Jun 26, 2013


One Year Later, We Remember Our Friend Sensei

There are few things quite as painful as saying goodbye to a beloved pet. That's no doubt because there are few things that compare to the special relationship we share with them. They love us unconditionally and they never judge. They don't care if we're having a bad hair day or run away from us in times of trouble. Nothing compares to the love between man and pet and nothing compares to the loss we feel when we have to say goodbye.

My mother Joan adopted Sensei in 2003 and it didn't take us long to fall in love with the quiet kitten with ears he would never quite grow in to. Although she had cats in her home for most of her life, mom would often say Sensei was one-of-a-kind. "He's the only cat I've ever had who acted more like a dog than a cat" said mom.

Sensei's "brother" was Timmi -the infamous dog who first started off as being mom's and whom I share "joint custody" of to this day. Sensei and Timmi loved to play and Timmi occasionally liked to make love not war by humping Sensei until he'd had enough of the dirty little dog and would jump up somewhere safe, knowing the stubby-legged mutt couldn't follow him.

Whenever my mother went on vacation, I would spend lots of time with Sensei, usually bringing Timmi along for a conjugal visit or a play fight with his bosom buddy. Those visits were also the only time Sensei would "talk" to me, obviously glad to have company. Yet the very minute my mother would return from holidays, Sensei would once again resume speaking only to her, no matter how much I would try to bribe him to show her that he really could talk to me too.

Sensei left us on June 26, 2012 after a brief illness and although an entire year has now passed, we will never forget our special little friend.


In Memory of Sensei - One Year Later...