Jan 31, 2019

SCRIBBLES VIDEO & REVIEW | The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac

We're a tad tardy with this review and video....The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac show was on Sun. Nov. 4th....but as they say, better late than never.

When the MC hit the stage to introduce The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac, he requested we suspend reality for the next few hours and use our imaginations. For tonight we weren't at the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre in downtown St Catharines, we were taking a trip back to the late 70's where Fleetwood Mac was about to perform at the Hollywood Bowl stadium.

In their first set, the band was dressed in psychedelic attire. 'Lindsey Buckingham's' hair was a wild, unconvincing wig of curly dark locks and the attire was casual. When the group returned after intermission, they were now dressed a bit more formal. This was the Fleetwood Mac of the early 80's and this time around 'Buckingham's' hair was his own and it looked well groomed. 'Stevie Nicks' wore her trademark flowing dresses and a wicked pair of high heels.

The songs were executed perfectly, sounding and looking almost like the real deal.

Between performing the vast catalog of Fleetwood Mac hits, band members shared a little banter with each other and the crowd. 'Stevie Nicks' spoke of how she held done several jobs to pay the bills while then boyfriend 'Lindsey' "honed his craft", said with air quotes by 'Nick's'. In response to her comment 'Lindsey' said "I guess you don't like those limo rides anymore". It was one of many exchanges by band members and it added a unique element to the evening.

A factor that scored The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac show bonus points was the invitation by the master of ceremony to bring out our phones, take pix and shoot video. As a result of this, I was able to put together a video that highlights some of the songs performed. Consider it a mini-concert. Enjoy

video duration: 14:39 min

Jan 18, 2019


MUSIC | Free Freddie Wallpaper!

Save the image below to your phone or computer. 
Locate the file and select to use as your wallpaper.

NICE NEWS | New Canadian Coin Recognizes LGBT Community


The Royal Canadian Mint is releasing a new $1 coin design next year, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada.

Same-sex sexual activity between consenting adults was decriminalized in 1969, two years after then-justice minister Pierre Trudeau introduced amendments to the Criminal Code, famously declaring "there's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation."

The new coin design was approved by the government of his son, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, on Dec. 14.

The Mint refused to provide an image or information about the new coin — including its release date and the artist's name — saying it wants to "maximize the impact" of the official launch.

The coin's approval follows new legislation that came into force last June, as part of Justin Trudeau's 2017 apology to LGBT Canadians for past acts of discrimination by the authorities.

The official apology also came with a budget of $145 million, which includes $110 million for compensation for LGBT former civil servants whose careers were sidelined or terminated because of their sexuality, and $15 million for historical reconciliation, education and memorialization efforts.

Mint spokesman Alex Reeves said two LGBT groups were consulted during the planning for the coin: the Toronto-based advocacy group Egale Canada and the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD), based in Ottawa.

Earlier this year, the Bank of Canada issued a new design for the $10 banknote celebrating Viola Desmond, a black woman who challenged racial segregation at a cinema in New Glasgow, N.S., in 1946.

Jan 11, 2019

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Holiday Recap 2018

In addition to Christmas and New Year's Eve, there's something else that I look forward at this time of year.... creating Scribbles special holiday recap video.

Each year I gather up copies of the awesome photos you post to Facebook over the holidays and squirrel them away in folders.  Then, around the time school begins again, I feature the best of your photos in a slideshow extravaganza.

Making their Scribbles debut, young singer Emily Mcguire & our harp-playing pal David Miller provide the musical score for this year's video. It is great not having to worry about copyright infringement on this clip. Thanks for letting us use your talents, David and Karen (Emily's mom). 

Happy New Year Everyone,

Enjoy the Video...

video duration: 3:27 min. 

Jan 8, 2019

CELEBRITY | Champions of the World

When Bohemian Rhapsody first hit theatres Nov. 2, it did so with mixed reviews from movie critics. Some were downright nasty, others were so-so and a handful gave the biopic favourable notes.

It was a delightful snub to critics, when the film took home two Golden Globe Awards on Sun. Jan. 6th.

Bohemian Rhapsody won best dramatic movie and Rami Malek - who embodied the very essence of Freddie Mercury - won best actor. Queen band members Brian May and Roger Taylor were in attendance and received much gratitude from the film's producers and Malek.

Movie-goers loved also loved the film, many returning several times.

Bohemian Rhapsody is slated for home video release Jan. 22nd.



Jan 7, 2019

ME | Channeling Cash

...and then there were these two photos, posted a week earlier. 
They also garnered a lot of comments.

WORD | Live Every Moment with Romance


"Do everything you can in life with romance! 

Romance isn't just a candle lit dinner with someone...it's the smells that trigger memories of warmth and love, it's the feeling of the sun on your face and the reminder of Mexican beaches and sun tan oil, it's the unexpected cuddle you get from a pet, a tear you refuse to own up to during a good movie. A hug from a stranger, a wink or a smile. A warm breeze on cool night under the stars. A wonder of amazement, an overload of the senses. The feeling of warm sand between your toes, floating in a hot tub in the winter while the snow falls straight down. 

Live every moment with romance...doesn't matter if you share it with someone or keep it to yourself....but live it!"


Jan 6, 2019



 We first featured this parody tabloid article in January 2016 

Jan 4, 2019

EVENT | Show Your Moxie!

Do you Want to be Niagara’s next Vaudeville STAR? 

No experience necessary but MOXIE required! 

Let's put on a SHOW!


* Singers * Dancers * Magicians * Clowns

* Comedians * Burlesque * Melodramatic Readings 

* Drag Queens & Kings * Jugglers * Puppeteers

Anything goes with low-brow comedy, song & dance, burlesque and BOFFO novelty acts at the Warehouse Concert Hall in HOT HOT Downtown St. Catharines on Thursday January 24, 2019.
CASH PRIZES! Judged by Niagara’s most colourful personalities!
It will be OFF THE HOOK! 

to apply:


Deadline for submissions is

January 7th, 2019

Auditions On January 16th, 2019

Jan 1, 2019

SCRIBBLES TRAILER | What's Coming Up at Scribbles!

Here's to a new year filled with happiness, love, laughter and prosperity.