Jun 24, 2018

IN MEMORIAM | Christopher Mark Young

Christopher Mark Young was a colourful, multi-talented guy. Best known for his extraordinary hairstyling skills, Christopher never shied away from expressing himself through his unique imagination and sense of style.

At one time, Chris opened his own hair salon on Pelham Road in St. Catharines. He used a little clever word play when naming his shop. It was known as Marc Kristopher Salon and he had a devoted client base, some who had followed him from a previous salon chain he once worked for.

Christopher was also an inspiring artist. When I first met him and we became friends, approximately two decades ago, his Thorold apartment looked much like an art gallery. His emotionally charged work adorned every available space. When he opened Marc Kristopher Salon some years later, he decorated the walls with some of his art pieces. Talk about truly making a place your own.

"Angel" - by Christopher -click on pix for larger view
In addition to hair design and art, Christopher also dabbled in cake decorating, where he once again found yet another canvas for his bountiful creativity.

Eventually Marc Kristopher's closed and Chris later took a position at L'attitudes Salon and Spa.

Christopher passed on May 19th. He was 48.

He is survived by his loving husband Don, his sister Annette as well as his extended family and friends. A celebration of Christopher's life was held on June 2nd at the Bell Tower Art & Entertainment Complex in Fort Erie, ON.

Christopher, you truly did things your way and created your own path. A path many of us were fortunate enough to walk along side you, if only for a little while.

With love....your friend,

See some of Christoper's art which he posted on his Facebook page  - Click Here  
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