May 31, 2020

VIDEO | Powerful Performance of Hope & Determination

America's Got Talent's 15th season debuted last Tuesday, with a vast array of talent and Modern Family's Sophia Vergara joining the judges panel.

But hands down, the evenings showstopper was 59 year old Archie Williams. Archie's story comes at a time when the relationship between African Americans and law enforcement has once again become violent and volatile.

What happened to Archie? We'll let him tell you himself in this clip from AGT.

May 29, 2020

A Message from Pride Niagara...

By doing our part to ensure the health and safety of our community Pride Niagara will not be hosting our usual Niagara Pride week Festival however we are taking our events and celebrations virtual!

We're starting Sat. May 30th with Pride Niagara Drag Queen Story Time at Silver Spire United Church. Pride Niagara is excited to work with Silver Spire United Church again for Drag Queen Story Time! A family event for all ages. Virtual Storytime with local drag queens Macy Manolo, and Empress Claudia Silva for some LGBTQ+ positive stories followed by an open Q&A.

Join us Mon. June 1st for our 16th Annual Rainbow Flag Raising Ceremony With a video presentation for all participating municipality raising a pride flag and a 30 second video from municipality representative celebrating pride.

Fri. June 5th the Pride Niagara 7th Annual Niagara UNITY Awards. These awards showcase the important successes of individuals and groups that have made an impact for the LGBTQ+ community here in the Niagara Region. At times like this acknowledging our strengths as a community is key to our health and safety. This virtual award gala is hosted by Mr. Pride Niagara Chase Heart & Miss Pride Niagara Hellen Heelz and special guest performance by Miss Conception !

And it’s not a Pride Celebration with out some amazing Drag performers and Niagara has some of the best! Details to follow VERY SOON 


May 27, 2020


Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that’s what makes you strong

– Sarah Dessen

May 24, 2020

Petite Birthday Girl

Life is not a waste as long as there is at least one person in the world who cares for you. So when things go wrong and you feel like giving up – remember you’ve got me

May 19, 2020



You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens

Dynamic Duo Have Hearts of Gold

humour....Quarantine Craziness

video....Talking Pup

One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you can’t change

"May-pril" Fool's Day

If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, 
never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again

– Flavia Weedn

listen up....

The Time Our Pal Hazel Met Elvis & Johnny Cash

   Scribbles Pal Shares Her Story & Photos...  

In 2013 our friend Hazel of St Catharines shared some great memories and astonishing photos with Scribbles. Back in the day when Hazel’s husband Maynard was alive, the happy couple loved to travel and were huge fans of Country Music stars.

Hazel told of us a 1972 excursion in which they saw Elvis Presley and met Johnny Cash.

“We were on a Summer holiday to Nashville and Memphis”, says Hazel, referring to herself, Maynard and their young sons.

They were taking pictures of Elvis Presley’s mansion when all of a sudden “the man himself” drove past them on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Hazel says she was shaking so much when she tried to take a picture that all she got was the front of Elvis’ bike.

Hazel & Maynard would have much better success when it came time to visit the home of the Man in Black, Johnny Cash.

“We were there to take pictures of the house, never thinking we would see the great man himself” Hazel told Scribbles. “[When] down the driveway he comes in his Caddy with his wife June Carter Cash and little boy John Carter Cash.”

“They stopped to chat, asked where we were from and said it was nice of us to drive that distance to visit Nashville.” said Hazel, adding that little John was eating a raw hot dog while sitting on his dad's lap.

As if that weren’t thrill enough, “[Johnny] shook hands all around, even the boys, then said they were going over to visit his daddy who just lived a half mile away.” added Hazel. “[It] was nice to see him and he had no gate or security at his driveway, a good old Country boy.”

Hazel told us they saw Johnny Cash in concert several times and we’re pretty sure after meeting him in person those shows were more memorable than ever.

What an amazing story, an experience of a lifetime, complete with the photos to prove it really did happen and we really want to thank Hazel for sharing them with Scribbles (talk about a real ‘exclusive’!)

Hazel told us she could easily write a book about Country stars. If those adventures are anything like this one, we’d be thrilled to hear all about them.

Do you a celebrity story to share with your Scribbles friends? Contact us today.

silliness...The Book of Kenneth

And Kenneth cast his eyes out his window and proclaimed, “Thy grass is long and thy yard is untidy. I shall walkith outside and fix this.”

And god said, “Praise be."

And Kenneth cut the tall blades of grass, raked the leaves and swept up the patio. He cleaned and arranged lawn furniture and organized thy extremely rusty, but still functional storage shed.

And god said “This pleases me my child.”

And Kenneth continued, stopping only to pet visiting cats and to enjoy a coffee & donut which his neighbours had brought forth as a token of appreciation for Kenneth having cut their grass as well.

He worked for what felt like 40 days and 40 nights, not wanting to stop until all was done to his desire.

And Kenneth completed his tasks and returnith indoors. Hungry from all he had done, he broke bread and drankith wine - in the form of a pair of pizza pockets and a glass of milk.

And Kenneth was happy about all he had accomplished and grateful for the food that had nourished him.

But alas, soon Kenneth began to feel sore. Pain ravished his shoulders, his back, his legs and his feet. He took his medications, yet thy pain continued.

And Kenneth cried out “Why has thou brought such pain upon me? Weren’t thou pleased with all I have achieved?”

And god replied, “That’ll teach thee to mock my words, you aging, little smart ass.”

And Kenneth lamented.

And god usual.... had the last laugh.

May 18, 2020

ADHD ...Looking from Within

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself

May 10, 2020

scribbles quick clip...Happy Mother's Day

No matter how much I say I love you, I always love you more than that.

May 9, 2020

 May 8, 2020

Hi Everyone,

If you’re like me and really enjoy game shows & quizzes, then you’re going to love this special edition. All our new posts today are game related, including two new game show Scribbles videos that you get to participate in.

The “biggie” is a game I came up with called Midway. The premise of the game is to figure out a missing word associated with words provided on screen. It will make much more sense once you actually watch it. This video is hands down the most complex I’ve ever created and you’ll see what I mean by that when you check it out (oh, and for more silliness, our hippie pal Klyde makes an appearance and there's some tongue-tied bloopers too!)

Our second game is Name That Tune, loosely based on the classic TV game show of the same name. The music you get to identify are the opening jingles from many popular game shows and if I had to rank the level of difficulty involved, I’d have to say it should be fairly easy to figure them all out.

You’ll also find a quiz that tests your knowledge of some of TV’s most beloved game shows, past & present... it’s a bit more challenging.

If you want to test how observant you are, we have a Spot the Differences photo challenge. Two seemingly identical photos are featured, but if you look closely you’ll see there’s actually 10 things different about the second pix. Will you be able to spot them all?

We complete our special edition with info and actual episodes of some very popular TV game shows. I found them on You Tube, which was actually what inspired me to create this special game edition.

Because of all the fun and games, there’s no posts about cute kids or funny pets this week, but rest assured all that fun stuff returns in the next edition, which I’m already plotting out (my creativity seems to never rest....great news for Scribbles fans.)

Now, set aside some “you time”, grab your paper and pen and get ready for some fun.

Game on my friends, game on.

May 8, 2020

quiz....How Well Do You Know Your Game Shows?

No need to spin a wheel, pick a door or solve a puzzle. All you need for this quiz is a good knowledge about TV game shows. Think you’re pretty good? Let’s see...

1. On this popular game show, you lose all your money and prizes if you stop on a Whammy. What’s the name of the show?

2. Paul Lynde was often the “centre square” on what star-studded game show?

 3.  Behind 25 numbered squares there was a drawing that represented a well known saying. Each numbered square also featured a prize. Contestants selected numbers looking to pair off two squares with the same prize on them. When they were successful, two more pieces of the drawing were then revealed. The winner was the first contestant to solve the drawing. Concentrate now. What the heck was this game called?

4. On Let’s Make a Deal when a contestant picked a door or curtain with a junky/joke type prize behind it, they called that a ____________.

5. On The Price is Right, what is the name of the game where a yodeling character gradually climbs up a mountain for each dollar the contestant is away from the correct price of a prize.

6. This prime time game show featured 26 beautiful models (including future Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle) each with a briefcase beside them. Inside each case was a dollar amount ranging from a penny to one million dollars. Name this show.

7. Similar to The Newlywed Game (except this time the couples were celebrities) the wives remained in a sound-proof room while their husband’s answered odd questions. The wives would then reveal their answers, winning money for members of the studio audience each time they matched their hubby’s. In the second round, the couples switched spots, winning even more money for their section of the crowd. What was this game called?

8. In 1977 ABC debuted a game called Second Chance, where contestants won spins on a large electronic game board by correctly answering questions. The game board featured squares with dollar amounts and various prizes. There were also squares with devils on them. When the game board was in action, lights randomly lit up around the board. Contestants stopped the moving lights by hitting a button in front of them. Whatever was lit up when they stopped was their prize. But if a contestant landed on a devil, they lost all their cash & prizes. If they accumulated four devils they were out of the game. The short-lived game was cancelled after only 4 brief months but it returned on CBS in 1983 with a new name and other big changes and became an instant hit. Can you name the show?

9. Although this game has had various hosts, it is Dick Clark that most viewers think of when remembering it. What is the game called?

10. What game would you find 6 celebrities answering silly questions such as: “A bald man complained, “My wife thinks my head is an egg! Last night she tried to [BLANK] it.”

And here is our tricky BONUS QUESTION…

The Price is Right has had a few different formats and hosts over the years. Which of the following have hosted the show (there’s more than one correct name) [a] Bob Barker [b] Bill Cullen [c]. Doug Davidson (best known as Paul on Young & the Restless) [d] Monty Hall [e] Drew Carey


1. Press Your Luck 2. The Hollywood Squares 3. Concentration 4. A junk or joke prize on Let’s Make a Deal is called a Zonk 5. Cliffhanger 6. Deal or No Deal 7. Tattletales 8. Press Your Luck (yep…again!) 9. The $25,000 Pyramid …but any of the shows titles (such as The $10,000 Pyramid or The $100,00 Pyramid) is acceptable 10. Match Game

BONUS QUESTION ANSWER: Of the 5 choices, 4 of them hosted The Price is Right. Monty Hall did NOT host the show, but Doug Davidson (from Y&R) DID host the half hour syndicated version of the show for 5 brief months. Bill Cullen was the host of the original Price is Right from the 1950's. Did we fool you?

So how did you do?

If you got them all right including the bonus question, “Come on down”… you are indeed a game show expert.

7-10 correct, we’re not feuding, you really know your games.

4-6 correct, don’t press your luck, there’s room for improvement.

And if you got 0-3 correct, well you don’t know your game shows from your [BLANK] LOL!

Classic Game Shows

It was quite by accident that a few months ago (around the time that "lockdown" began), I discovered there's a plethera of old game show episodes available to watch on You Tube. Now rarely a day passes by that I don't watch at least a few episodes (and often "a few" has turned into several hours of auto play.)

Does this make me a game show guru? Not really, but I was inspired to create 'Midway' and I have done plenty of research all about the classics.

Here's a few of my favourites.


Concentration aired on and off from 1958 to 1991. The game consists of a puzzle type board featuring 25 numbered squares. Behind the squares are prizes and behind those a drawing that represents a popular saying. The contestant who solved the puzzle won the pries they accumulated and a chance at to win a car. In 1987 the show returned as Classic Concentration hosted by Alex Trebek.

Despite attempts at bringing the game back, NBCUniversal, which owns the rights to Concentration, has yet to authorize a new version.

Sale of the Century

Sale of the Century originally ran from 1969-1973 and returned for 6 years from 1983-1989 (hosted by Canadian game show star Jim Perry.)

The premise had high cost prizes made available for a mere fraction of what they actually cost. A leather jacket for $10, a new car for $600? Yep. On Sale of the Century this was possible. Of course the "catch" was that contestants won very low dollar amounts. It was not unusual for the day's big winner to have less than $100 as their total earnings, meaning that $600 car would only be possible to get by returning...and winning, several consecutive episodes.

One of the things I liked best about this show was the way the announcer said "Sale of the Century" at the beginning of each show.  The word "Sale" was loud and echoed like he was in a cavern somewhere, and always made me smile.


Surprisingly, Blockbusters (US version) only aired for a brief period of time, first on NBC from 1980-1982 and then a brief 5 month run in 1987. The original version was hosted by the legendary Bill Cullen, who played host to 18 games shows throughout his career.

The game was played on a board that consisted of four interlocking rows of five hexagons. On each hexagon there was a different letter of the alphabet, which represented the first letter of the correct answer to a question. For example, if the letter P was chosen, a sample question might be: "What 'P' is a North American mammal whose body is covered with thousands of bristles called quills?", in which case the correct answer would be "Porcupine". Contestants attempted to correctly answer a row of hexagon questions to win.

Not sure why I like this one so much. Possibly it's because Bill Cullen was a charming gentleman who often veered off script, interjecting his quirky humour within the game play. But more likely, I enjoyed this show because unlike shows like 'Jeopardy' or 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire', I actually knew the correct answers to many of the questions.