Jun 28, 2013

Survey Results

The People Have Spoken

We recently offered readers a chance to tell us what they like and dislike about our website in our Scribbles Survey.

We asked, you spoke and we listened.

Our most popular features were of little surprise....All About You, Photos, Scribbles Videos and our Precious Pets were what most readers said they really loved the most and would like to see even more of.

The unanimous answer to our question of what you read the least or not at all was our Events section. We get that. After all, most of the events we included in our listings section were those happening in the Niagara region and - last time we checked - not everyone reading Scribbles lives in this area. So reading about events that are nowhere near where you actually live would be of little interest.

With that in mind, our Events listings have now been replaced with an Events Directory.  Here you will find a list of cities - places where many readers live - and by clicking on the link, you will be taken to a website that features events specific to each area. So whether you're in Niagara, Toronto, Ottawa or Nova Scotia, you should be able to easily find events for you to consider.

We were also told that our Support section was rarely read and as such, we have revamped that areas as well.  You will now find a Support Directory which is a link list to support services that may be of interest to you or a loved one.

The new Events and Support Directories can be find near the end of our right sidebar section.  The major portion of our sidebar will now be devoted to archived Scribbles Videos and popular past posts. What better way to revisit your favourite Scribbles features.

We discovered that most of you only read Scribbles when you receive an email notice telling you there is something new to check out. But there are also a great group of you who come to Scribbles every single day (and we must say, we kinda love you a little more for that....LOL)

We asked if you were interested in Scribbles swag such as T-shirts, Baseball caps and Collector's buttons.  While some of you admitted you wouldn't buy these items, some of you did and in one case price was no object,. with top price of $1000 offered for each...WOW!

Returning soon will be our Scribbles Spotlight, in which each week a different reader will be saluted. This has always been a blast when we featured it in the past and we are excited to relaunch it soon.

The winner in our random draw is STEVE SAUDER. Congratulations Steve, you will win your choice of a $15 Tim Horton's or Walmart Gift Card.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to respond to our survey. We want Scribbles to be everything you want it to be and your responses will help us do just that.


The Graduates

Congratulations to our pal Dale Eckert of Winnipeg, MB who is seen above getting his graduation certificate from his Grade 5 teacher.

Look out middle school, Dale is headed your way this Fall!
Above: Our pal Jack McParland of Renfrew, ON was all smiles when he received a Citizenship Award at school. 

 Congratulations to Jade Eckert for winning the Student Success Award at her grad.

Bobbi Jo Kalen with another happy grad 

Patrick Eckert's Grade 6 graduation class letting loose


A notable message we found on a friend's facebook page:

"So ----- You know you've had a rough day when your glasses fall off your face into the toilet when you're peeing. Geeees"
Because we love our friend, we won't say who this happened to, but it sure did make us laugh.

Jun 26, 2013


One Year Later, We Remember Our Friend Sensei

There are few things quite as painful as saying goodbye to a beloved pet. That's no doubt because there are few things that compare to the special relationship we share with them. They love us unconditionally and they never judge. They don't care if we're having a bad hair day or run away from us in times of trouble. Nothing compares to the love between man and pet and nothing compares to the loss we feel when we have to say goodbye.

My mother Joan adopted Sensei in 2003 and it didn't take us long to fall in love with the quiet kitten with ears he would never quite grow in to. Although she had cats in her home for most of her life, mom would often say Sensei was one-of-a-kind. "He's the only cat I've ever had who acted more like a dog than a cat" said mom.

Sensei's "brother" was Timmi -the infamous dog who first started off as being mom's and whom I share "joint custody" of to this day. Sensei and Timmi loved to play and Timmi occasionally liked to make love not war by humping Sensei until he'd had enough of the dirty little dog and would jump up somewhere safe, knowing the stubby-legged mutt couldn't follow him.

Whenever my mother went on vacation, I would spend lots of time with Sensei, usually bringing Timmi along for a conjugal visit or a play fight with his bosom buddy. Those visits were also the only time Sensei would "talk" to me, obviously glad to have company. Yet the very minute my mother would return from holidays, Sensei would once again resume speaking only to her, no matter how much I would try to bribe him to show her that he really could talk to me too.

Sensei left us on June 26, 2012 after a brief illness and although an entire year has now passed, we will never forget our special little friend.


In Memory of Sensei - One Year Later...


Timmi and I enjoyed the first day of Summer at Happy Rolph's Bird Sanctuary & Petting Zoo, where we didn't care who was looking -we just HAD to share some kisses.  LOL


No Twinkie comeback in Canada, manufacturer says

Jun 24, 2013


"My Epic Comic Con Weekend!"

For months [my friend Melisa Sider and I] were anticipating this one weekend, where we could throw away our cares and dress up and have some fun!

No I am not talking about Halloween I am talking of course about the Niagara Falls Comic Con and this year we were doing cosplay (Costume play).

For those of you not familiar with what a Comic Con is let me educate you a little on the matter, A Comic Con which stands for Comic Convention is usually a gathering of Comic book stores from or just outside the region,Vendors selling such wares as Art, collectible Figurines, jewelry and other items which are handmade and usually fall into the genre of sci-fi or shows and movies with a cult following also various celebrity guests who will sign an autograph or take a photo for a fee are often there as well.

My personal experience was amazing, ...I got my dress and crinoline (note to anyone: Never wear a crinoline if you can help it, it was hot and annoying) after that I did my hair which was an easy task seeing as how I have a natural flip to the back of my hair and the character I was cosplaying does too! Makeup and crown on and voila I was Princess Daisy from Mario brothers and I looked awesome!

Melisa and I looked adorable and got many looks as we exited the car with pointing and smiling, we waited in line a short while and we were in.

I got to get my picture with Star Wars guys like Boba Fett and Darth Vader (not the actors they wanted too much money, but some other cosplayers like ourselves with awesome outfits).

I met Paul Jones who is Special Effects God...he has done so many movies that I love including Bride of Chucky and the Silent Hill films and recently he worked on my favorite TV show Warehouse 13. He was super nice and chatted with me about his work, he was so humble it was amazing.

There was so much to look at and we spend hours drifting around and checking out the displays and artists.  Melisa and I entered the costume contest and to make a long story short, we did not get to perform our skit nor did we find out if we even qualified as it was not organized very well.

We went back Sunday expecting to find out the results only to find out they had been decided Saturday...after we went up on stage and showed off our look, we went for lunch so we missed them naming the winners...so we were upset about that!

But the positives outweighed that negative experience, we met so many great people, like Doctar St EVIL and Roxy Dark knight the cross dressing cosplayer. Check Her/Him out on facebook, he/she is an amazing person and a lot of fun to talk to!

We met some cosplayers from Toronto who do incredible jobs on their outfits and characters! Like Rogue and Gambit from the Toronto X-men who were easy going and super nice! No matter how good or bad your costume was (and there were some bad ones) No one really judged you on that, they said awesome effort and asked for a picture, it made you feel great! 

I think the best part of the whole weekend was all the little girls who came up and asked up for pictures with the Princesses, that made my day!

I am super excited for next year's Comic Con.and hope to see the new friends I made at this one.

by Tammie Holditch (Princess Daisy)

Jun 23, 2013


Local residents do some fishing as the largest full moon of 2013, also referred to as a "super moon," rises in Little Rock California, June 22, 2013. Picture taken June 22, 2013. REUTERS/Gene Blevins


What a happy baby! Watch what happens as an elephant crashes the pool party: http://bit.ly/12fdZzs

Jun 21, 2013

Scribbles Video

Her Lessons Have Really Paid Off

A few years ago, our friend Joan Storie began taking piano lessons.

As she'd be the first to admit, initially she found the lessons somewhat difficult. But with lots of practice, patience and several instructors later, Joan has gotten much better at tickling the ivories.

Don't believe us? Take a look at this brief clip of Mrs. Storie at her piano-playing finest.

Jun 19, 2013


Season four of NBC's hit 'The Voice' crowned its winner Tuesday night, with 16 year old Danielle Bradbury taking home the title.

Runners up Michelle Chamuel and The Swon Brothers amazed us throughout the season, as we watched them grow vocally and as performers, but it was America's sweetheart Danielle Bradbury who stole our hearts and topped the itunes charts week after week.

Prior to appearing on The Voice, this young country star had never sang in front of an audience before, with her bedroom being the place she fine tuned her amazingly strong voice.  In fact it was Danielle's mother who saw her daughter's star potential and signed her up for the singing competition.

Hosted by Carson Daily,  The Voice features four celebrity coaches (Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and joining the cast this season Usher and Shakira) whose initial exposure to the would-be artists is based strictly upon their voice.

Unlike FOX's American Idol, which has seen a large drop in viewers, The Voice has continued to grow and top the ratings.

If you haven't heard of Danielle Bradbury, you soon will. This teen sensation is headed for big success and could easily follow in the steps of Carrie Underwood. 

You Tube Danielle Bradbury (and the runner ups) to see why this was The Voice's finest season yet.

Music Video

Woman's World HD Video with Lyrics...

Jun 18, 2013


Out for a Spin

While heading into a local thrift shop, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this dog as he waited for his owner to return and take him for a ride.  Don't worry, the patient pooch is leashed in place and his owner was back with him in mere minutes.

Jun 17, 2013


The Great Gonish Turns 4

Our buddy Dave Webber in Port Colborne was pleased to tell his facebook friends that her and husband Chris's dog Gonish is now 4 years old.

Hard to believe it's been 4 years since that lovable little puppy came roaring into your lives guys and we're betting the farm that you'll have something extra-special planned for today.

Happy birthday Gonish (bow woo wow)

Jun 16, 2013


The Dennis family -photo courtesy Brandy Cosby
Double the Fun

Heather and Rodney Dennis are proud to announce the arrival of Kayla Christine and Maia Elizabeth who made their debut on Fri. Jun. 14. Both beautiful babies weighed in at 6 lbs 9oz and arrived at 5:12 am (Kayla) and 5:18 am (Maia).

Congratulations Heather and Rodney, the Dennis household will surely be an exciting place once everyone is home.

Kayla & Maia - Alina & Kade with their baby sisters - photos courtesy Brandy Cosby

Fathers Day '13

Bobby Rock enjoys a tender moment with his wonderful kids, in the photo posted on his facebook page on Father's Day

Sunday was Father's Day and Scribbles salutes all those great dad's out there who bring joy and happiness to our lives.

This year, we introduce something new....Scribbles Father of the Year. A dad who we think is great and worthy of a little extra recognition.

Check out the following Scribbles Video to find out who our very first Father of the Year is.


at the end of our FATHER'S DAY section

A Few More Great Dads!



DOUG & KEN FARQUHARSON -Father & Son Dad's
PETER PRINCE and although the girl with him looks young enough to be his daughter, it is actually his wife JEANNE
ERNIE DICK and his harem (LOL)

Happy Father's Day!

Jun 15, 2013


Steven Tyler: 'I wasn't honest on 'Idol''
By WENN.com

Rocker Steven Tyler has revealed he was far from honest when he was a judge on American Idol because he let too many singers he didn't care for make it through to the finals.

The Aerosmith frontman spent two seasons on the TV talent show alongside Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez before he quit last year and now he admits that although he liked being a judge, he didn't have the necessary mean streak to tell wannabes they couldn't sing.

Appearing on shock jock Howard Stern's radio show on Wednesday, Tyler said, "The format was supposed to be take the p**s out of people, so it's good TV, and I was gentle because I couldn't imagine telling some girl... she sucks and she can't sing, so then for the rest of her life she's not singing."

Tyler also told Stern why he signed on for the show in the first place: "I took it because I was p**sed off at the band (Aerosmith). I fell offstage and nobody called me."

Prior to his debut on the show, Tyler checked into rehab to kick his substance abuse habit after falling offstage at an Aerosmith concert in Canada in 2010 and he also announced plans to temporarily leave the band.

He has since rejoined Aerosmith and is currently touring the world with the rock act.

Jun 14, 2013


Dear Emotionally & Mentally Battered Kenny:

It's me, your inner child, your soul, your spirit, your very being. I know we haven't spoken much lately, but I understand because you have had a lot of pretty ugly things going on lately.

Sure wish I could make the hurt go away or provide you with some insight as to why all these events happened, but even I don't have the answers to those ones.

I want you to know that I am still here for you, just like all those wonderful friends who have reached out to you offering comfort and hope. We have actually never gone away, you just sometimes couldn't see us with all the toxins in the air.

Let's run away together, back to those days when we were carefree and happy with life and more importantly happy within our self. I will help you. Don't feel defeated if you still feel kinda beat up, you are allowed to feel that way while you heal.

Come back Kenny, back within yourself where it is always a safe haven. Back to where your inner beauty shines brightly and will cut through even the darkest of clouds.

I am still here and I always will be.