Apr 29, 2015

PETS | What an Angel!

SCRIBBLES CONNECTION: I met Christine when I worked at Talk Wireless.

Apr 26, 2015

PETS | Missing My Cotton-Picking Neighbours

Our friend Merry Christine posted some pix of her cat Cotton on facebook and they reminded me of when they were once my next door neighbours, I sure miss not having them just down the hall,

Nice photos of Cotton, Merry.  Tell the other neighbours I miss them....hard to believe it was just over a year ago when I said goodbye to Welland and everyone I like so much there.

Apr 25, 2015

YOU | Cathy's Birthday

He's back again friends, our buddy Dylan is seen here with a very special card he made for his Grandma's birthday.

Happy belated birthday Cousin Cathy. Hard to believe anyone could be calling you Grandma, let alone 5 grandchildren.  There's something in that Ottawa Valley water that keeps you looking better every year (plus the fact the pix I used of you was taken while you and Ernie were on a tropical cruise, doesn't hurt.....LOL)

I love the radio ad for the upcoming Hike for Hospice Renfrew that you are featured in.  Know that I'll be thinking of you and 'Connie's Crew' that day and look forward to sharing your photos of the event on Scribbles.

YOU | Hospice Remembers Our Friend Connie Farquharson

As featured in Hospice Renfrew's newsletter, below is a remarkable post about my beloved aunt, Connie Farquharson, who, as you may recall, passed away last July.

This look back at the life of my aunt is truly touching.

Obviously, I am rather biased. After all, she was like a second mom to me when I was a little kid (as opposed to a little adult.)

But even those of you who may not have met Connie, might find her story heartwarming.

Connie Farquharson could light up a room, even as her own light was growing dim. Remembering her ability to do that has made today a bit brighter so I guess a little bit of my aunt's "shine" will remain with us forever.

The Story of Connie Farquharson
 As comprised and written by her family 

Connie Farquharson was an active, talented and fun-loving woman whose charm and sense of humour could light up a room.

She was our mom.

At the age of 19, she married dad and together they raised five children on a farm in Admaston township. Mom was an incredible support for her family and friends. She was always willing to lend a hand, bake pies, and was there when you needed her. 

Dad passed away in 2000. In 2006, Mom moved into an apartment in Renfrew. She enjoyed playing cards, dancing, knitting, embroidery, baking, reading and traveling. 

In 2012, she was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. This devastating disease caused her lungs to become inflamed and scarred, reducing her ability to breathe. 

Over time, Mom was unable to leave her apartment and take part in the many activities she enjoyed. Due to extensive support from family, friends, Community Care Access, Medi-Gas and her family doctor, she was able to stay in her home as long as she could. 

In April 2014, Mom made the decision to go to Hospice Renfrew, which would be her home for her final three months. Under the exceptional care of Dr. Langlois, the wonderful staff and volunteers, Mom’s pain management was controlled and she was made to feel right at home. Having such a beautiful facility with a homey atmosphere - (a large kitchen and dining room where family could gather, and a living room with a toy box for the grandchildren) enhanced the experience for everyone involved. 

She had a beautiful spacious room with a picture window. She enjoyed watching the deer, squirrels, birds and other wildlife meander outside. The volunteers thoughtfully planted her flowers just outside of her window where she could watch them bloom. 

While in Hospice, Mom kept a small journal. She recorded the events of each day and this gave us some insight into the little things that meant the most to her. 

She wrote about times when she couldn’t sleep, so she had french toast with one of the nurses. She made a couple of requests for special treats and she wasn’t let down. From snacking on cinnamon buns to Chuck bringing her a fish, her heart was constantly warmed by the thoughtful gestures of the people who make Hospice such a special place. In her book, she even recorded who won the nightly hockey game. 

She wrote about how she enjoyed the luxuries of having her nails painted and her feet rubbed. She enjoyed sitting outside in the sun for 2 ½ hours. She loved having visits from volunteers, family and friends. The staff helped to arrange for Mom to play cards with her friends and go home to her apartment on four separate occasions. All of these efforts did not go without notice. Mom treasured each and every day that she had while at Hospice.
As busy as the staff at Hospice are, they always had time for our family. With five children, ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren, the staff welcomed our large family as we gathered to spend our last moments with our mom. Her sisters both travelled a great distance to be with her, and they were welcomed no matter what time of day they arrived. 

Mom passed away on July 21, 2014 surrounded by love and family. 

Our family is so grateful for the outstanding care that Mom received. Her wonderful wit and sense of humour touched the staff and volunteers. Her memory will be treasured by the small stone that her name graces on the memorial display at Hospice.

As a tribute to the fine care that Hospice Renfrew offers, our family will proudly participate in Hike for Hospice Sun. May 3. We will be the ones making up “Connie’s Crew”. 

MUSIC VIDEO | Reba McEntire - Going Out Like That

Hot Damn! Scribbles is toe-tapping over Reba's hot new single 'Going Out Like That'.  The Country legend has never looked better and not just in this video.  She appeared on the ACM Awards and The Voice in both recorded and live segments and looked just as amazing.

Apr 24, 2015

SCRIBBLES VIDEO ENCORE | Song & Photography by Rich Hunt

It may feel like I'm obsessed with "everything Rich Hunt" here at Scribbles. Under permission of Rich, a while back I gathered some of his words of wisdom as posted to facebook and packaged them with his photos in a feature called "en-RICH-ments".

Yes I love be able to bring Rich's words to you because I always find them so interesting and I can now reveal I'm not alone. Several Scribbles readers have told us how much they too were intrigued by what Rich had written.  That's great to hear and speaks to the person Rich is. 

But profound thoughts are only one of Mr. Hunt's talents. He is also a singer/songwriter and recently became a "grown up business man"

The following encore video features an original song written and sang by Rich, accompanied by a vast selection of his photos.  Edited together by Scribbles. What a perfect combination! 

Enjoy this Special Encore Video!

YOU | Lorenzo Says " I Do" to Performing Weddings

Good news for lovebirds in Niagara of all orientations. Our pal Lorenzo Cromwell is now a wedding officiant, who services may be obtained by visiting All Seasons Wedding Ceremonies

Here's the photo and text describing Lorenzo as found on All Seasons Wedding Ceremonies website.

Wedding Officiants


Lorenzo believes with over 25 years performing wedding ceremonies, he knows what it takes to make yours personal and special. Lorenzo has had the honour of officiating at indoor, outdoor, intimate and large wedding ceremonies and enjoys the challenge of every venue. He is presently following a life dream as a visual artist/photographer and brings an artistic eye for making your wedding into a masterpiece. Lorenzo lives in the small lake side city of Port Colborne, and is an active church member singing base in the choir, as well as very supportive to the GLBTQ community in Niagara. Through his many life experiences Lorenzo respects and validates people of all spiritual and secular backgrounds.

Areas served:
Chippawa, Crystal Beach, Dunnville, Fort Erie, Lincoln, Niagara Falls, Pelham, Port Colborne, St. Catharines, Smithville, Stevensville, Thorold, Wainfleet, Welland, Wellandport, Vineland.

Visit All Seasons Wedding Ceremonies website for more details.

SCRIBBLES CONNECTION: I met Lorenzo through mutual friends Mikol Zahorchak and his partner Dave Nelson. As his bio above mentions, Lorenzo lives in Port Colborne and is an avid artist & photographer. Scribbles has had the pleasure of posting Lorenzo's photos in the past and look forward to bringing you more very soon.

He shares his home with Miss Lily and Mr Pepper. They're cats, so there won't be wedding bells in their future [despite what some in the U.S. deep South may think, we don't do that here in Canada.]

Although my in-person visits with him have been few, it only took a few minutes to realize what a truly wonderful guy Lorenzo is.

YOU | Body & Soul at Comic Expo

We're pretty sure that after surviving yet another brutal winter at home in Digby, Nova Scotia, Scribbles pal Angela O'Neill-Whiteley was over the moon to to be involved with Comic Expo in Calgary, Alberta.

Angie assisted fellow body artist Amanda Tozser, whose business "Amandamazing Art & Face Painting" had a booth at Comic Expo.

I gotta admit... I'm green with envy when it comes to you girls getting to paint the Hulk guy. Angie gave him his base coat (is that like rust proofing your car?)  then Amanda air-brushed the details that made him unmistakably the Hulk. That creature could use a good orthodontist, but somehow I'm willing to overlook that...LOL!

Now Scribbles family, you just know there's a story behind Angie holding the City & BT microphone. The mic had been left there by someone on the BT [Breakfast Television] staff, but they came back for it before Ang had enough time to do any real damage...LOL!

Amanda Tozser's facebook page is 'Amandamazing Art & Face Painting

Angela O'Neill Whiteley's facebook page is 'Angie's Breathing Canvas' 

I met Angela through mutual friends Terry & Terry, when she lived in Toronto. Angie lived in BC for a while and currently lives in Digby, NS with her husband & kids.

Check out our sidebar section for our Interview with Angela.

Apr 23, 2015

KIDS | "Got Your Nose"

Little Maddie seems worried that her big sister Em might actually have her nose. Actually, these two pix were shot at different times and lumped together by Scribbles for comedic effect.

SCRIBBLES CONNECTION: Maddie and Em's mom Mandy is my cousin Cathy's daughter, so I guess that makes them my cousins too.

Apr 22, 2015

YOU | Steppin' out in Style

We knew when our pal Dale Betts opened a home hair salon, he was sure to be a success, but we had no idea he'd be living a lifestyle of the rich and famous so soon.

Actually, the stretch limo was part of Dale's 50th birthday celebration. Dale and friends left the driving to the limo guy, so they could toast Dale's big day on April 19th, before enjoying an amazing dinner and night out. 

Hard to believe you have just turned the "Big 5-0" Dale (and that in October I'll be the "Medium 5-5")  Sometimes I see photos of you and they remind me of myself...well, maybe me 5 years ago...LOL.  That got me thinking.....and the next thing you know, I  had created this personalized e-greeting card.

PETS | Pretty Patches

My mom's cat Patches is one very cute and compact kitty and certainly not shy when it comes to having her picture taken, as seen here.

I love how her front paws are crossed, one over top of the other. My Grandma Simpson used to do that (well, with her arms, she didn't have paws...and I can just hear her up in Heaven saying "Geesh" in her amusing way, over that silly paws pun.)

I'll be seeing Patches on a regular basis, now that mom and I have resurrected our weekly visits. Anyone who worked with me in the past decade probably remembers how going to my mom's for dinner was a weekly tradition.

I'd drop Timmi off on at "Nana's" on my way to work, where they and mom's then cat Sensi would spend the day together. After work I'd return to mom's in time for the last half of the Y&R, a delicious home cooked meal, a visit and computer lessons, when that was all quite new to mom. These visits were often the high point of my week and if we couldn't do it on our usual night, we'd book another night for that week...it was rare that we would skip a week.

Timmi doesn't spend the entire day with Nana like the old days, but he does make sure to get in time cuddled up on her lap and sharing treats with Patches.

I'm glad you liked the idea of resuming our weekly visits mom.  I know you are an extremely active lady and Timmi & I are happy you could squeeze us into your busy schedule.  :)

Apr 20, 2015

YOU | Summer Training Camp

This photo came to our attention a while ago and somehow still hadn't made it to press. It was the view from the deck at Sarah and Dan Toner's home a month or more ago.

Sarah dubbed the pix Summer Training Camp telling us later "Everyone has lovely pictures of their beach trips [on facebook]  lol well this is my version."

We wanted to know more, like what that cute dog's name is and why the Christmas tree was out. 

Sarah told Scribbles, "Doggie is Sophie, Christmas tree was decorated but it's been Sophies shade since it was un-decorated.....I just don't have the heart to move it on her lol"

With Sarah later going on to say that soon this area will be the Toner's Summer sweet spot. We're pretty sure the Christmas tree won't be part of it....LOL

SCRIBBLES CONNECTION: I met Sarah and Dan Toner through my crazy cousin Jeanne Prince, they've been friends for ages. I partied with the gang on my visits to the Ottawa Valley and had a not-so-secret crush on Dan....LOL

I believe they were around that infamous St. Patrick's Day evening at the Douglas Hotel, when I cheered "Go Rooster, Go Rooster" while the band sang about a down-on-his-luck farmer whose rooster "turned queer" LOL!  It was one of those moments you will always remember with a big grin. 

YOU | Ridin' in Style

Above, Pam and Craig Saltzberry pose proudly beside their new 2015 Ford Titanium in  a photo Pam posted on facebook.

Pam told her pals, "We are soooo happy!!!... Riding in comfort to work & our vacation down east in the summer."

Nice looking set of wheels Pam. I guess all those years of "accounting" your pennies has really paid off. [insert groan here in response to that corny pun...LOL]

I met Pam when I worked at Talk Wireless. Pam and I hit it off right away and when each of us needed to vent or had a problem, the other was there to lend a sympathetic ear and some words of advice.  Pam is a big Bewitched fan as was fellow employee Diane Murray and of course, myself. Because of this, we have since addressed ourselves as the show's characters. Pam is Samantha, Diane is Endora and I'm Uncle Arthur. It's our unique little "thing" and even though we haven't seen each other much since my exit from Talk Wireless, it always will be.

Apr 19, 2015


Scribbles was on hand for the Apr.17th live production of 'Greater Tuna', performed by The Dunnville Community Theatre, in the charming town of Dunnville...of course!

We'll feature a review of DCT's latest production soon (And yes, I know, "soon" is an overused term at Scribbles these days...but it will be added to our "to do" list, I promise boss.  LOL)

We snatched the pix above after the show. Left to right: Cast members Jordon Heron, Gordon Huffman and Candace Melaine Stern, are joined by the show's producer (and Scribbles Super friend) Nancy Erskine.

'Greater Tuna' wrapped up with a spectacular dinner theatre on Apr. 18th.

Watch for our review of Greater Tuna and its many residents as portrayed by 3 unique and talented actors.


SCRIBBLES CONNECTION: The connection between Nancy Erskine & I is DCT productions. Since our friend Chris Snow once appeared in shows there, Scribbles went to check it out. That's where I first met Nancy.

Chrissy's a big city girl now, residing in Toronto, but the shows have gone on and the friendship between Nancy and I has grown.

I love her! Scribbles loves her! (is it a bad sign that I just referred to myself and Scribbles as two separate entities?)

Nancy's love and devotion to DCT and developing & nurturing the good in others warms my heart to see. Our in-depth message "visits" have been both comforting and hilarious,

Nancy, my life is brighter because you are a part of it, you can't do much better than that!!

Apr 18, 2015

KIDS | March Break Madness at Uncle Ken's

KIDS | A "Smashing" Success

Ethan's mom Janet is my cousin Cathy's daughter.

Apr 16, 2015

ME | One Helluva Month!

April 13th was exactly a month since JJ became critically ill and then died.
I was going to write something corny like, "A month ago my life changed forever and it will never be the same again" But really, couldn't the same be said for many things that happen in our lives? Things change all the time and never go back to a previous time...EVER! In this way, JJ's death is no different.
What DOES make it unique is the slumbering genie that was uncorked from its bottle since saying goodbye to JJ. It has forced me to look at myself, my life and my future in a most unflattering light. Things were pleasantly rose-tinted when JJ was around to distract me and occupy my every thought. Yes, Timmi is here to fill the void in some ways, but our senior buddy isn't big on adventure anymore and possibly the quietest dog I have ever met.
I don't like this genie and it's baggage (all monogrammed with my initials, of course) With this in mind, I truly can then say "A month ago my life changed forever and it will never be the same again" Whether that's a good thing or not remains to be seen.

Where's the New Scribbles Stuff??

Because of the events of the past month, my desire to be creative with Scribbles has been minimal. Oh there's plenty of half-started posts, waiting to be completed and published, but there's just something stopping me from rolling up my sleeves and getting down to business. 
Posts will get done when they get done, I'm not going to add beating myself up because I haven't worked on Scribbles, to the list of things that are bothering me right now.

Thanks for your continued support and patience,

Apr 14, 2015

KIDS | Life's a Ball for Blue-Eyed Sam

This post, featured here in March is so colourful we couldn't resist giving it our top post spot again today  :)

We love that Jenn Young is an avid poster of pix to Instagram and Facebook. We must say, if we had adorable wee Sam, brightening up our Scribbles headquarters, we'd be posting pix constantly.

In the photo here, Sam is surrounded by balls, although we're not certain by this shot, if the bright and colourful pit was a resounding hit or made him unsure a bit.

Not to worry, we've got a theory. this is not the last ball pit Sam will get to explore and he'll be in his "Bazinga" zone in no time at all.

I worked at Talk Wireless with Sam's grandma,....oops, I mean Oma, Connie Bering. Jenn Young is
Connie's daughter and although we only got to see each other a few times,I am grateful for those moments.  I got to meet someone really wonderful, who went from dating, to engaged, to married, to pregnant to mommy within the past few years. I'm very happy for you Jenn, you've worn each new hat quite well, and deserve them all.

enRICHments | Words of Wisdom by Rich Hunt

My life was enriched by Rich Hunt when we both worked at Talk Wireless.  At one time, we were the only 2 employees working at the Niagara Falls location, which gave us time to get to know each other better.  I am so glad to have had those moments with Rich, he inspires me more than I can truly express. 

ENTERTAINMENT | Let's Do the Time Warp Again


Fox is doing the Time Warp: EW has learned the broadcaster will make a new TV version of the 40-year-old iconic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The musical midnight movie classic is getting a small-screen modern-day makeover. Only unlike NBC’s prime-time musicals and Fox’s own upcoming Grease, the Rocky Horror reboot will not be live.

The two-hour event will be directed, executive produced, and choreographed by Kenny Ortega (Xanadu, High School Musical) with original film producer Lou Adler as well as Gail Berman also on board. There’s no new writer credited, however, since Fox plans to stick to the text of the original 1973 play by Jim Sharman and Richard O’Brien.

Filming the project ahead of time should make it easier for Fox to find a cast since performing without a net in live musicals has made it tougher for broadcasters to fill roles with top talent. The project also helps keep Fox in the musical genre now that Glee has concluded.

The film’s sexual content shouldn’t be too difficult to navigate with a few trims. Though full of innuendo, it’s unlikely Rocky Horror would receive its original R rating by today’s standards.

Rocky Horror is celebrating four decades of theatrical distribution this year as the film still plays in midnight screenings around the world.

QUOTE | by Kenneth Garrett

"Sometimes I feel like my life is hard! I know it isn't! Everything always comes together in the end. I am not going to worry I am just going to do what I need to and know it will all work out"

- Kenneth Garrett

I met Ken at one of Niagara's popular LGBT bars...not sure which one, perhaps Gusto's. I met his sister this way too. We are similar because we are both named Kenneth, but different because he is very tall and I'm a tad small. Big Ken & Little Ken -that describes us.