it feels like I’ve lost a good friend. It's strange how she was able to make us feel that way.

VIDEO | 'Rhoda's Wedding'
The episode “Rhoda’s wedding” was one of the most watched TV shows of all time and it still makes us laugh to this very day.

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