Nov 12, 2011

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After the Rain
 by Glynn Whiteley

Digby, Nova Scotia


Slimmy Pals

Betty White and guitar god Slash, share a laugh and a common love of a slithery snake. As a former member of GnR, Slash is quite used to being around snakes of all kinds.

 But then, what's a lengendary rock group without scandal and discontent?


Crazy College Collage

I created this black and white collage many years ago. In fact it predates computers (well, I'm sure there were computers back in those days they were the size of a freight truck and no one had one in their homes...but I digress.) The piece was put together using images found in magazines, cut and paste on canvas (with real scissors and glue even.)

Not sure what the inspiration was for this unique collage from decades ago, as it was created in my artsy Sheridan College days (or should that be "daze"?)

What A Difference a Few Weeks Can Make

Considering not that long ago she spent a week in the hospital, isolated from the world and very sick, my sister Kim was in pretty good spirits when I dropped by recently. "Officially" I was there to fix a computer issue, but really I just wanted a chance to see Kim, Don, Erin and Patrick (who had also been sick for some time).
While the entrance outside of their home had plenty of Autumn splendor (as we see in the photo above), Kim and the kids had just returned from buying some new Christmas ornaments, so we're pretty certain it won't be long until the festive holiday season will be all over "Papple Place"

I'm glad I was able to help fix your pc, but mostly just happy everyone is home and doing better. I love you all very much!

posted NOV. 17th (Becky's Birthday)

Happy Birthday Becky...

...May All Your Dreams Come True!

Love Ken

Hi "Jack"

You are a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!
Becky's birthday tribute couldn't have been better.
When I saw her little girl picture, I got tears in my eyes.
You are the best.

OMG "Jack", thank you so much for the video,
I cried…I luv you babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing!

[OK, one more time for our new readers...
Becky and I worked together and are best of friends.
 Our nicknames for each other are Grace and Jack (from Will and Grace).
 Becky's sister is Susan. We call her "Mary".
It all makes perfectly good sense when you're gathered around a campfire
with Lake Pappineau in the background and a cold beverage in your hand].


Country Style

Dave Webber (left) is joined by his husband Chris and their dog Gonish in this awesome photo. Chris recently celebrated his birthday (hope it was a good one Chris). We're not sure if this great outdoorsy pix was part of his celebration, but it's worthy of sharing with scribbles pals regardless.

Love this photo...wonder who was behind the camera?

New "Roommate" for Merry!

My "Mother-in-Law" Merry has a new furry friend. His name is Cotton and he's one year old. It's been a while since the pitter patter of little paws has blessed Merry's home and we're very excited and happy for her.

I briefly saw Cotton, who was hiding behind the sofa at the time. He had only arrived a few hours before my visit plus I had Timmi (on a leash, but still there) so Cotton just looked up at me and softly meowed. I'll come back without Timmi for my next visit with him and Merry.

Congrats on your new arrival Merry, I'm sure the two of you will have lots of fun together.


 My Doodle Gone Mad

This weekend I had the pleasure of a visit from my 6 year old nephew Graham. "Little Man" and I always have a lot of fun and this time around would be no different. I had brought home some old promo posters. They're made of sturdy cardstock and the backs are blank canvases just begging to be drawn on.

I draw I did.

Earlier in the day I had an issue syncing my iphone and as a result I had to do a complete restore. The process started at 9am and would end up taking 10 hours to complete. To keep myself distracted, I started drawing on my "canvas". It started off with one tree with autumn leaves. By the time Graham's mom came to take him home, I had drawn an entire forest [and my iphone was still in restore mode!]

Later that night I completed the piece with a few hills and sky. It had been a while since I put oil pastels to canvas and it was quite invigorating.

Now what to do with my latest "masterpiece"?? LMAO.

"Bang up job on your painting. Really, very well done. I just did my second a couple of weeks ago and will send a pic of that along to you/Scribbles."

Pat Fenerty -Welland, ON

Nov 4, 2011

ABOVE: A little Photoshop magic brings Megan as a kid
and as an young adult together in one awesome photo

I remember her as a tiny baby. I remember her as a cute little kid and I remember when she was a blossoming teen. But that was all in the past, for now my dear sweet cousin Megan Fox is a woman, "W.O.M.A.N., I'll say it again.." (LOL.)

Nov. 9th Ms. Fox will celebrate her 22nd birthday. (Unbelievable!!) Sure, we all grow up, we all grow older, but somehow -looking back to days gone by - I always thought of her as just a kid. Well, judging by the over 3,000 photos I found on her facebook page, I have no choice but to accept, Megan is all grown up now.

These days Megan resides in Ottawa with her boyfriend Andy and a home filled with precious (and unique) pets. She has a great job, where she just keeps advancing to bigger and better positions all the time. Her family and friends couldn't be prouder of all she has accomplished and the beautiful woman she has become.

Still a country girl at heart, Megan manages to find time to visit her mom Jeanne and step-dad Peter in Renfrew, keep close ties with her father Tom in Smiths Falls and be the life of the party amongst old friends and relatives.

I can't truly put into words just how much I love and admire Megan. She's got it all going on and deserves every treasure life has brought to her in recent years.

So here's to you Megan, whether you're two, twenty-two or 102, you will always be very special to your crazy cousin Ken and I am both proud and honoured to have you in my life!!

ABOVE: More Magical Megan Memories

On his way home one day, a man stopped to watch a Little League base ball game that was being played in a park near my home. As he sat down behind the bench on the first-base line, he asked one of the boys what the score was 'We're behind 14 to nothing,' he answered with a smile.

"Really," the man said. "I have to say you don't look very discouraged.."

"Discouraged?', the boy asked with a puzzled look on his face.."Why should we be discouraged? We haven't  been up to bat yet. "

Hubby Shares Gail's
Wild and Wacky Sense of Humour

A few months ago we reintroduced you to my pal Gail Sharratt-Mallory, the amusing gal I once worked with at HoJo's Restaurant many moons ago. We shared plenty of funny photos of our friend and entitled it "Getting Giddy with Gail". A few weeks later, we introduced you to Gail's daughter Katie. Katie showed she was indeed a chip off the block, as she marched in Niagara's Wine Festival Parade in her school's crazy and crowd-pleasing "junk band".

Not to be left out, Gail's husband Gary (G.T.) Mallory sent scribbles an email  recently sharing with us just how much he loves our site.

Said Gary;  "Hi Ken, .. I love reading your Scribbles page and not just because Gail is sometimes in I find it very amusing and full of great information and always well done. Congrats on a great site. Gail does have a great sense of humor, I once made the mistake of telling her in a disagreement that she had no sense of humor of which she quickly replied without missing a beat " Sure I do, I married you didn't I ?"....anyway that ended that in a hurry as I had no immediate come back. Keep up the the great work Ken and I'll be looking forward to reading more Scribbles. Cheers :D"

It was indeed a great treat to hear from you Gary and judging by the photo we found of you with the "Fat Bastard" above, we'd say Gail isn't the only one with a good sense of humour at your household. No wonder you two are soulmates, you're like two peas in a pod.

And to Gail who joins our list of readers that recently had surgery, we hope you get well soon. We're betting it would take more than an operation to turn your big smile upside down and with G.T. and Katie around, how could you not still be laughing out loud? 

Get Well Soon Patrick and Kim

Knowing that you aren’t feeling well,
Has really made me blue.
I wish that there was something more
That I could truly do.

Like take away your stomach aches,
And stop all that crapping too.
It certainly would be amazing,
If I could make that come true.

But I can’t make that happen,
It’s something only time can do.
Just know that I am here for you,
And I love you so much too.

Love Kenny

Since writing this poem, things are looking a bit brighter for Kim and Patrick.
 Kim returns to work part time this week while Patrick will be getting a school tutor
 to help him catch up on what he's missed being off for so long.

Never Fear...
...Nurse Kenny is Here

"For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health". Although Rob and I have put saying those vows on hiatus for now, in every other sense we are very much married.

And what better test of that union than another opportunity for me to play "doctor", following Rob's latest surgery. This is Rob's second surgery since Summertime and this time around his recovery will take longer and is filled with pain and discomfort. Not only did he have his tonsils removed last Wednesday, he also had other reconstructive procedures done in his mouth. The goal? To stop him from snoring. His twin brother Rodney had a similar procedure in the Spring and his wife Heather says he hasn't snored since, so we're hopeful Rob's results will be the same.

To make his recovery a bit more bearable, I have once again assumed the role of Nurse Kenny. His meds are carefully crushed into a fine powder and mixed in applesauce, so he can swallow them. Our fridge is stocked with protein shakes, ice cream, Jello and pudding. Cans of smooth soups line our kitchen cupboards, ready for him to eat when he feels up to something more than his bastarized applesauce and glasses of water.

His internal stitches have begun dissolving and he is hocking up disgusting smelly gobs of goo because of it (complete with graphic sound effects that best resemble a cat coughing up a major furball.) Although he has spent most of the past days resting, Rob has enjoyed brief visits with family and friends and caught up on lots of episodes of Modern Family on DVD.

Communication between patient and caregiver have included text messaging, crude sign language and waking Nurse Kenny from a deep sleep, to whisper softly "It's time for more meds."

The coughing and hacking continues from the bedroom as I write this and my beloved is a wee bit ripe, but that's something a good nurse learns to live with when he "stands by his man" LOL! 

Get Well Soon Babe!

New Hire Embraces His Job

When I returned to work after my sick leave, there were a few new faces amongst the staff of Talk Wireless Inc. One of those "newbies" is Mark Waters, who staff often refer to as "Mark Junior", since we already have a Mark in our two-way radio department.

In Talk Wireless' September e-newsletter, our pal Christine Mantej shared this info about Mark; "He was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and comes to us as an Engineering Technician graduate from Niagara College.

On "Junior's" free time he enjoys playing Airsoft, a recreational activity in which the participants shoots round non-metallic balls pallets similar to Paint Ball at opposing team members."

Perhaps Mark was showing us how he looks when he gets shot by a paintball, when he posed for the amusing photo featured above this article.  Welcome to scribbles Mark!

Nothing "Great" About My Visit
to the Greater Niagara General Hospital

A complaint about one of Niagara's hospitals? Now that's certainly something new. I mean after all, they've got such a spotless record.

The St Catharines General Hospital's claim to fame is its recent outbreak of C-Diff, which has caused several deaths, beefed up security and reduced visiting hours.

The Greater Niagara General Hospital has made headlines for not once, not twice but three times refusing to give help to people who hadn't made it into the ER area but were on hospital property. Instead, they were told to call 911. Although apologies were given in each incidence, to have it happen at all seems astounding and three times...well it simply boggles the mind. 

In comparison to the "biggies" above, my situation at the Greater Niagara Hospital in Niagara Falls, was definitely more of an inconvenience than a life-or-death matter.

I had a Saturday afternoon appointment to get an MRI at the hospital. After parking my car, I went to the ER entrance. It was pretty busy and I wondered if perhaps this was the incorrect entrance for me to be at for a scheduled routine. I called the Niagara Hospitals Systems number using my iphone and told the operator of my situation.

"You need to go to the main entrance" she said.

"So not the ER entrance?" I asked.

"Correct" was her reply.

Off I went to the "main entrance" and what do I find? Nothing! No one. Nada. Zip.

I have been to this entrance many times and usually there's a security guard ("Please wash your hands"), a person at the entrance desk, someone at the day-patient admitting desks (of which there are three) and usually a volunteer outside of the day-surgery room doors, to make sure you're in the right place.

But not on this sunny Saturday afternoon. It was a ghost town. I could have walked in with taboo "outside food and drinks" and anything else, with the filthiest germ-covered hands in the world and no one would have known.

I finally spotted an "Information Phone". I told the person on the phone where I was trying to go and she told me to keep going straight down the main hall and I would find it.

It took a while, but I eventually made my way to the MRI waiting room. There was a sign posted on the wall: "Have you registered?" Underneath it are the registration instructions. Weekdays register at the main entrance, evenings, weekends and stat holidays register at ER!

"SERIOUSLY??!!" I exclaimed aloud to the very empty room.

So back I go to the Emergency entrance in record time, now knowing the layout of the building pretty good - whether I wanted to or not. After checking in at the registry desk the lady behind the glass asked me if I knew where the MRI area was."Yes", probably exactly where I just was", I replied as I made my way back.

Reminder to the Niagara Hospital Systems switchboard person, please check what day it is before giving directions. Note to the Greater Niagara General Hospital, if people can still enter through the main entrance even during "off hours", perhaps you should have at least one person keeping an eye on the area at all times.

Like I said my story was not earth-shattering and life-threatening, just a pain in the ass. I guess it could be worse. I could live in Fort Erie or Port Colborne where they no longer have fully functioning hospitals. Kinda hard to complainb about the service if you don't have any to begin with. Talk about ghost towns.

Ah yes, health care in Niagara is indeed a marvelous thing.

[EDITORS NOTE: Before you send us nasty letters, scribbles acknowledges that we have several readers who are a part of Niagara's health system. They work long, exhausting shifts, under high pressure and sometimes difficult circumstances. We appreciate that..we really do and would never imply that everyone is responsible for the actions of a few]

Four Signs Your Pet Might be Sick
by Lisa Hannam

A healthy pet is content, alert and active, has an appetite and maintains a healthy weight for his type and breed, according to the Montreal SPCA. Since cats and dogs can’t complain when they’re not feeling well, you’ll have to watch for changes in their behaviour and routines.Cats, especially, may “hide” symptoms until they are seriously ill.

Here are four things to watch for in cats and dogs, says veterinarian Eric Carnegy of Carnegy Animal Hospital in Halifax:

Chewed plants

“Eating houseplants helps the pet to regurgitate whatever may be causing stomach troubles,” he says. If you’re giving him new food, switch back to his favourite kibble. If he continues to nibble on plants, talk to your vet.

Empty water bowl

If, all of a sudden, you’re constantly replenishing the water, “it could be diabetes or kidney problems,” says Carnegy. For diabetes, other symptoms include frequent trips to the litterbox or backyard, unexplained weight loss and a large appetite.

Rubbing on the floor

If your pet rubs his ears or backside along the floor, that’s a sign of infection—he’s trying to relieve the irritation, says Carnegy. “Fleas and lice are one example, but cats and dogs can also get skin infections, allergic reactions, fungal conditions and mites.”

A bad mood

We all have “off” days, but take notice if your pet grows increasingly hostile. “If your dog is normally friendly and calm but all of a sudden is nasty, it may be hypothyroidism,” says Carnegy. And when animals are in pain, they may become irritable and fearful of being held, which could make them snap or bite.

This article was originally titled "Silent symptoms" in the January/February 2011 issue of Best Health. Subscribe today to get the full Best Health experience–and never miss an issue!–and make sure to check out what's new in the latest issue of Best Health. Best Health Magazine, January/February 2011

Humour   [PG]

Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?

click on pix to view larger version

Linda Burger was certainly surprised when Rob and I showed up in our Halloween costumes at the hospital she has called home for almost a year now. Her roommates -one of which is 100 years old - also found our crazy get-ups pretty amusing. They seemed to like "Tim McGraw's" platform heels. So did I -the view is much different 3 inches taller.

Rob went as an angel from the movie "Angels in the Outfield". I was Tim McGraw. I carried a Barbie doll with me. She was my wife Faith Hill and quite pregnant...LOL!

Later that evening Rob and I went to Niagara Pride's Sinners and Saints Halloween Party at ENVY Lounge. It was part of ENVY's 3 nights of ghoulish events and although it wasn't a full house, it was great to see some old faces and check out the costumed ones too.

Hanging out with us for much of the night were our friends  Alejandro (Alex) Monte and Ian Harrison [pictured below] we all had a great night. Later Alex dropped by our place where he got to meet my very affectionate cat, J.R. (my dog Timmi was at Nana's for a sleepover- so Alejandro will have to meet him next time he visits.)

A Bad Night for My "Faith Hill" Barbie

I warned her. After all she was with child (truth be known it was wadded up paper towel, duct taped to her torso so she wouldn't go into labour in the middle of the dance floor.) I turned my back for one minute to explain to some weirdo who Tim McGraw is, I looked back and there's "Faith Hill" finishing off a double vodka and 7. By the time she finished her second, she was on her ass and then she had it hoist up in the air.

Eventually Rob stepped in and, well,"Faith" totally lost her head

Enbarassed by her behaviour "Tim McGraw" left "Faith Hill" at the bar, hanging from a light fixture.  

Looks like she'll be spending the night in the "doll" house after this incident. [Quit moaning at my bad's not like you're paying for it...LOL]

"LOL your story about Faith being left at the bar handing from a light fixture.... has made my day. No, week. lol. TOO funny xo"

Megan Fox -Ottawa, ON

Olsen Twins Eat Your Heart Out

For her daughters 18th birthday, our pal Samantha Charles-Belansky posted a pix on facebook of Kesley when she was a kid. It took a gentle reminder from Samantha but I soon remembered when they'd come visit Samantha's sister Paula when we all worked at Troll Book Clubs. I remember Kesley looking like this...and now she's 18.

Wonder what she looks like now?  Guess we'll have to wait and see.


A Personal Support Worker Speaks Up About
The Right Gift for Your Loved Ones this Christmas

Dear Readers:

If you plan on getting gifts for a loved one in a long term care facility over Christmas (even if you visit all the time) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask the people who ACTUALLY work full time with your loved one "

What does my loved one need?" NOT NOT NOT the administrator, charge nurse, or someone within the facility who does not have daily intimate knowledge of your loved one. Believe me, as a Personal Support worker it tears me up to see a resident have a $100. wool sweater sent to the industrial laundry and come back with no buttons or shrunk, especially if they really need a fresh night gown or just some fresh socks.

An issue may have recently come up (stroke, fall, illness, etc.) that may cause limited movement of limbs, so ask questions about the need for adapted or stretch clothing needed, they may not be able to handle buttons or zippers on their own like they used to.

Also, don't assume that their "regular size" still fits. Incontinence products and reduced activity reshape a body... and these kids today make everything smaller then when I was your age......Oh where was I? As well, older skin and some medications make for extra sensitive skin. Those "every bath item you ever wanted in wonderful Lilly of the Valley scent" baskets are pretty, but fragrence free or Aveno products will work so much better, and some facilities do not have a bath tub (showers only) or like my facility use a jacuzzi tub which prohibits foaming products from being used.

Also, diet/eating abilities vary among the residents, so please do not give them a large box of chocolate and tell them to "Pass these out"

So again, just ask if you really want to know "what do I get Granny this Christmas" cause they really do all talk about how cheap their grandkids are and how you dont visit and the way you wear your hair and that awful man you date and..........."

Scariest Movies Ever....

A recent CNEWS online survey asked readers "What is the scariest movie of all time?" Here's the results...

The Exorcist 51%
The Shining 17%
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 11%
A Nightmare on Elm Street 6%
Halloween 6%
Poltergeist 5%
Friday the 13th 3%