Oct 28, 2010

Seperated at Birth??

When I saw our pal Mark Chrisp's old school photo on his facebook page, it made me really laugh out loud. Partially because it is a pretty amusing pix, but mostly because I had one of myself that was equally funny.

Actually there's a comfort in knowing that I wasn't the only one walking around looking like that. So Mark, did they pick on you as much as they did me?  Geeks of the world unite!

Do you have a funny old school photo you're brave enough to share with your scribbles pals??  Don't be shy, email it us today.

Who You Callin' a Geek?

What's up with the geeky glasses and bizarre hat that Rob Dennis is wearing here?  They're actually part of my Halloween costume and my big guy is just acting silly. Both Rob & I have come up with some interesting homemade costumes, but you will have to wait until just after Halloween to see what those guises will be.

Scribbles hopes you too are gearing up for Halloween with funky costumes of your own. We invite you to send photos of your Halloween adventures for us to share next week.

Have a safe and happy Halloween friends!

Oct 25, 2010

Katy Perry Visits Springfield This Christmas

Katy Perry is swapping Sesame Street for The Simpsons. The singer has signed up to star in a special live action episode of the longrunning TV comedy.

The pop star was due to make a cameo appearance in the hit kids' show alongside beloved character Elmo later this year, but the sketch was scrapped following a swathe of complaints from parents over her skimpy outfit.

Now Perry has found herself a role in the more adult The Simpsons, in a Christmas episode which will see the famous family transformed into puppets.

Perry will play herself in the unusual live action sequence and lead the cast in a spoof rendition of classic carol The 12 Days of Christmas.

The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean confirmed the news to Entertainment Weekly magazine and poked fun at Perry's dismissal from Sesame Street.

He says, "In the wake of Elmo's terrible betrayal, The Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry."

Oct 24, 2010

He Really Loves His Car

My nephew Graham's back again folks -what can I say, I think he's pretty photogenic sometimes and here's more proof of my claim. Taken when the weather was a bit warmer than today, Graham takes his remote control chopper bike out for a spin.

We have a full-grown man living in our building who has a souped up remote control car and he's been know to wander the parking lot for great lengths of time, taking his baby out for a ride - complete with the top down, no doubt.

Admittedly I'm bias, but I'll take watching my 5 year old nephew play with his toy car over that strange man, anyday!

Oct 23, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have never had a pet quite as amazing as my J.R. He loves his daddy and makes it well known, always by my side no matter where I venture in my apartment. He greets me when I get home after a long day and is extremely intuitive to my many moods. If meal time is late, he becomes very vocal until I answer his calls and fill his food dish. When I step out of the shower, he is waiting beside the sink for me to wet his head with water (he's done this ever since he was a kitten). My side of the bed is "our" side, as he shares my pillow, purring wildly until he falls to sleep. He is truly one-of-a-kind, my friend and confidente.

Above is a photo of J.R. -in High Def no less. It is by far the best pix of my pal I've ever taken, marrying my love of my cat with that of my new iphone 4. And now that I can also post video clips to scribbles thanks to my new device, you can bet you'll be seeing more of J.R. and other special moments, over and over again.

"Meow meow" little buddy -your daddy loves you VERY much!

REMEMBER: You can now click on our featured photos to view larger versions of them

Merry Proulx Wins our First-Ever "Instant Win" Call-in Contest

This week we offered readers a chance to win a DVD copy of The Planet of the Apes and an adorable plush toy monkey in our "Monkey Business Contest'. Unlike most of our contests where you submit your entry and wait for our draw date to see if you win, we did it a little differently this time around.

To win the prizes, we asked you to be the first person to call scribbles at 7 pm Thursday night and the minute the clock struck 7, scribbles phone line rang. "Scribbles Prize Hotline", I answered, "Who's calling please?"

"It's me Merry" the caller answered, "I waited until the newscast was over and made my call"

And just like that, Merry Proulx became the winner of our latest contest. Congratulations Merry, I knew your pattern of being the first one to enter our contests would pay off someday.

We have a new contest coming next week -Stay tuned!

Brock Centre for the Arts launches new magazine
article and photo from THE BROCK NEWS posted by SAM

Michael Chess reads Niagara Centre Stage Experience

Those wanting the scoop on the best artists coming to Brock need look no further than 48 glossy pages.

Niagara Centre Stage Experience, a new magazine from the Centre for the Arts, will keep Niagara informed about upcoming programs and appearances. Michael Chess, marketing production co-ordinator, sees it as eventually becoming a go-to publication for the regional performing arts scene, with features on singers, dancers, and local productions.

Centre Stage will launch this month with a variety of stories focusing on upcoming artists performing at the Centre for the Arts, especially those who aren’t commonly known, Chess said.

“Not all of our acts are household names, but all of our acts are hand-picked for their high level of quality,” he said. “The magazine will give people insight into why we’re booking these acts. A lot of people have told us that the best shows they’ve seen here are by the acts they’ve never heard of.

“We encourage people to take a chance on these artists and discover something new. Not everyone knew Leahy when they first appeared here in 1997. Now they are kicking off our season with a sold out performance.”
The magazine replaces a smaller, digest-sized black and white playbill that was distributed at Centre for the Arts shows.

The first issue, published this month, will be distributed to all show attendees, around campus and at partnering businesses such as the Pen Centre, Critelli’s Fine Furniture and The Office Tap and Grill. The magazine will be released three times a year. Eventually, it could have wider distribution and direct home delivery, Chess said.
The first issue includes a cover story with Grammy-winning hit maker Richard Marx, as well as articles on influential dancer/choreographer Alvin Ailey and Legends Revisited, a series of shows paying tribute to legendary artists.

As for the magazine’s future content, Chess is also open to suggestions.

“It’ll be interesting to see how it evolves as we make the move downtown, and with input from members, sponsors and other arts groups,” he said.

The premiere edition of Niagara Centre Stage Experience is available digitally at arts.brocku.ca.

Oct 22, 2010

Oct 21, 2010

Pumpkin Palooza

Rob's nephew Derek poses with a great pumpkin that weighs in at over 500 lbs! This photo was taken when Rob took Derek & his little sister JoAnna to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect one to turn into a Jack-o-Lattern.

My mom Joan Storie and her friend Bob Miller are all smiles as they pose for a pix at a local farm. The farmer sells fresh fruit and vegetables and mom was impressed with all the festive displays. After purchasing some just-picked apples and other fresh delights, the sexy seniors enjoyed a leisurely Sunday drive before heading home with their purchases.

Yes, you have seen these photos of my nephew Patrick in the pumpkin patch in scribbles before. What can I say? These ones are true classics and always make me smile and think of what it was like to be a kid at Halloween.

Man Alive...My Nephew's Now Five!

Seems like only yesterday when I was holding my little nephew Graham Clark-Storie in my arms, singing him a lullaby. Now this very special wee guy is 5 years old!! My family gathered at Graham's parents (Jane & Ken) apartment recently to celebrate the big event. There were balloons and food, cake and gifts, all which delighted Graham. To see just how excited he was, check out the video clip posted below. We're singing Happy Birthday and even Graham gets in on the song. 

Thanks for another memorable birthday party "Sister" Jane & Ken, we all had a great time, although old Uncle Ken still can't believe "Master Snuggletuff" is 5 years old!

Purple Reigns, Purple Reigns

Were you one of the many people across North America who wore purple on Oct. 20th to show your support for the LGBT community?  The Spirit Day campaign asked people to wear purple that day to stand up against bullying and harrassment towards gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth. A way to let them know it's OK to be gay and that their lives are important.

Several of my work colleagues, family and friends joined the cause on Oct. 20th wearing something purple throughout the day. Seen above are (Clockwise after me) Pam Hopkins, Diane Murray, Laura Degraaf, Katie Lacey, Angela O'Neill-Whiteley, Joan Storie, Timmi, Amanda Bergsma, Shae D. Davidson and Megan Fox.

Spirit Day may be over, but the cause is not. Keep the message going loud and proud. Stand up against homophobia and hate crimes towards the LGBT community and other minorities. No one should take their life because they are made to feel that their orientation is somehow evil or wrong. Gay or straight, no one deserves hate.

Thanks for making a difference on Oct 20th and every day.


"Tomorrow Will Be Better" -featuring Hillary Clinton

"It Gets Better" featuring Google Employees

Adam Lambert "It Gets Better" Message


 Rats, Bats & Creepy Things Like That

Readers Reveal Things That They are Afraid of for scribbles Scary Stuff contest

For scribbles Scary Stuff contest, we asked you to tell us things that you are afraid of. There was no shortage of answers, as many of you showed that one thing you certainly aren’t afraid of is entering scribbles contests…LOL!

Some of your responses were no surprise. Many readers told us they are afraid of rats, bats, snakes, bees, centipedes, Dracula and “creepie crawlies” (I’ve got to agree with you on that one –I hate “creepie crawlies” too.)

One reader told us, “I am afraid of creepy crawlies. As a child if I came across such a critter I would scream at the top of my lungs for my parents to come “save me” from it…which would result in them killing and flushing the bug.
As I got older, from time to time my parents weren’t around when one of these creepy guys came out from hiding, so I would grab my sisters Doc Martin sandals (which were extremely heavy) and drop it on the bug. Later when my mom came home she knew that a mysterious sandal sitting in the middle of a room most likely meant there was some sort bug underneath it for her to clean up.”
Another friend revealed,I am terrified of snakes, Been known to jump up on a picnic table at my trailer when I once saw 5 of them… looked like the Mom who was about 5 feet long and with her babies about 2 feet long, run by me at the side of the road. I screamed me head off with fear... I have no idea what type they were just that they mortified me.”
Not everyone who responded picked critters and snakes. Some other things our readers said they were afraid of included the following.
“I’m scared of small enclosed spaces – very claustrophobic!!!!!”
“I am afraid of driving on the QEW, 401 etc”

"I am afraid of those awful creaking sounds when the house is settling at night. That has always freaked me out because you don’t know if it's a spooky ghost or just the cat walking across the floor.”
“Movies where you can hear children giggling and it's like dark and secluded...think Blair Witch Project....creepy!!”
“Well, I am afraid of elevators (claustrophobic), being alone in the dark, and coming face to face with a fox on a trail.”
“Something I’m scare of is being ill prepared to meet life’s challenges.”
“Anything happening to my family and friends. I always have cared deeply for everyone I know and want whatever is the best for them. So it scares me to think that I can't always protect them or make them smile.”
Throughout all the great spooky replies, there was one answer that received the most votes.  SPIDERS are the number one thing most of our entrants said scare the poop out of them. Depending upon the type of spider, I guess I would have to agree with that one too.

Our Contest Winner Is:
Rob Dennis
Congratulations Rob, you will receive our Scary Stuff prize package which includes the DVS's: Fright Night, Planet of the Apes, Alfred Hitchcock & Deliverance. You will also receive microwavable popcorn and a creepy purple skeleton, all perfect for a scary night at home. Enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who entered this contest: Jackie Hughes, Jenn Hughes, Gary Cremer, Pam Hopkins, Joan Storie, Tammie Holditch, Laura Degraaf, Christine Manjeh, Jane Storie, Diane Murray, Merry Proulx, Rob Dennis, Patti Nault, Mikol Zarhorchak, Julia Eckert and David Nelson. As always, we put all your names in our draw container and one was randomly selected as the winner.

And just in case you think this one was rigged because Rob won, I assure you it wasn't (what's the fun in cheating?) All the names were folded up and placed in a big cup. Then shuffled around and one was picked at random...and it was Rob's. He even asked "Gee should we pick again?" Absolutely not! Anyone of the names in the cup could have been drawn and if we're going to start eliminating names of people who have won before or are my friends or family, well guess what? No one would ever win!  Scribbles prides itself in being fair to everyone.

William Loves His New Little Sister

Next to facebook, scribbles was one of the first places you could find photos of baby Kiera Mae Blythin. Kiera arrived Sept. 22nd, to proud parents Ginger & Neil. This week, Ginger and her brother dropped by Talk Wireless' Niagara Falls location with Kiera and her "big brother" William.

What a sweetie Kiera is and William just adores his little sister, giving her kisses and calling her "baby". It was very cute the way he interacted with her as Ginger's brother and I snapped up pix of them with our smartphones.

Thanks for bringing the wee ones in for a visit Gingee, it made Laura & I's day.

Oct 20, 2010

click on pix to enjoy large version

Blasting Off with our Pint-Sized Trick or Treaters

You're never too old or too young to enjoy Halloween. William Blythin is ready for his second Halloween, while it's his 6 week old sister Kiera's very first and as we see. they're suited up and ready for tricks or treats.

Kiera's cute little outfit even sports her name, while William is so excited about being an astronault that he's converted a cardboard box into his very own spaceship and won't let his daddy Neil throw it away. How adorable is that??

Dog Gone Adorable

We're all about introducing you to new readers and in many cases, our reader's amazing pets too. You first met Ginger & Neil Blythin on scribbles a few years ago when I started working with Gingee at Talk Wireless. We were also there when the couple welcomed the arrival of their first child William in 2008 and more recently their second child Kiera [both seen in the story above.]

With all the new faces popping up in the Blythin home over the past two years, we seem to have forgotten to share pix of their four-legged babies. Let us "paws" to do that now. Meet Guiness (above) and Lexy (below), the Blythin's lovable dogs. As we see above, Guiness was a cutie pattootie as a pup and just as awesome 'all grown up'.

Sorry it took us so long to feature your furry kids on scribbles Ginger & Neil, while putting your two-legged variety in the spotlight.

Oct 19, 2010

Teflon Man's Back in the Hot Seat While Big Dog Takes a Flying Leap

You saw our shameless political promos, now here's the results. Our scribbles friends Brian Heit and Dave Thompson were both voted in to represent their local ridings, in Ontario's recent Municipal Election. 

The role of St Catharines Regional Council is not new to incumbent Brian Heit (aka "Teflon Man" by his colleagues at Talk Wireless, thanks to moi). Heit was one of six appointed to that position, in a race that saw mud slinging and a baker's dozen of hopefuls in the running.

Meanwhile in Lincoln, Dave "Big Dog" Thompson entered the political arena for the first time. He literally took a flying leap while on the campaign trail. He was hit by a truck while distributing campaign flyers. Shaken and bruised but not seriously hurt, Dave took second place in his ward, securing him a seat on council as well.

Congratulations Brian & Dave, I hope you represent your "peeps" well.

[EDITORS NOTE: There were some questions as to why scribbles would feature political endorsements on our site. Brian Heit and Dave Thompson read scribbles and scribbles keeps you in touch with what our readers are up to. It is for this reason alone that we included Brian and Dave's political aspirations.]