Jun 25, 2019

MOVIE REVIEW | Toy Story 4

When a movie makes it big, it's not unusual that producers try to cash in by creating sequels. Sometimes they works, sometimes they don't. Fortunately for us, Toy Story 4 feels familiar yet new at the same time.

It's familiar cuz we know most of the lead characters. But it also feels new because we're introduced to several new characters who Woody finds during his lost adventures. There's a scary doll in need of a voice box and a "trash" character Forkie, who steals scenes throughout the film. A fork....go figure.

Visually, Toy Story 4 is outstanding and the graphics are astonishing. I found myself reminding myself this was a movie and that toys don't actually do what they do on screen. The voice actors really bring the characters to life. It's little wonder it broke box office records in its first weekend in theatres. 

Even if you have never seen a Toy Story move before, Toy Story 4 is a story within itself. One with both a message and a meaning, delivered in a way that may find you becoming a bit emotional. To infinity. And beyond.