Feb 28, 2015

| IN MEMORIAM | Leonard Nimoy

As I wrote on facebook the day he passed away, It's weird, I know it was only a TV character, but somehow it felt like Mr.Spock and Leonard Nimoy were one and the same and therefore he would live on forever.

Star Trek may have made Nimoy a household name, but there was much more to him than the iconic Vulcan who suggested we "Live long and prosper."

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Feb 22, 2015

| YOU | Life's a Beach

Cathy is my cousin who lives in the Ottawa Valley with her husband Ernie.

Feb 20, 2015

| ENTERTAINMENT | Country Music Returns to Niagara

Dust off your boots and cowboy hats, y'all!

Country music fans in Niagara now have a new radio station to enjoy, as COUNTRY 89 hit the airwaves Fri. Feb. 20 at 8 am. COUNTRY 89 is sister station to GIANT FM 91.7 whose current format is classic rock.

91.7 was once Spirit FM, a Country music station. That's where DJ Stephanie Mizzi made her Niagara broadcast debut. When the station changed format in 2005, Mizzi stayed on board, adapting to the classic rock format, something she said on air was pretty easy since it was the music she had grown up with.

Stephanie will have a chance to reconnect with her Country roots, as she now does the midday show on COUNTRY 89. [And yes GIANT FM fans, that means Steph's former sidekick Brian Solomon is going solo on GIANT's morning show right now.]

COUNTRY 89 is actually the third Country music station for the rural Welland broadcasting centre. Back in the days when AM radio was hot, CHOW [pronounced C-How] was a very popular Country station, whose playlist included many classic Country artists. With it's tagline "Today's Best Country!", it is unlikely classic Country music will be included in COUNTRY 89's mix...or will it?? 

COUNTRY 89's call letters are CKYY and the station can be found in Niagara at 89.1 FM or visit their website to stream live.

BEST OF LUCK to everyone at COUNTRY 89!


Feb 18, 2015

| YOU | Never Judge a Book by it's Cover

It was a great surprise to receive a facebook friend request from my pal Darin Sherk recently, because it brought back so many fond memories of when we hung out and worked at Club Rendevouz.

We had actually met many years earlier when we attended the same high school together and I had fears he would beat me up. You can imagine my surprise when years later I discovered Darin Gayman was one of the owners of Niagara's new GLBT bar, Club Rendevouz.

Turns out that maybe the good-looking bad boy wasn't so "bad" after all,,,over the years we shared many laughs and experiences.

One particular incident always comes to mind when I think of Darin. It was the time he and I were teamed up to perform a number for the Mr. Gay Farewell Show.  We were going to open the show as Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, we had their bizarre clothes and all.

When we asked what we were to be doing up there our dear friend Mr Gay Dwayne told us "Just have fun with it...lip sync and dance around to the Flintstones theme song that will be playing in the background",

It was a huge disaster..Darin had never performed on stage before,  .. and that usually brief familiar TV show jingle seemed to go on forever as I danced around a motionless Darin, right down to the "we'll have a gay old time", before we both bolted off stage to the change room to try and grasp what had just happened and make it go away with a few good stiff drinks.  Ahhhh. Good times.  LOL!

Darin tells Scribbles he's "Happily married and living in  Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory with Gerald and I were very blessed to have adopted a baby boy. He will be 1 year old this month on the 24th. His name is Xander James Richard Sherk."

What blessings indeed and it couldn't be happening to nicer people.

But despite his new roles, Darin will always be my unpredictable Bedrock pal Fred Flintstone and I'll always be his nervous little neighbour Barney Rubble.

"Yabba Dabba Doo!!"

| PETS | "I have no idea what you are talking about"

Boots mom Hazel and her late husband Maynard were friends with my mom and dad. Hazel has three sons and I remember when I was a kid, our families would get together at their place for the best BBQ's around. Today Hazel lives with her kitty Mr Boots, not far from where I now live. When Hazel has a computer problem, I'm her teckie.

Feb 17, 2015

| IN MEMORIAM | Lesley Gore

Singer Lesley Gore passed away on Feb. 16.

Gore, shot to international success at age 16 with her 1965 smash hit "It's My Party" [seen and heard in the video below] and followed up that memorable tune with chart-toppers, "Judy's Turn to Cry" and "You Don't Own Me"- which became an unofficial anthem for women finding the strength to move beyond a defunct relationship.

Lesley Gore -a non-smoker, died after a battle with lung cancer. She was 68.

More about Lesley Gore's career CLICK HERE


Feb 15, 2015

| YOU | An Interesting Story

Steven Eckert is "in the zone" as he reads a story to his adorable nephew. Steven and his wife Julia have two children, so our friend has had plenty of experience perfecting the art of enchanting story telling.

Steven is Virginia (Ginny) Eckert's little brother. I met Ginny when we both worked at William J's and we later became roommates, meaning we got to know each others family's better and Steven was thankfully one of them.

Feb 14, 2015

| YOU | Happy 107th Birthday Nellie

Our friend Shirley Townsend Holak posted a greeting on her facebook page of her "Aunt Nellie" who recently celebrated her 107th birthday.  Shirley said that although Nellie isn't technically her aunt, she's always treated her as such.

Shirley recalled when Nellie was once asked about her longevity. Shirley said "She told everyone there that she use to drink a glass of apple cider vinegar every day for over 50 years to stay healthy and she said that every night in her prayers she asked God to take care of her. ...and she said I guess he's doing a good job of that."

He most certainly has "Aunt Nellie", what a pleasure to share your birthday with our readers.  

Shirley is related to Rob's family somehow...LOL! That's where I met her, and I am so glad I did!

Feb 13, 2015

| VALENTINE'S 2015 |

Valentine's Day Reminds Me

Valentine's Day reminds me
of the smile I smile
every time I think of you,
the emotional lift I feel
at the sound of your name.
Valentine's Day reminds me
of the strength and comfort I get
from knowing
there are people like you in my life.
Everything good about Valentine's Day
reminds me of you.
Happy Valentine's Day!
by Joanna Fuchs

 Timeless Valentine

As time goes by from year to year,
One thing is surely true, my dear;
Though decades come and decades go,
Just seeing you sets me aglow.

Time shifts my body; I start to sag,
When I pass a mirror, it can make me gag.
My joints all ache; I can hardly move;
Still a smile from you, and I’m in the groove.

Getting older can be a pain,
But with you along, I can’t complain.
Despite the things that we go through,
I know I’ll never stop loving you.

Your loving heart turns life to play,
As we laugh at time from day to day.
So I write this poem, and I’ll hang my sign,
Saying, "Always Be My Valentine."

by Karl and Joanna Fuchs

Feb 12, 2015

| VALENTINE'S SPECIAL | 'Grease' Love Songs

To help get you in the mood for Valentine's here's a couple of videos from the movie Grease. 

| YOU | What? He's 16?

We aren't having a Sweet Sixteen pool party like we did for my nephew Patrick's older sister Erin, but we hope he has a great time nonetheless.  Patrick turns 16 on Feb. 12th.

Guess driving might be next on your young bucket list, eh Patrick? 

Happy Birthday Bud!

Love Uncle Ken, Timmi  & JJ

Hello? Weren't you paying attention. Patrick is my sister Kim's son, making him my oldest nephew.

| YOU | A Special Memory

While sorting through some of Scribbles many photo files, we came across these photos of Amy Ballett and her mother Fran, who as you will recall, passed on a few weeks ago. I mentioned to Amy that if she'd be ok with it, I would like to include the two photos in Scribbles. Amy was all for it.

I love these two shots Amy and you can just feel the happiness, love and special bond the two of you so obviously shared. I'm sure this moment is one of countless others that are yours to cherish forever.

Thanks for sharing this one with us.


Amy Ballett and I went to the same school, had mutual friends and most importantly we're both artists (we just express it differently)

| KIDS |

Emerson Rose's mom Mandy is my cousin.

| PETS |

Virginia Eckert posted this pix of her pets feline Frank and canine Quanto as the admire the great outdoors together. Adorable photo Ginny...we just couldn't help prettying it up with a frame and title, based upon what you called the pic.

Ginny Eckert worked at William J's Dining Lounge in the kitchen and I worked there as a waiter/bartender. William J's ("the people bar") is where the seeds of our friendship would begin to grow. Soon Ginny and I would become roommates and we were very close. These days Ginny, her wife Mickie, kids Rebakah, Nathaniel & Dale and the critters, reside in frosty, friendly Winnipeg MB.

Feb 10, 2015

| YOU |

My family gathering at my place to celebrate my mom's birthday was a big hit. The Hot Potato game was a lot of fun. All that party prepping, the party itself and the clean-up afterwards has caught up with me and after the Grammy's are over, it's off to bed.

Watch for photos and story about my mom's birthday party featuring the Hot Potato game coming soon to Scribbles.

Well, she is my mom, so I guess you could say that without Joan Storie there would be no Scribbles, because there would be no me. 

Feb 8, 2015

| YOU | Winter Wonderland!

Little Sam Young is all bundled up as he enjoys our Canadian winter with his parents Sean and Jenn. We love the snow angel and public display of affection by the family's dog (with a cutie like Sam, who can blame the dog for wanting to give kisses??)

I worked with Jenn's mom Connie at Talk Wireless. Jenn would sometimes drop by and got her Blackberry's through us. We hit it off right away. With Jenn's bubbly personality, who wouldn't?

Feb 7, 2015

| KIDS | Look Who's Arrived!

We'll let her mommy Mandy tell you -as posted on facebook, "Well! What an exciting surprise for Alex and I! Miss Madelyn Catherine Stephenson arrived this morning [Fri. Feb. 6] at 11:48am, weighing in at 3lb 9 1/2oz. Our gorgeous girl is doing great!"

WOW! Congrats Mandy & Alex and big sister Em....well, now that's a first....referring to little Emerson as a big sister.

Mommy Mandy is my cousin -one of the many cousins I have in the Ottawa Valley. 

| PETS |

Jocelyn is the daughter of my friends Kelly and Brian Duguay. I met them when we all worked at HoJo's. To read more about Kelly & Brian's 26th Anniversary & our adventures at HoJo's CLICK HERE

Feb 6, 2015

| YOUR SAY | This Aging Thing Sucks


"Don't you just hate it when people recognize you and stop to talk, and you are clueless as to who they are....

I had some guy stop me to talk just before Christmas...asking how I was, asking about my brother and sister...and then I told him I had to get back to work...gave this stranger a hug..told him have a good holiday, stay out of trouble...then he goes "Oh you know me, I'll never change, always havin' fun and in trouble".... 

I was like walking away thinking "Who the hell were you bud??"

This aging thing sucks...is it my memory or is everybody else just really changing as they grow old...this guy was like bald, beer belly, needed a hair cut a year ago..looked like he was at least 15 years older than me.....or maybe I just don't see or feel like I am getting old.....lmfao

[Love it, thanks for letting me share it]

Feb 5, 2015

| EDITORIAL | Defining the Indefinable

When people are asked to describe what Scribbles is all about, it can be pretty hard to define.

For the most part, Scribbles is a place where the stories of our friends (or Scribbles “family” as I like to think of you as) are given the same type of spotlight other websites reserve for celebrities and reality stars. Friends, their kids and their pets...all are main events on Scribbles and have been since day one. But really there’s more to us than that.

We often feature original Scribbles Videos, adding an element we could never offer back in our actual hardcopy magazine days. We have a You Tube page which features over 100 original Scribbles Videos and Clips.

Our Right Sidebar is a wealth of info...Our One-of-a-Kind Scribbles Friend of the Day, Events listings, Your Businesses, Scribbles Archives and a Memorial section are just some of the things you will find in this sidebar, which stays with you no matter what Scribbles page or post you are enjoying.

Sept. 1, 2015 will officially mark Scribbles 36th Anniversary. It’s funny that many of our friends weren’t even born when we scribbled up our first little hand drawn book and called it SUNNY Digest.

It can sometimes be a bit mind-blowing, to know that those little books and all forms of Scribbles that have followed it over the years, are all sitting here in my home. It’s quite a collection.

Why this hobby has continued all these years is simple. Despite me thinking of abandoning Scribbles a time or two in the past, the truth is, for my own mental wellness, I need to keep creating Scribbles, far more than even our most devote friends need to follow us.

I say Scribbles is “All About You” which is actually all about my perception of you and the wonderful things you do. I love sharing your adventures with other awesome people. That’s one thing about Scribbles that really makes it unique.
For the most part, I know all the people that are featured or reading Scribbles. We’ve worked together, or went to school together, or dated, or met thru another friend....one way or another, there is some link between us, which is why I have added Our Scribbles Connection to our posts, so you can see how we are linked.

When I look at Scribbles administrator info and see that we average about 100 visits to our site every day, it makes me feel happy and proud. 100 visitors may not be much to some, but in our case, there’s a very good possibility that I know almost all the people who popped by and checked out Scribbles today. And I’ll probably know most of tomorrow’s 100 or so wonderful people who will come by as well.

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube..,..they have millions of hits a day and despite how much personal info they seem to keep getting their hands on, they could never say they really know each and every person who clicked on their site on any given day.

Scribbles knows our readers by name. We have for 36 years and we like it just that way.

| KIDS | "Nothing is Normal"

Creativity runs in the family at the Whiteley's home in Nova Scotia.  While mom Angela creates masterpieces painting people, her daughter Kayla thinks outside the box, with her awesome green snowman.

Said Angie, "She SO takes after her mom.... Nothing is normal in this house & I wouldn't have it any other way."

We wouldn't want to see things any other way either Ang, so please, you and the offspring....keep those cool, creative projects coming.  

Kayla is our NS pals Angela & Glyn Whiteley's daughter. We met Angela way back in her Toronto days through mutual friends Terry & Terry...Oh those Terry's! We've sure met a lot of great friends through them. :)

| IN MEMORIAM | Fran Ballett

Our deepest sympathy goes to our friend Amy Ballett (left) and her family on the recent passing of Amy's mother Frances (Fran).


The family of Frances Sheila Ballett (nee Sigal), is profoundly saddened by the sudden loss of their dear wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, great-aunt, and friend in her 76th year.

Survived by her devoted husband and best friend of 55 1/2 years, Bruce, her children, Glen & Kathy, Amy & Paula, her grandchildren, Kyle & Kay, Rachel, and Michael.

Fran will be greatly missed by George & Jake, her fur babies. The most loving, kind, and sweetest person anyone could ever know. She touched all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Donations may be made to the Lincoln County Humane Society. Funeral was held Thursday, Feb. 5th at Morse and Son Funeral Home 5917 Main Street, Niagara Falls. Shiva was observed Friday, Feb. 6th.


 The beautiful poem spoken at Fran's funeral.

"Parable of Immortality"

I am standing upon the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze
and starts for the blue ocean.
She is an object of beauty and strength,
and I stand and watch until at last she hangs
like a speck of white cloud
just where the sea and sky come down to mingle with each other.
Then someone at my side says,
" There she goes! "
Gone where?
Gone from my sight . . . that is all.
She is just as large in mast and hull and spar
as she was when she left my side
and just as able to bear her load of living freight
to the place of destination.
Her diminished size is in me, not in her.
And just at the moment
when someone at my side says,
" There she goes! "
there are other eyes watching her coming . . .
and other voices ready to take up the glad shout . . .
" Here she comes! "

Author: Henry Van Dyke