Nov 23, 2017

YOU | The Scribbles Connection

Baby Joe's smile is sure to make you do the same... that's one of the reasons we're featuring these pix today. The other reason is to point out the magic of Scribbles.

When voting in this year's Costume Contest, our St. Catharines friend Tammie asked if the baby in the cool caterpillar costume was Joe. She mentioned how cute he is and told us to congratulate Megan and Andy on their new arrival.

What makes this special is that Tammie, who recognized it was Joe wearing the hand-knitted costume, has never met him or his parents. But - thanks to Scribbles - she knew it was little Joe.

I always get a warm and fuzzy feeling when friends or acquaintances of mine who are avid Scribbles followers, make a connection with a fellow Scribbles enthusiast.

For example....many years ago when our friend Kevin started a new job, he recognized someone else that worked there....our pal Heather.  The subject of seeing each other in Scribbles was one of their first conversations, when they initially met.

Warm and fuzzy I tell's ya, warm and fuzzy!

Nov 22, 2017


I had such a crush on David Cassidy in the 70's. Of course, I dared not admit my feelings back in those days, that was taboo, but my bedroom walls were covered with several pin-ups of the teen idol, which I offset with pin-ups of Eve Plumb, who played Jan on the Brady Bunch. Plumb's pix were on the wall to try and keep things "straight" - you could say - even if it was Cassidy's posters that got all my attention.

David Cassidy's claim to fame came when he starred in The Partridge Family, which debuted in 1970 on ABC. The sitcom was about a widowed mother and her five kids who form a band and make a hit record, then travel around the country in a groovy school bus.

The series co-starred Cassidy's real-life step mother Shirley Jones and each episode featured the family singing a pop tune - although only Cassidy and Jones were among those who actually sang (the rest of the Partridge flock lip synced.) 

"I Think I Love You" was David Cassidy/The Partridge Family's most successful song. 

David's squeaky-clean TV persona was abandoned when he appeared naked on the cover of Rolling Stone and admitted he took drugs, but the star continued to sing and perform throughout much of his life.

In an interview a few years ago, David Cassidy recalled his 1972 concert in Madison Square Gardens.  Performing to thousands of screaming fans, wearing his signature sequined white jumpsuit, he was at his musical best.

Cassidy said that show was "the highlight of his life."

Earlier this year, David appeared on Dr. Phil where he spoke about his mother passing away from Alzheimer's and his own struggle with dementia.

David Cassidy passed away on November 21st. He was 67.

I think I loved you..... And I always will.

Rest in peace.

VIDEO | I Think I Love You    

VIDEO | Rock Me Baby

VIDEO | David Cassidy & Glen Campbell
There's something haunting about this video clip now. We lost them both this year and both to diseases that robbed them of all the precious memories they left us with.

Nov 14, 2017

VIDEO | Haunt 2017

We mentioned recently how Angela O'Neill-Whiteley and husband Glyn transformed their home in Weymouth, NS into a creepy haunted house. It was their most frightening haunt ever.

Recently Angela posted a very scary video that takes you on a walk through the haunted house. It's about 10 minutes long and definitely NOT for younger viewers.

The best, spookiest way to view this video is on full screen with the lights off.  It's very scary. 

If you have a thing for the macabre, you're going to love watching this video...


KIDS | Changing Seasons

Nov 13, 2017

Nov 11, 2017

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | The Like-Minded Birthday Boys

YOU | A Fairy Tale Come True


Nov 9, 2017

CLASSIC SCRIBBLES VIDEO | 'Santa Ken's DIY Paper Snowflakes

It's quickly becoming a new holiday tradition...the encore presentation of Santa Ken making snowflakes.

Paper snowflakes are easy to make, once you know the little "how to" secrets. Just like the real thing, every paper snowflake will be unique and it doesn't break the bank to make them.

Join Santa Ken in this Scribbles Video created December 2013, as he shows you how to make large and small paper snowflakes "Just like this, HO HO HO."

Small children should always be accompanied by an adult whenever using scissors.

CLASSIC SCRIBBLES VIDEO | We Love Christmas 2012

We created this one in 2012 and it features photos of loved ones that are with us only in spirit now or relationships that have since ended, but it is cool to see some of the kids old photos. They grow up so quickly. One minute they're babies the next they're having babies of their own.

We hope this warms your heart and helps remind you of the true spirit of Christmas and the holiday season. It's not about the perfect present it's about being with those you love and treasuring the moment. For those too change quickly.

Nov 6, 2017

PETS | New Additions

When You Need More Than One Photo to Tell the Story

It's often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and while in most cases that's quite true, sometimes to truly tell the story, it takes two photos to say it all.  We've featured these funny photos a few times now because they're just as funny the second (or third, or even fourth) time around.


In summer 2014, our friend Gail and her daughter Katie enjoyed a holiday in Australia. While they were there, the mother daughter duo did all kinds of touristy things, including checking out a zoo.

As we see above, Gail almost laid an egg, when a large bird decided to get a MUCH closer look at her.

I trust you didn't have to use that empty plastic pop bottle to protect yourself, my fine feathered friend!

When Ottawa pal Megan turned the legal drinking age "a few" years back, one of the things she wanted to do when she and her mom Jeanne visited St Catharines that particular summer was to check out the local gay bar with yours truly and my sister Jane.

The one and only hot spot at the time was The New Vouz, so that's where we merrily made our way.

Here on the left, we see our two Country gals before seeing pix of hot men on the TV near our table, and their reaction after viewing a pix that would make even the barnyard bulls back home envious.

Not that we purposely intended it to be part of the theme, but here's another mother and daughter "LOL" moment.

Julia and daughter Jade decided to be trendy and take some "selfies" this August, joined by their lovable little dog Murphy. Although the first "selfie" is quite tame, when Murphy's eyes bugged out, the girls went dog gone crazy with laughter.

The pair of pix above were taken when my friend Rob & I visited the Ottawa Valley in April 2011.

My cousin Janet took Rob, myself and my cousin Megan for a joy ride on the family's ATV (All "Terror" Vehicle.) on their vast farm land.

While I rode shotgun with my hands firmly gripping the grab bars, Rob and Megan sat in the back, facing opposite the direction the vehicle was traveling.

Janet hit a rock (aka "small mountain") and the ATV took off in the air, as did everyone sitting in it, especially Megan, who was captured in mid-air by Rob and pulled back to her seat.

Above are the exclusive pix of the incident. Photo one taken a mere heartbeat prior to our lives flashing before our eyes, as evident in photo two. Funny as Hell to share later, but requiring a change of underwear when it actually happened. LOL!

Our last set of pix to the left are truly considered classics in my family. The first photo was actually taken AFTER the second one, once we had all composed ourselves as best we could.

And just what was it that had us all in stitches? My mom was trying to get my step dad to move over a bit for the photo and when she touched his sides he accidentally farted. Our reactions in the second pix say it all.

It's universal folks.....farts are funny, especially when they pop out when least expected.

And by the way, that cute little kid sitting between me and my then partner Glenn is none other than Megan who somehow has the dubious honour of having been featured in three of our five photo sets featured in this silly section.

KIDS | A Month of Firsts