Jun 9, 2018

YOU | Even Their Coffee is Certified Vegan....& Café Patrons Can't Get Enough!

REVISED JUN 10, 2018

Three years ago, Mandy McCullough came up with the idea of creating delicious baked goods and dishes for Niagara residents with a taste for vegan food. Little did she know what a huge demand there would be for her culinary creations.

In an exclusive interview, Mandy’s “bestie” Mikol Zahorchak tells Scribbles how Mandy’s business really got cooking. (my bad pun, not Mikol's...LOL)

“I started helping her 2 years ago at markets, events, and such, until late last year” Mikol told us.

Her food was an instantaneous hit and soon Mandy started looking for a building in which to start her restaurant, The Vegan Hippie Chick.

“She needed a kitchen to call her own” says Zahorchak.

Mandy turned to those who had grown to love her food through the various venues she had been a part of. In an online poll she asked them which city in Niagara they’d like to see her open a restaurant in. Welland received the most votes.

“An amazing opportunity came in the form of [a] café at 195 East Main Street” Mikol exclaims with delight. “[She opened] on November 1st and drew great crowds!! So much that she needed to expand already!”

He continues, “The universe provided again, with an amazing restaurant opportunity just down the street at 91 East Main St. She closed the café mid-February and re-opened the restaurant under the [abbreviated] name The VHC on February 26th.”

Mikol’s spouse Dave Nelson helped Mandy for several months, where he learned her standards and practices, and dreamed of running a bakery of his own.

Mikol reveals “It seemed only natural and the logical first choice that we take over the café as a "soon-to-be" franchise. We reopened on March 15th, still under the name The Vegan Hippie Chick, before rebranding to The Main Bakery &  Café, so as to not be confused with The VHC Restaurant". [located down the street.]

Scribbles asked Mikol to explain a bit more about vegan food.

“Veganism is defined as "not using animal OR animal byproducts, whenever possible, as well as abstaining from any practice or company that promotes the harm or commodity status of animals" so yup all our "yummy creations" are fully plant based”, he told us. 

“Even our coffee is certified vegan!”

On March 24th Ken had the opportunity to visit The Main Bakery & Café. His friend Rob had offered to drive him to Welland radio station GIANT FM to pick up $91 Ken had won during an on-air contest.

Since they were already in town, they stopped in to say hello to Mikol & Dave, check out the café and most importantly, try some tasty baked goods.

I forget exactly what it was Rob ordered, except to note that it was chocolatey, but I certainly recall what I ate. It was the best damn cinnamon roll I have ever eaten.... hands down (albeit sticky ones.)

The Main Bakery & Café is conveniently located across the street from Welland transit's main depot. The building the café is in also houses other businesses and groups. Mikol told us the tantalizing aroma of their baked goods wafts throughout the grand structure, which hypnotically draws staff of the other businesses to their door.

The quaint café includes a small “dine in” area and hopes to display the works of local artists on their walls and sell hand-crafted items created in the region. 

Here’s wishing continued success to Mandy, Mikol and Dave. Even if you’re not totally vegan, don’t let that stop you from trying the food offered by our talented and ambitious friends. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

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