Mar 27, 2011

photos courtesy Suzn Collman

Sorry I Missed Your Birthday Shanny
  Our pal Shannon Convery turned 35 on Sat. She celebrated with family and friends first at her place and then later at the Chilli Pepper -downtown St Catharines - where our favourite band The Figure Four rocked the house.

Unfortunately a flu bug bit me the day before and I was not able to join Shanny and the gang.

Sorry Shanny ...Hope you had fun

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A Special Message from Murphy the cat to his vacationing owner Sandra:
"See Mommy, I'm doing fine and meeting lots of nice people."

Burton Cummings Ordered Take-Out from
Restaurant I work at and I got his autograph

This one's fact! It happened a long time ago, I worked midnights as HoJo's Restaurant as Asst. Manager. One night I took a call from singer Burton Cummings, who was staying at a neighbouring hotel and in need of food.  When he arrived, we talked briefly and I asked him for his autograph, which he did. 

It wasn't every day I served spicy hot chicken wings to a celebrity.

Scars on Ice
Laura DeGraaf and her BF Ryan strike the pose during a recent visit to a skating rink. Good thing theyve got each other to lean on in case they start to fall

Spring has Sprung??

Guess no one told Mother Nature it was Spring, as we were hit with yet another snowstorm. In these pix courtesy of our pal Dave Webber we see Port Colborne wasn't spared any of the white stuff.

"Table for one with a view,
no reservations required"

The view of my balcony on a cold and snowy white Spring day.

It's Easy to be Green

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Young and old took part in the wearing of the green on St. Patrick's Day and our readers were no exception.

Getting in on the scene in the photos above [clockwise from top right:]
It's Kiera Blythin's first St. Patrick's Day as she sits with her big brother William at their family's home in Niagara Falls.

Talk Wireless pal Pam Hopkins and I looked a bit like twins with our very similiar green shirt/black pants combo. Fortunately, Pam fills out her top much better than I do, which is why I am slightly hidden behind her. The first shot we took of us together I looked about 8 months pregnant. I certainly put on some pounds this Winter.

My sister Jane joined her pals for a night out and she was certainly dressed for the part. Love the hat sis and your hair is lovely.

Angela O'Neil of Nova Scotia is a great face-painter, as you will discover soon in scribbles. Here;s a sample of a child;s cheek she did for St Patrick's Day.

Angela's kids are all ready for St Patrick's Day adventures. great job Angela.

Our Talk Wireless friend Laura Degraaf may be Dutch but she was a little bit Irish on St.Patty's Day.
"Cheers"!! Looking stunning -as ever- our Convergent Telecom friend Becky Lee raises her glass of green magic on St Patrick's Day.

amazing photos by our scribbles pals...

Super Moon
by Amy Ballett
Niagara Falls ON

Not-So-Super Moon
By Ken Leavoy
 St Catharines ON

by Stephanie Dawn
 St Catharines  ON

face-painting by Angela Whiteley
 Digby -Nova Scotia

Blue Eyes
by Megan Fox
 Ottawa  ON

Mar 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis!

It's my sister Kim's birthday (Mar.15th officially) and my family will gather in a few days to celebrate with her. While we wait to share pix with our readers, here's a mini clip it honour of her big day!

"She's Beautiful Damn It"

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Originally, this event was to be a fundraiser to help Ricky Holditch out with medical costs and housing. Cancer was quickly and cruelly taking this young man's life and it would be a chance to get together with him and show our support.

Sadly, as we all know only too well by now, Ricky passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 26. The fundraiser would now be a memorial and a chance to celebrate all that was good about Ricky. I ran into several people who I have know for years who had also somehow the pleasure of getting to know Ricky in his short life.

Organized by Ricky's family and friends, the night included live bands, a DJ, door prizes, games and a buffet. Proceeds would now go towards covering funeral costs, with any additional donations going to colon cancer research.

It was truly a memorable event and it was easy to see Ricky's spirit was with us and enjoying himself.

Ricky's Memorial Fundraiser
created by scribbles using Tammie Holdtich's pix from facebook.

Never Forgotten

It has been 3 years now since our dear friend Paula MacArthur left us and yet for many of us (myself included) it feels like a part of her is still here.

I first met Paula when we both worked at Troll Book Clubs (a place I met so many of our scribbles readers) Paula was always the life of the party, a spirited individual, who was always a treat to be around.

Paula faced illness as she had most things in her life, with tremendous courage and determination. I admired her bravery.

Just like our friend Ricky Holditch-who recently passed away, Paula had cancer and left us too soon. And just like Ricky, she had that "spark" that lit up a room and made things seem a bit brighter.

Paula, if you're "reading" this somehow please know that your "Kenny Boy" still thinks often of his "Paula Girl" and I always will.

The King is Alive!
Ken Meets Elvis at local eatery in Niagara

Of course this one's fiction, Elvis is still dead although judging by his continuing popularity you'd never know it. 

"Let mommy in, she left her keys inside"

Joan Storie is greeted by her cat Sensi in this photo from last Spring.

In Search of Harry Dick Road

Scribbles has several followers in Ottawa and its infamous valley. In fact I was born in the Ottawa Valley and have many relatives in the area. One such person is my cousin Cathy whose last name is Dick [insert chuckle here] As a "Dick" she's heard it all Cathy tells us.  And recently she had quite a tale to add to her list.
In her own words Cathy says ...

"Apparently someone told the DJ's of Ottawa radio station The BEAR that there was a Harry Dick Road somewhere near Renfrew. The station sent out DJ Travis to find it.

He stopped in Renfrew and asked directions to Harry Dick Road. No one there knew where it was. People kept calling in with directions like you have to turn on Scotch BUSH Road and go past HUSSEY Road to get to Harry Dick. (which is all true of course) My daughter Erin, grandson Dylan and I were pissing ourselves"

We were watching from the window when Travis arrived. He parked on the road and started taking pictures [of the Harry Road sign.]  I then opened my front door and started taking pictures of him. Then when he got back on the radio, he said some "lady" was looking at him through binoculars.

That's when I posted my response on facebook, that I was the lady with the "binoculars" and that it was actually a camera!
The Bear was still talking about it on air the next day. They said they couldn't get to all the calls and facebook reponses.

One guy said, " Lady with binoculars?? You're in the valley dude, it was probably a hunting rifle with scope. Watch out ! LOL"

Oscar, Oscar!

When it comes to theme parties, no one does it like our Nova Scotia pal Angela Whiteley.  She hosted an Oscars Party last month that even the stars would have loved.  Guests were greeted across a red carpet and had a chance to vote their award winners. No one walked away empty handed at this big evening, there were amazing Academy Awards for everyone (all hand crafted by Angela, our very own Martha Stewart -pre-prison era...)

Angela has noticed some of my theme parties on scribbles and facebook. "Imagine the party we could have if we lived closer" she commented

(This is me in a nutshell..LOL)

"Get me a hair dryer and my lawyer"

This classic pix of my dog Timmi always makes me smile. He does not look like a happy camper does he? Actually he is pretty easy to groom and besides, he knows the drill: haircut + bath and blow dry = cookie!

Above Timmi we have a photo taken just a few days ago of my cats Alysha and J.R. As you see they enjoy the tub, as long as it's empty and the faucet is dripping a bit.

Rob and I also frequent this bathtub, don't expect any photos of us in it anytime soon ; )