Nov 30, 2022


A few weeks ago I went to a concert with my friend Shelley. We saw The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac at the Performing Arts Centre.

The band not only perform the songs of Fleetwood Mac, they also take on the persona of each band member. The performer playing Christine McVie sang and chatted with the audience. It was almost like you were seeing the actual Fleetwood Mac. 

It is shocking to learn that Christine McVie passed away today. It feels like I just saw her not that long ago, when in fact it was her tribute artist I actually saw.

My condolences to the remaining members of Fleetwood Mac, as well as McVie's family, friends and countless fans worldwide.

And an extra note of condolence to the Ultimate Fleetwood Mac, in particular their "Christine McVie" whom I'm sure are as saddened as we are by this loss. 

Rest in Peace Christine McVie.

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