Nov 16, 2022

One Person's Trash, Is Another Person's Treasure...

he other day I noticed my neighbour was throwing out a shelf unit. I could see it very well from my window. I immediately thought of a place it would work well in my home. I had a very small shelf unit in my office area, that bigger unit in front of my neighbour's home would be ideal in place of what I had already.
Since it was late night, I told myself If that shelf is still there tomorrow, I would take it. The next day I looked out and sure enough the shelf unit was still there. I called my neighbour and asked what was wrong with it. She said it was very wobbly and she didn't have the time to try and fix it. She said I was welcome to take it. So I did.

The unit was indeed wobbly and would have to be fixed before putting anything on it. I measured it and took a pix of it. Then I headed over to Home Depot.

I had no idea exactly what I was looking for so after wandering up and down a few aisles I asked a staff member for help. I showed her the pix of the shelf. She said a piece of thin particle board would work. She said all I needed was finishing nails to hold the board to the back of the shelf unit.

She showed me the board which was $13. I said I would need it cut to fit. We went to the back of the store where large saws are located. The lady said she’d call for someone to come cut the board for me. I noticed there were some smaller scrap pieces of board in the area for only $2 a piece. Two of those would be all I need to cover the back of the unit. Another staff member came a few minutes later to cut the scrap wood.
My purchase came to $4 plus tax. No charge for cutting the boards!!! When I got home I used lots of finishing nails to stick the board onto the shelf unit. It was very sturdy now.
I then set things up in my office area. As I had envisioned, the shelf unit was a perfect fit and my stuff is no longer cluttered on a small shelf unit. I was so pleased and all for a mere $4. Below are a few pix of the unit before the board was added, with the board attached and looking great in my office with my supplies on it.
I truly love when this type of thing happens.