Aug 31, 2018

ART | Abstract Expressionism

"A Nature Walk or Carbon Footprint -You Decide"

Reposted from 2016. Acrylic on Gallery Stretched canvas. 22"x30". With texture paint and metallic paint. Abstract Expressionism original by Amy Ballett

Aug 28, 2018

IN MEMORIAM | A Tribute to Timmi

There's so much I feel compelled to write about, yet wonder if the tribute video below isn't explanation enough.

I miss Timmi so much!  He was indeed "high maintenance" as my mom is best noted for saying. But I got used to it. And as he got older and frailer, the maintenance increased, but I was already doing stuff, so what's a few more minutes here and there?  

The fact is Timmi was by my side every day.  It didn't matter if I was depressed, anxious or having a lot of pain, I still had to take him for a walk every day. Rain or shine. He was a good motivator, whether he
knew it or not.

I remember when Timmi was at the vet's a year ago, he had to get a new band aid for his paw and he was being, well let's just say, silly. When we were leaving the girl at the reception desk was talking to me about my crazy child. She said he could be a bit of a "drama queen" at times, and the thing was, she was absolutely right, so how could I tell her she was wrong?

Call him what they may, Timmi was a very good little dog. He didn't care for other dogs as he got older, but otherwise he was very quiet and friendly with adults & kids and was surrounded by cats everywhere he lived... I swear he thought he was one of the felines at times.

Thank you again for your condolences. They mean a lot. He was a popular pooch who will be missed by many.
I have been reclusive the last few days which is understandable. I am using the time to grieve and create tributes in the form of my fake Timmi and the video below. It might take me a while to get used to this's a biggie.

I hope you enjoy Timmi's Tale, which features lots of photos and video clips featuring Timmi with many of you.


SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Meet "Fake Timmi"... 

Demon Be Gone!

Tues. Sept. 18 marked exactly 3 weeks without Timmi. I am slowly adapting to not having him around but admit I think of him every day and it is difficult to go to sleep at night when I am so used to him laying beside me on the bed. 

Miss Kitty has adapted a little better. Although she was looking around for Timmi the first week or so after he passed away, Kitty seems to be okay with being the only pet in the house and getting all the extra attention. 

Meanwhile “Fake Timmi” has had an eye job. My mom said the gems in his eyes made him look kinda spooky, so I replaced them with smaller gems. 

Mom was right. It now looks more like Timmi and less like he’s possessed by a demon as we see in this before and after pix.

Here is the announcement of Timmi's passing

It is with much sadness that I share with you that my little pal Timmi has passed away.

As you know, he had not been feeling well over the past few weeks. Despite a visit to the vet last Thursday and antibiotics, his condition became much worse over the past day or two.

In his own way, he let me know this morning that it was his time to cross over.

Although there is a slight sense of relief in knowing my buddy is no longer suffering life will be much different, no longer sharing each day with him by my side.

There are so many memories over his 14 years with us and I will do what I always do when someone I love passes away....create a memorial on Scribbles. This will happen when I feel up to it.

Thank you to my friend and neighbour Deanna for helping make today's goodbye experience less painful.

I will be in touch.

"Paws-itivily" Perfect

When we took Timmi to the humane society to end his suffering, there were various ways of remembering him, such as his ashes, an urn, etc. 

They also had clay imprints of your dog’s paw available, there were two models. As cost was a factor, I chose the smaller, less expensive version. 

The receptionist said that if I was creative I might be able to come up with a clever way of displaying the clay imprint. My friend Deanna, who had kindly taken us there, smiled (as did I) “Ummm, he’s definitely creative” she said.

The day I went to pick up the paw print, I first stopped at a local thrift store. I found a nice white candle holder for a buck and a little ceramic dog for 50 cents. When I got home, I hot glued the dog knick knack to the candle holder and then placed the paw print and an engraved rock my friend Becky had given me next to it.

Here’s the results of those efforts. Yes Deanna you were right... I am pretty creative.

ENCORE SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Love Will Keep Us Together

Created in 2013, Timmi and I share our love in this amusing video (with terrible lip synching...LOL)


Dear “Big Brother”:

It’s been 4 weeks since dad lovingly carried you out the door for the very last time. At first I kept watching for you to return. I looked in all the places you used to hang out. But you were nowhere to be found.

Dad kept telling me you weren’t coming back. At first I didn’t believe him, but as the days passed, I realized that sadly he was right. 

Dad cried a lot when you first left and sometimes without warning he still does. I have been extra affectionate to him as I think you would have wanted me to do that.

Even though you hardly ever barked or made noise, it is somehow much quieter around here without you.

I miss hiding and then jumping out when you walked by. You didn’t like that, but it always made me laugh because you fell for it every time.

And I really miss curling up beside you on the bed. You were the perfect sized furry little sidekick.

I hope you are happy where you are now and that you’re no longer sick.

Your “Little Sister”,
Miss Kitty

Aug 26, 2018

IN MEMORIAM | Bob Miller

The passing of our friend Bob Miller has had a profound affect on a lot of us. This is because Bob was many things to many people. Father, brother, husband, soulmate, mentor, counselor, photographer, fellow amateur radio enthusiast, crossing guard and of course one helluva friend. Each were titles he enjoyed to the fullest, took seriously and wore so well.

I had both a biological father and a step father yet the relationship I had with Bob was more meaningful and fulfilling than the other two combined. This is not intended as a slight, more an admission of what most already knew.

Bob was always so accepting and open with me. He was a huge fan of all things Scribbles and I hope somehow he's seeing this tribute section and wearing a big smile.

When asked once about his knowledge, I remember Bob stating "I know a little bit about a lot of things."

In actuality, Bob knew quite a lot and was only too pleased to share his wisdom with those who were eager to listen (and sometimes even with those who weren't.... LOL!)

There were many fond memories featuring Bob and my family, preserved within Scribbles vast archive of photos and videos.

It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking for me to look through those gems in the past 2 weeks, looking for what would make it to the tribute video that appears below.

Although I always enjoyed his company throughout the years, I must confess, I had the most memorable conversations with Bob during his final months with us. He lived within short walking distance of me and we would sit on his balcony and have the absolute finest of visits. Nothing was off limits and there was a peacefulness to those times that I will truly cherish forever.

Till we meet again my friend.

SCRIBBLES VIDEO  | Remembering Bob

Missing "Crossing Guard Bob"

In recent years, one of Bob Miller’s joys was being the crossing guard at the corner of Russell Ave & George St in St Catharines. Even when his health was not the best, he still ventured out each school day to assist the kids across the street.

His efforts did not go unnoticed. Someone has put a flower and a sign at the intersection Bob loved to watch over.

“Bob we’ll miss you” is what the sign says. And it is a sentiment many can relate to, myself most definitely included.

Butterflies Are Free...

Three times in the week following Bob's funeral a monarch butterfly fluttered around me when walking the dog. On one occasion, one flew around me in two locations including above my home at the end of our walk. 

Considering how much he loved nature and walks, it seems fitting I would be visited by a butterflies in this way.


One of Bob's many passions were his tropical fish, which he housed in MANY aquariums in his apartment. In 2014 I created the video below after visiting Bob and his fishies.


Robert "Bob" James Gill Miller [March 1, 1942 - August 12, 2018]

As the sun rose, Bob passed away peacefully on Sunday, August 12, 2018 in his 77th year. Loved and loving father to Jennifer (the late Bob) Harper and David Miller (Lindsy Reid). Godfather to Carol Ann Hayes. Jamie will miss his “Chosen Papa Bob”. Survived by brothers; Walter (Marg) of Mississauga and John (Betty) of Montreal, as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Predeceased by his parents John and Evelyn, his twin brother Douglas and sisters; Anne (Al) Farrell and Eleanor (the late Bill) Edmondson. Bob leaves behind many dear friends, especially Dave and Keith.

Bob treasured time spent with his children. He enjoyed “talking” and helping anyone however he could. His faith allowed him to follow God’s footprints. His church family and Bill W. friends guided him through his journey. Past-times were aquariums, photography, amateur radio and gun club.

Born March 1, 1942 in Montreal, he moved to Niagara in 1967, working at Domtar – Thorold office, various management positions at real estate boards in St. Catharines, Hamilton and Oshawa, Niagara Farm Labour Pool, counselling at Detox Centre, physio assistant at Hotel Dieu and the General hospitals, and in retirement “Crossing Guard Bob” at Russell Avenue and George Street.

The family thank the friends that were there for him to the end; Dave, Keith and Joyce, Jim, Will, to mention a few, as well as SCGH for making his final days as comfortable as possible.

A Memorial Service was held Saturday, August 18, 2018 at St. Thomas Anglican Church, 99 Ontario St. St. Catharines. Visitation was held [prior to] the service time. In lieu of flowers, donations made to the St. Thomas Building Fund would be appreciated. Arrangements entrusted to the Hulse & English Funeral Home & Chapel, 75 Church Street, St. Catharines (905-684-6346).

Online tributes remembering Bob may be read and added at

If there are any photos that you have seen in our tribute to Bob Miller [on the video or within the post] that you would like a copy of, I'd be happy to send those I have the rights to. Please email me at  

You give yourself permission to grieve by recognizing the need for grieving. 

Grieving is the natural way of working through the loss of a love

Grieving is not weakness nor absence of faith.

Grieving is as natural as crying when you are hurt, sleeping when you are tired or sneezing when your nose itches. It is nature's way of healing a broken heart.     

YOU | Surprising Jeanne on her Birthday

My cousin Jeanne, her daughter Megan, Megan's fiance Andy and their 10 month old son Joe paid a trip to Niagara from August 14-21st.

Since Jeanne and Megan once lived in St. Catharines, there's never a shortage of people to visit when they come to town. In fact it's not unusual for some well-wishers to not make the cut, when it comes to getting together with them.

With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to invite my family to come over to my place on the same day that Jeanne, Megan, Andy and Joe were planning on coming by. This way the whole family could get a chance to visit and meet Joe for the first time.

As luck would have it, Jeanne's birthday is August 16th (something you might remember seeing when she turned 60 in 2015 and my pal Doug and I surprised her by showing up at her party in the Ottawa Valley.) I told Megan that I wanted to make their visit a birthday party for her mom. My family knew, Megan and Andy knew, but officially Jeanne was lead to believe it was a visit that they would be having with me and my family.

Jeanne seemed very surprised to see the decorations, presents and birthday cake (that my sister Kim brought.) We had cocktails and munchies and then pasta dinner. I had anticipated a few more guests might be joining us and had prepared enough pasta to feed the entire neighbourhood. Hey, better too much than not enough.

 It was a great event and everyone had fun. Definitely worth the prep time I put into it.

KIDS | Loved Beyond Measure

Our adorable pal Liam is very happy as he celebrates 8 months of making his mommy Shannon and everyone who sees him, smile. These photos were taken in July 2018.

Wait till you see Liam's first time camping. Coming soon to Scribbles.

Aug 25, 2018

HUMOUR | Classic Wit by George Carlin

How come wrong numbers are never busy?

Does that screwdriver belong to Philip?

Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?

Why is it that night falls but day breaks?

Why is the third hand on the watch called a second hand?

Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?

Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

Are part-time bandleaders semi-conductors?

Do pilots take crash-courses?

Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

How can there be self-help "groups"?

How do you get off a non-stop flight?

If cats and dogs didn't have fur would we still pet them?

If peanut butter cookies are made from peanut butter, then what are Girl Scout cookies made out of?

If swimming is good for your shape, then why do the whales look the way they do?

If you take an Oriental person and spin him around several times, does he become disoriented?

Why do the signs that say "Slow Children" have a picture of a running child?

Why do they call it "chili" if it's hot?

Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?

PETS | Get This Thing Off My Back

Encore photos originally appearing on Scribbles June 2016.

PICTURE PERFECT | Summer's Finest

This colourful shot was taken by our Renfrew friend Sarah Toner in 2013 and we love it so much it is making it's fourth appearance on Scribbles.

Spectacular Sarah. Spectacular!

Aug 24, 2018


WOW...Can't believe it was 6 years ago that I created the video "What To Do When You're Blue" in 2012.

Fortunately its message still holds up....when you're blue....get rhythm, just like our Scribbles friends in this video do.

Aug 21, 2018

PETS | His 14th Birthday

He left us about 11 days later, but we did get to celebrate one last birthday with Timmi on August 17th...

It's hard to believe that Grandpa Timmi turns 14 on Fri. Aug. 17th. My little pal certainly is showing his age these days but is still as lovable as ever. We go on daily walks (albeit very short, slow ones), he loves visiting his Nana and still enjoys when people fuss over him.