Jul 28, 2013


Make a Wish

While joining his family for his mom's recent birthday, Graham Clark took time from the party festivities to make a wish at Grandma Storie's wishing well.

Not sure if his wish came true or not, but if the well proves worthy, I'll be cramming it with coins asap.

Photos of Jane Storie's birthday are other new stuff will be arriving soon on Scribbles.

Jul 24, 2013


More Rich Pic

We told you there were more, here's two more amazing photos taken by Rich Hunt of Fort Erie. Seriously, how does he manage to always capture the moment so perfectly?


Jul 23, 2013


Star Babies

Although they only arrived into the world on June 14, Kayla and Maia Dennis have already landed their first job!  The adorable twins will be featured in the new ABC TV series Lucky 7 which debuts on Sept. 24.

I caught up with Kayla and Maia's proud mother Heather, to meet the girls for the first time and get the inside scoop about their TV gig.  Heather saw an ad where twins were required to play on the upcoming TV series and was thrilled to discover the position had not yet been filled and that her precious newborns got the part.

Although they're twins, Kayla and Maia will share the role as the baby on Lucky 7. Strict rules are in place limiting the amount of time infants are allowed to be on camera. Twins are often used to work within these standards, switching babies when one has done their maximum allotted time or if one is fusing or crying when they should be acting.

Lucky 7 is produced by Steven Spielberg and Heather and happy hubby Rodney saw him on set during the twins first shoot. The series revolves around the lives of 7 friends who jointly purchase a lottery ticket, which ends up being the big winner. What follows is the story of how their new found fortune changes the lucky friends lives.

The Dennis family Jun 14 -photo by Brandy Cosby
Filming is in Toronto and the young stars get their own trailer, while mom and dad (and whoever joins them to assist with the twins) get a fully catered meal.  Heather has asked me if I would like to act as 'stage mom' for a shoot and I think it would be a blast and have been added to the list of wannabees.

Just think someday Kayla and Maia could be the next Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and we can say we knew them when they were just babies, literally cutting their teeth in the business.....LOL.

It was a delight to visit with you Heather, say hi to Rodney before his pre-work nap, meet the twins and see how their older siblings Kade and Alina continue to grow.

The dynamics of our relationship may have changed within the past few months and I guess that means I'm no longer your kid's "Auntie Kenny", but it is nice to know that the title of friend will remain forever.

Jul 22, 2013


Record high temperatures and lots of humidity make keeping hydrated a must for everyone.  What can you drink that tastes great, refreshes and isn't full of sugar, caffeine or other additives?

Would you believe....water?  But not just any water, a special creation that you can easily prepare at home and enjoy all Summer long.

Scribbles Video: Tasty Water

If cucumber isn't your style, omit it and substitute with assorted fruit

Jul 19, 2013

Contest Winner

Steve Wins!

Last month Scribbles asked you to respond to a series of questions all about our website and your viewing habits.

We discovered some interesting facts, such as the Events section we featured was not being used or resd by many of you and since it took a great deal of time to comprise that area, in is no longer a part of Scribbles.

We revamped our Events and Support sections to directories which feature links of interest to most of the major areas our readers reside in.

And of course, since you love seeing photos of your fellow Scribbles "family" and their pets, we have bumped up the coverage in those areas and added more videos than ever before.

Everyone who took the time to respond to our Survey was entered in a random draw for a chance at a $15 Gift Card. Our winner was Steve Sauder of Toronto, who is seen here proudly displaying his prize (as coaxed by Scribbles editor....LOL)

Jul 18, 2013

Music Video


Gail Sharratt Mallory celebrated her birthday on July 17th


  Beating the Heat

(Left to right) Brothers Ethan and Jack and their cousin Dylan prepare for a little "water balloon throw down" as Ethan & Jack's mom Janet describes it.

And if the water balloons don't do the trick, there's always the tried and true tradition of running under the sprinkler.

photos courtesy Janet McParland


photo courtesy Daryl Delledonne

A duckling stays close to its mother as it carefully examines the treats we were offering. Photo taken at St John's Conservation Area.

Jul 17, 2013


Cool It!

In this classic pix of my pal Timmi, he looks pretty pissed about being in the tub, but in actuality he seems pretty happy afterwards, when his bath was meant as relief from the scorching Summer heat.


Jul 16, 2013


Actor Cory Monteith, best known for his role on the TV show 'Glee' was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room.  CLICK HERE for more details.


The Amazing Racer

We are a bit tardy posting this photo of our friend Clint Millar. It was taken last month when Clint participated in a fundraising event and as we can see, he seems to have completed the course in high spirits.

Clint is a very special friend of mine, we worked together a while back and there were times when it was only the two of us in the store, so we had plenty of time to get to know each other better....and that was a real pleasure.  Clint and his lovely wife Heather reside in Niagara Falls with their daughter and they are avid travelers and cook a mean steak.

I was invited to join the Millar's for dinner one night a few years ago and I can say with all honesty, it was a truly touching event, one I will always look back at and smile.

Way to go with the amazing race Clint, looking good my brother from another mother.I miss you!

Jul 13, 2013


What a spectacular photo. Must have been taken in some exotic far away land using a deluxe camera.  Wrong!  It was actually taken in Niagara by our friend Sandra Burger-Vedder.

Sandra was finishing a round of golf at Penlakes Golf Course when she looked to the sky, grabbed her smartphone and snapped this breathtaking pix.

Now that's pretty impressive Sandra, maybe you should become a full time photographer.  Of course this might mean you would have to give up your hobby of running over plush stuffed toys with a motorized wheelchair, but like they say...Change is good.  LOL

Thank you for letting us share your photo and continuing to be a friend and fan of Scribbles.

Jul 9, 2013


Hard to believe it was 23 years ago on July 7th that my sister Kim walked down the aisle to wed her college sweetheart Don Papple.

The ceremony took place outside at a gazebo in a Niagara-on-the-Lake park. Although they had rented the gazebo and surrounding area for the wedding ceremony, the rest of the park was still open for anyone who wished to be there, so Kim and Don's guest list grew a bit when curious passersby stopped to check it out.

Afterwards it was off to Queens Landing for a dinner, speeches and a dance....these events upon invitation only, meaning the park dwellers and their frisbees were no where to be found....LOL.

Congrats Kim & Don.  I keep trying to catch up to you with my choice of mates and did make it to 13 years with one, but 23, well, I'm out of the race now.....LOL.

Wedding party 23 years ago and inset is pic of the family taken a few years ago


"Ok fellas....move it along, you're holding up the 12 o'clock parade"

 Really cowboys have no fear
Thanks to Hazel McKiddie for forwarding this one to us

Jul 7, 2013


This Little Piggy Really Was Cookin'

As a child, Piggy Cook was indeed my favourite toy. This battery operated toy was the coolest. Piggy shook his salt shaker and flipped the egg in his frying pan above his bright red stove element. I still remember being so excited to open it on Christmas Day, all those years ago.

Unfortunately, Piggy Cook didn't follow me when my family moved away from Renfrew, which is too bad, because he'd be worth a few bucks if I still had him today.

Below is a clip I found on You Tube of Piggy Cook doing his thing. no wonder I loved him so much!

Jul 6, 2013


That's a Real Nail Biter!

We keep putting photos of little Emerson Rose (Emm) in Scribbles because she's just so darn cute. In these pix Emm looks adorable chewing on her fingers and although she may be a bit too young to know what it is, Emm sure seems to be lovin' her new colourful zebra.

What a cutie pattootie!

Jul 3, 2013


Sleeping Beauties

This awesome pix of newbies Kayla and Maia Dennis who made their debut on June 14th was captured by Jessica Little Photography. This amazing shot of the adorable twin sisters is the first of many we're pretty sure.

To see more pix from Jessica Little Photography, visit her facebook page by CLICKING HERE.


Stepher Noodle Doodle looks lovely in these amazing photos by Michael Callahan.

Stepher told us "[The photo was taken] at the Leighton Art Centre in Alberta, a breathtaking place." adding "I fell in love with the place in that photograph. I have never felt so filled with energy."


Canada Day Recap
What a Canadian Cutie! Molli Quinlan of Thorold was thrilled to be enjoying Canada Day.

Morghyn Quinlan and her little sister Molli decorated their bikes with lots of Canadian coolness, for a contest they attended during Canada Day celebrations.  We think they're both winners!!

The weather wasn't ideal but Kayla Whiteley of Weymouth, NS wasn't going to let a little rain and cool temperatures stop her from taking in the town's annual Canada Day parade.

You can't fool us Graham Clark, we see you hiding behind your big bright Canadian flag.  In honour of Canada Day, Graham and his parents enjoyed flags, fireworks and fun at their nearby neighbourhood park in St Catharines.

Not only did Heather put out some Canadian flags at the MacNeil family's campsite in Vineland, she got in on the act herself, seen here displaying her red, white and beautiful Canada outfit.

Aeitch Ruberg of St Catharines is looking patriotic in his Canada cap.

 Although she was busy at the family cottage in Turkey Point this weekend, we just couldn't resist reprinting this cool photo of Kim Papple when she decorated for Canada Day two years ago.

Jul 2, 2013



Stapler Settles In

When our Niagara artist and Scribbles fan Amy Ballett wanted to grab her palette and do some painting, she had a furry distraction to speak to first.

Her cat Stapler (yes, we said "Stapler" and we are certain there must be a story behind that name)  had decided Amy's work area was an ideal place to enjoy a Canada Day Weekend cat nap.


Friendship Festival

Shane C Neal and Bobby Rock were in their element this weekend as they enjoyed the rocking and rolling sounds at the Friendship Festival in Fort Erie/Buffalo.


Think Pink

Andrew MacNeil hams it up with the "fake pink Care Bear" he won for his sweetheart Melisa Sider while the couple enjoyed the carnival set up at Port Dalhousie this weekend.


On the Road Again

Megan Fox and her main man Andy Tinneberg hit the road as they were "North Bay Bound". Later Princess Megan and Andy enjoyed some refreshments.