Nov 22, 2017


I had such a crush on David Cassidy in the 70's. Of course, I dared not admit my feelings back in those days, that was taboo, but my bedroom walls were covered with several pin-ups of the teen idol, which I offset with pin-ups of Eve Plumb, who played Jan on the Brady Bunch. Plumb's pix were on the wall to try and keep things "straight" - you could say - even if it was Cassidy's posters that got all my attention.

David Cassidy's claim to fame came when he starred in The Partridge Family, which debuted in 1970 on ABC. The sitcom was about a widowed mother and her five kids who form a band and make a hit record, then travel around the country in a groovy school bus.

The series co-starred Cassidy's real-life step mother Shirley Jones and each episode featured the family singing a pop tune - although only Cassidy and Jones were among those who actually sang (the rest of the Partridge flock lip synced.) 

"I Think I Love You" was David Cassidy/The Partridge Family's most successful song. 

David's squeaky-clean TV persona was abandoned when he appeared naked on the cover of Rolling Stone and admitted he took drugs, but the star continued to sing and perform throughout much of his life.

In an interview a few years ago, David Cassidy recalled his 1972 concert in Madison Square Gardens.  Performing to thousands of screaming fans, wearing his signature sequined white jumpsuit, he was at his musical best.

Cassidy said that show was "the highlight of his life."

Earlier this year, David appeared on Dr. Phil where he spoke about his mother passing away from Alzheimer's and his own struggle with dementia.

David Cassidy passed away on November 21st. He was 67.

I think I loved you..... And I always will.

Rest in peace.

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There's something haunting about this video clip now. We lost them both this year and both to diseases that robbed them of all the precious memories they left us with.