Oct 25, 2018

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Classic Monster Mash

Each Halloween It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown airs on TV. Here at Scribbles, our equivalent is our 'Classic Monster Mash' Video.

We hope to put together a SPOOK-tacular new video featuring the best of YOUR costumes over the years, but until then please enjoy this familiar gem.

Oct 19, 2018

YOU | Decisions, Decisions...

PICTURE PERFECT | In Search of Intelligent Life


PETS | Joe Friday Attracts Detroit Admirer Who Finds Him Thru Scribbles!

Although we introduced you to Joe Friday a few years ago, others have just recently discovered his unique charm. Such is the case with T.J. Malbouef.

Mr. Malbouef began emailing me on Aug 13th. I was pleasantly surprised by his messages.

Here's a few excerpts from his emails:

"Hello Scribbles! Hello Mr. Leavoy,

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Friday in person (?), along with his owner [in early August.] I was in Port Dalhousie attending the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, along with my wife, as our son was competing with the Detroit Boat Club Crew....I take photos for his team. 

While awaiting the next event, I took a walk in the nearby park ...There is where I met Joe Friday. 
Mr. Steel, and Joe, allowed me to photograph them, as I was intrigued by Joe and his silver bowl. Mr. Steel demonstrated their ‘frisbee’ game. I discovered Scribbles via an internet search for “Joe, bulldog, Port Dalhousie”.

I couldn’t even remember the “Joe Friday” hook. I knew it was a well known name that he was introduced by, but all my mind could come up with was “Joe Boxer”. Close, but no cigar. By using those search clues, Scribbles came to me.

I chuckled, when I saw how famous Joe Friday was, and reading through some of the photo captions.

Please find attached my photos from my time meeting Joe Friday and Jim Steel....Please pass them along to Mr. Steel, if possible, with my best wishes. If you find they are acceptable for "Scribbles", by all means, please feel free to use them!"

When I first told Joe Friday's dad Jim about T.J.'s emails, he was thrilled and he loved the photos Mr. Malbouef had taken.

I told T.J. that I would include his photos and story on Scribbles and I also kept him in the loop when life delayed those pix from getting published. 

I'm always happy when Scribbles makes a new connection and to my knowledge, T.J. Malbouef is our first Scribbles follower that resides in Detroit (making his Scribbles debut even more unique and exciting)

Welcome T.J. I hope you enjoy seeing your photography on Scribbles and invite you to feel free to forward other pictures you think our friends would enjoy.

A MOMENT IN TIME | Born to be Wild

Oct 16, 2018

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Miss Kitty Turns 3

Miss Kitty was a very pampered pussycat on Oct. 1st. That's because it was her 3rd birthday and although she obviously didn't grasp the concept, she certainly did like the extra attention and treats she received that day.

Oct 14, 2018


VIDEO | What's New at Scribbles

This video is self explanatory. :)

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Grape & Wine Parade 2018

A week after spending time in the hospital with chest pain, I was feeling fit enough to walk downtown to check out this year's Niagara Grape & Wine Festival Grande Parade.

My pals Becky and Shannon brought Shanny's son Liam to attend his very first parade. It was also the first time I got to meet the adorable little guy. He was sooooooooooo good! He didn't fuss once during the 90 minute parade and he gave me his undivided attention and a great big smile when I said hello to him. What a sweet kid!

Although it rained the night before and was cold and cloudy the day after, the weather was bright and sunny on Sept. 29, the day of the parade. Here's a video highlighting some of the many floats, bands and groups

KIDS | His #1 Birthday

Oct 13, 2018

VIRAL VIDEO | Walter the Vocal Frenchie

This video has understandably gone viral. It's a French bull dog named Walter who is quite vocal and displeased that he can't go to the park.

Oct 7, 2018

Oct 1, 2018

PICTURE PERFECT | In All Its Colourful Glory

Autumn comes to us with glorious colours and sight to see, as evident in this encore 2016  photo by our Port Colborne pal Lorenzo Cromwell.