Jun 3, 2017

REVIEW | DCT'S 'Calendar Girls'

Unfortunately, ill health prevented me (and my theatre-going sidekick Deanna) from attending Dunnville Community Theatre's production of Calendar Girls. And judging by the reviews we've seen on Facebook and local media, we really missed a great one.

The storyline for Calendar Girls is rather titillating.  After the death of her best friend's husband from cancer, a spirited Yorkshire housewife hatches a scheme to raise money for a memorial to him. Utilizing a tradition from the hidebound Woman's Institute association, she encourages her friends to create a calendar -- with the novel detail of using the middle-aged women of their village as nude models. The idea stuns the husbands and a wary young photographer.

Many have called Calendar Girls one of DCT's best productions in years.

Here in her own words, Nancy Erskine, producer of DCT's Calendar Girls, thanks the many, many people involved in putting this stellar show together...

"Wow! What a fabulous run of Calendar Girls! Thanks so much to the cast for your hard-work, line-learning, pow, front-of-stage. What a tight group of people you are: Candace, Tracey, Judy, Kathryn, Ellen, Stephanie, Lisa, Angela, Jordan, Derek, Dick, and Tery. You are all stars: satellites for sunshine. XO

Thanks to our Producer, Linda for your management, your dedication and support, it's a blessing. 

To our backstage 'invisible' people: Sheila, who went above and beyond as Stage Manager and took care of a cast of 12's needs. I appreciate your hard-work and your sense of humour We will be raising money and eyebrows for a throne that will float backstage. It will be engraved with your name. 

Thanks to our ninja, always reliable, sweet, Rj who can change a set in record time and see tiny objects on the floor in the dark. To Chris, our sound and lighting, who watches the show quietly behind his script, lighting board and sound console. Spot-on with your cues, eager to try new equipment and sounds and looking forward to what challenges lie ahead...thank-you. 

To Maxine, our set designer who created beautiful backdrops of fields of sunflowers for John's Hill, painting the set and floor and installing and donating a curtain rod that will run 25' across the back of our stage. I enjoyed working with you, getting to know you and I loved seeing the last scene with your artwork. Thanks Max. 

Wendy, who baked us treats and telephoned to see how we were doing and what we needed...thanks, we also appreciate you sending your amazing grandsons when we have heavy work to do - they are amazing at that. Thanks once again, Debb, for a delicious, creative meal that was the perfect companion to our show. Much love to you. 

Everett, who is always there for builds and loads, you are incredible in your support, help and guidance. Thanks. 

A big, big thanks to Gary and Derek at The Hunters and Anglers Club and all their members, including the Lion's Club that supports us. In each production we are given more and more...braces for our flats to the walls, a huge, heated green-room that was built on their deck for our Calendar Girls. 

You guys go above and beyond at the club and at the store for us where you have been our box-office for over 20 years and run the bar for our shows. We are blessed to be in your hall and so very appreciative of all you do for us. 

Thanks to our audience who come out in droves to see our shows...we will keep creating because you keep coming. We love your support and your laughter...it lifts us. XO"

- Nancy Erskine