Jun 8, 2019

MOVIE REVIEW | Rocketman Soars

I guess it’s best we start by addressing the elephant in the room. A movie about the life of Elton John is bound to be compared to last fall’s box office hit Bohemian Rhapsody. 

After all, it’s hard not to find parallel’s between Elton and Freddie Mercury. Both changed their names when they were first starting out. Both are gay, but were each briefly married to women. Both are flamboyant with lavish lifestyles. There’s many similarities in these two legends lives.

Where Rocketman truly differs [without giving too much away] is its approach to the featured songs. They’re rearranged renditions of Elton’s mega hits, masterfully used to tell the icon’s tale.

Taron Egerton gives an Oscar-worthy performance as the grand Sir Elton. He does all his own singing, something Elton himself has pointed out, when he speaks of his perceived flaws with Bohemian Rhapsody - comprised of the actors lip synching Queen’s songs.

Egerton puts his heart and soul into this role and truly embodies Elton John. Seeing him in Elton’s outlandish outfits is like a psychedelic flashback. It’s just like we remember the flashy piano man, gap between his front teeth, wild eyeglasses and all.

Rocketman is a visually stunning film. The sets. The attention to detail. It’s an awesome treat for your eyes as well as your ears.

Saturday night's alright for fighting but any night's alright to check out Rocketman.