Sep 28, 2010

We Welcome our Newest scribbles fan:

Julie Boyse

I first met Julie Boyse this Summer. Like me, Julie had been invited by the Convery gals (Becky, Shanny, Susan, Jody) to join them for a "Girls Weekend" at their family cottage "Maggie's Cove", in Pappaneau Lake, ON.

I knew right off I was going to like Julie, when she offered to help me with my numerous bags (it's a fact, "Just Jack" does not pack lightly...LOL) . I loved Julie's free-spirit, she was big on the outdoorsy stuff like helping keep the campfires burning & feeding the wildlife and she was a real pleasure to be around.

This weekend I met up with her and the girls again, this time out after the Wine Festival parade, at Chilli Pepper's bar, where we all enjoyed the group The Figure Four. I didn't miss the opportunity this time to grab Julie's email info so I could officially add her to scribbles mailing list. Welcome Julie,  I hope we meet up again soon and remember "No Visa, just Debit and You take garbage outside, OUTSIDE"  LMAO!!

Sep 26, 2010

A Recommendation for My Milestone Birthday
by Chris Snow

"OMG  50....Who knew???  LOL
You should make a list of 50 things you want to accomplish within that year..and see how you do !!

I recommend avoiding sky diving and that sort of thing LOL

Easy stuff like

-Eating a whole bag of chips in one sitting
-Catching a Miss Conception Sunday performance - I'll join you  :)
-Writing Adam Lambert a love note  lol
-Coming and seeing me in my new Theatre show - Scream Queens (shameless self-promotion)

There - I've knocked off 4 items for you already LOL"

[Editor's Reply: Chrissy you always come up with the greatest ideas -although this does somehow remind me of a recent movie...heehee, still, it is a great idea. And I LOVE the 4 ideas you came up with -although I already polished off the bag of chips in one sitting and have sent so many love letters to Adam Lambert he's getting a restraining order against me...LOL- I WISH!!  Be sure to tell me more about "Scream Queens" as I think I'll put that one on the top of the list...And gotta admit, one of the reasons I added this post to scribbles was to have an excuse to use your fabulous profile pix I ripped off your facebook page- It's the bomb, like YOU!! Love ya]

Sep 23, 2010


It's a Girl!!
By Neil Blythin
Proud Papa

"We are very pleased to announce the arrival of our daughter, Kiera Mae Blythin. Born Wednesday Sept. 22 at 10:14 am. She was 7 lbs 11 oz. Both mom [Ginger] & baby are doing great; and big brother William is thrilled to finally meet 'baby bonn-it' (toddler-speak for 'peanut')."

Congratulations Neil, Ginger & William -scribbles is thrilled for you all -Readers click on pix to view larger version.

Sep 21, 2010

Remembering Garrie Nugent
by his Life Partner Trudy O'Neill

Garrie Nugent was born Feb 27/47 in Toronto, where he grew up. He started driving tractor trailers in his late teens and hauled anything from food to oil.  He was one of the first drivers to haul a train and give input as to how they handled and any problems with them.

He has 2 boys David and Patrick and one grandchild Ashley, he was very dedicated to working and making sure his family was taken care of.

We met in the spring of 2000. He was my "old man" and I was his "kid". Garrie was most happy when he was driving especially when showing me parts of Canada I had not even heard of.  We especially enjoyed going to Forks of the Credit Rd and Sauble Beach.  We would spend every Sunday going shopping and watching Nascar.  We would bet on who's driver would win. 

About 2 years after we met Garries health started to fail and his license to drive big trucks was taken away. 

He took great pleasure in being with our dog Teddy. Teddy was his little man and even though Garrie had a lot of trouble walking, he took a few minutes each day to get on the floor and play with Teddy. Teddy in turn curled up beside Garrie when he laid down.

After several years of suffering, he passed away Aug 31/10. He was 63. I miss my "old man" very much.

Sep 10, 2010


Alexis -Angie Knuth
Richelle -Darrell Baker
Nadine -Darryl Bell -as Chris Snow
DeeDee -Carolyn Jones
Tonya -Terri Pentlichuk
Bianca -Julie Turner


These Six Queens Were a Real Scream

After scribbles recent interview with Chrissy Snow I was even more intrigued to catch her in Dunnville Community Theatre's production of Scream Queens. This was my first DCT live show and "Sister" Jane joined me for the show.

Scream Queens the Musical by Scott Martin was directed by Mandy McIntyre and Nancy Gimblett. It ran live at DCT Nov 4-6 and Nov 11-13.

Meet the Scream Queens. Deedee, Richelle, Nadine, Bianca, Tonya & Alexis. Six babes from Horror movie fame. Tonight is their convention and throughout the evening we will get to know them more intimately through song, slapstick and video montages.

The fearless queens of scream even get the audience involved throughout the show. At one point "volunteers" are brought up from the crowd by each girl. "Darryl Bell-as Chris Snow-as Nadine" selected me to join others as zombies chasing them around the stage. My first visit to the theatre and here I was up on stage already...LOL!

It was a night of laughs and exceptional talent and scribbles was thrilled to be there and catch the show. Making it even more memorable -we had front row seats thanks to Sharon Janzen  Rhonda King and we were also joined by our friend Nick Mehta, making Jane & I's front row seats all that much better! 

 Find out more about future shows

Sep 6, 2010

"What the Flock"?
Joan Storie laughs out loud as a group of hungry ducks gather around her to grab some food from her stash. The pix was taken while Joan and Bob Miller (who shared this photo with us) were visiting Happy Rolph's in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Click image to view larger version of this pix