Sep 25, 2017

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Real Pussycats of St. Patrick St. | EPISODE 5

The latest adventures of the pussycats on St. Patrick Street and beyond!

And if you missed the debut video and story of the Real Pussycats of St. Patrick Street - CLICK HERE

In the video above, we send a R.I.P. to Todd, a unique cat that lives down the street. Rumours of Todd's demise have been greatly exaggerated, I saw him today when Timmi & I were on a walk. Todd was sitting on a porch step beside Halloween decorations. It was either Todd, very much alive or a very convincing ghost cat decoration.  I'm guessing it was the first option....MEOW!

Sep 24, 2017

YOU | Sign Language

Morghyn, Molli, Jodi & Matt Quinlan make a big announcement

Sep 16, 2017

PETS | Think Big


Let's see how observant you are. There are 5 design and content changes on Scribbles today. Can you find them all?

OK, give up? Here's what's changed....

The background areas surrounding our posts and the entire website are now white. This hopefully gives the site a less crowded look.

The collage of friends at the top of our website has increased from 5 rows to 7 rows and features more friends than ever before -including 4 larger "highlight" photos.

We moved the Scribbles logo to the left of the friends collage section. And in case you were wondering - the friends whose faces are covered up by the ".co" logo, also appear elsewhere in our collage.

It took some doing but we have a whole new page where you can find a huge archive of past posts from the past 6 years (see upcoming post for more details.)

The tabs in the right sidebar that indicate each section now have a yellow bar with a red square beneath each title, designed to make it easier to find what section you are looking for.

And lastly, the area at the bottom of our site (known as the footer) now features a larger version of our friends collage and logo.

We hope you enjoy the changes.


When there's new posts added to Scribbles, past posts get shifted down the page. Eventually, they move to a different page and if you click on "OLDER POSTS" at the bottom of each page, you can go back to older posts and back and back some more.

If you'd like to see a specific post again you can now find these older posts using our new ARCHIVES PAGE.

Scribbles ARCHIVES PAGE lists past posts in categories and listed by the month they appeared, starting with the most recent months and going back as far as 2011.

There will be links to Scribbles ARCHIVES PAGE in our right sidebar. 

You can also quickly access this handy page by clicking on the far right direct link featured in the page tabs beneath our logo section.

More posts will be added to the page as time progresses. Current months new stuff is also featured in the right sidebar in our Recent Posts section.


YOU | Love on the Rocks

Here's an interesting video that shows how and why the Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world...

YOU | "Smile."... "No, YOU Smile!"

EDITORIAL | Scribbles "Officially" Turns 38

It doesn't seem possible that it was 38 years ago, on Labour Day weekend,  I sat down with a doodle pad, crayons, a pen and an idea. Make a digest sized magazine for my sister Jane to help her with school stuff like math and spelling and mix it in with stories and activities featuring Jim Henson's Muppets.

I was pretty good at drawing them and created stories (in tabloid style) featuring made-up adventures featuring Miss Piggy & Kermit (who got married and had three kids, Peter, Patricia & Pam who ran away to New York a lot ) plus Rowlf, Fozzie Bear and others.

Soon the math and other school related content was replaced with comics and stories about Jane, my family and friends. The Muppets stopped being a part of Scribbles as Jane was growing up and more people were reading each edition (a single copy magazine that you would read and give back to me. I would then bring it to someone else and so on.)

We started printed multiple copies of Scribbles in 1990 and at its peak we had a circulation of 60. That was 60 family members and friends who received a copy of Scribbles Magazines, which I had created, printed, collated and delivered. If I decided to colour a photo, graphic or headline text, it was done on every single copy. 60 times colouring a photo or highlighting text. I didn't want anyone to go to another Scribbles pal's home and discover that the friend's copy of Scribbles was coloured but the one they had received wasn't. There'd be none of that in Scribblesland.  It was all or nothing.

Our last multi-copy edition of Scribbles Magazine was printed in 1996. After a brief hiatus, Scribbles resurfaced. This time online in the format of a newsletter which was emailed to family and friends. I am not certain exactly when we became a website because this is Scribbles second site. It has been created using Blogger since 2011. Prior to that time, we used Piczo to create Scribbles.

Labour Day weekend was our official 38th anniversary, which means we can now say Scribbles is in its 39th year. Absurd! Who'd a thunk it??  Certainly not me, when I stayed up late watching the Jerry Lewis MD Telethon while creating the first Scribbles (then called Sunny Digest)

Here's to another year of Scribbles....created for you and all about you since September 1979.


CHCH TV is the place to be to watch classic TV programs each weekday morning from 10:00 am - 11:30 am and afternoons from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. 

The retro shows airing on CHCH include: The Bob Newhart Show (10:00 am) I Dream of Jeannie (10:30 am) Newhart (11 am) Batman (4:00 pm) Bewitched (4:30 pm) The Partridge Family (5:00 pm) The Mary Tyler Moore Show (5:30 pm),

We're big fans of most of these shows and can't wait to see them again. How about you?

SCRIBBLES MINI VIDEO | Sister Jane's 47th Birthday

Wow! Blow my mind. My "little sister" celebrated her 47th birthday in July. How is this even possible? And why does her birthday always remind me that my birthday is just around the corner?  I'm 10 years older than Jane, so you do the math.

Below is a brief video of how my family celebrated my sister's birthday. Jane also had fun with friends, at a birthday party for her, held at a local bar...but we don't have footage of that. Perhaps it's like Vegas. What happens there, STAYS there.  LOL!

KIDS | A Sweet Treat

KIDS | Clay Creations

YOU | Yahoo, She's 22!



Sep 15, 2017

SEPT. 28 @ 9 PM

It's getting closer and closer.....the debut of the Will & Grace reboot is less than 2 weeks away. There's 12 episodes in this special season.

Here's a great behind-the-scenes video that'll get you even more hyped for the return of Will, Grace, Karin and Jack....oh how we've missed you.

Sep 14, 2017

NEW | The Real Pussycats of St. Patrick Street

There's one thing I can always be sure of whenever I step foot outside my front door. There will most likely be a feral cat waiting to greet me....and when I say "a" feral cat, I actually mean several.  We have many in this area and some of the neighbours leave food out for them.

There is one cat in particular, who resides in the adjoining backyard shared with my next door neighbours. She is simply referred to as "the black and white cat". She's affectionate and vocal and has made our yard her home. In the winter the neighbours put together a shelter for B&W cat and I give her treats and lots of attention. Miss Kitty's my inside cat and B&W is unofficially my outside cat.  

I have tried to bring B&W cat indoors. She met Miss Kitty and she gets along with her and my dog Timmi. The problem is B&W cat is foot loose and fancy free.  She will come in to my entrance way and hang out with my critters, but only if the door is left partially open. The very second I close it completely, B&W cat panics and paws at the door. So she stays outside and we do our best to keep her safe and comfortable.

Then there's Bebee. She actually has a home close by, but tends to spend most of her time in our yards. She's B&W cat's friend, who loves attention and will "talk" up a storm if you ignore her. She's quite the kitty. 

But you don't have to take my word for it. You can see B&W cat, Bebee and others in a new series I call The Real Pussycats of St. Patrick Street.  On four occasions. I have had my phone with me and went live on Facebook to showcase the many furry friends that hang out around here. 

I have edited those "episodes" together and even gave them an opening theme - a parody of the popular daytime drama  The Young and the Restless. You can check it out below. 

Will more kitties join the party? Will there be cat fights? Will Timmi be officially accepted as a cat in dog's clothing?

 As they say in soap opera land....stay tuned!