Mar 21, 2019

PASSAGES | Cotton Was a Cool Cat

The years I spent with Rob are crammed with a lot of memories, many of which involved members of his family. Rob's mom Merry had two pets when I first met her in 2007.  Precious was her dog and Flipper was her cat. Both of them passed away the following couple of years and Merry soon adopted a unique cat named Cotton.

Most cats take off in a flash when you turn on a vacuum cleaner. Not Cotton. He liked it and would let Merry vacuum his long white fur when he was shedding (see the video below if you don't believe us.)

When I lived in Welland,  Merry, Rob and Cotton became my neighbours. Although Merry and Rob liked my dog Timmi, the same could not be said for Cotton. If Timmi went to their place for a visit, Cotton would hide and once Timmi went home, Cotton would pee on the floor. As a result, Timmi wasn't welcome at their place anymore. 

Cotton liked to get cozy on big sofa chairs and watched TV with Merry. He greeted Rob each morning and always liked when Patty, Deryk and Joanna came to visit. 

Our heartfelt condolences go to Merry and her family on the sudden loss of Cotton. He was a very special pussycat and we will never forget him.