May 21, 2017


Our condolences to our St. Catharines friends Doug and Heather on the sudden loss of their beloved dog Jack, who passed away on May 20th.

Jack [or "Jack, Jack" as Heather often called him] was quite a rambunctious boy who never shied away from making his presence known.

In fact, there wasn't much that Jack was afraid of, well except perhaps for my dog Timmi. When Jack was still a puppy, he met Timmi, who (surprise, surprise) did not like little Jack's energy level and snapped at him. Since then Jack would keep his distance from Timmi, even though Timmi was way smaller than him. As a result, Jack and Timmi were rarely in the same place at the same time.

Although he was quite big, Jack seemed to believe he was just a little lap dog. He loved to cuddle up on the couch, oblivious to the fact that when he stretched out, there was barely room for anyone else to sit.

Jack spent his leisure time exploring the backyard and playing with his sister Sassy (who he will be reunited with in doggy heaven.)  He was always a tail wagging happy camper when spending time at the family's trailer in Vineland.

I am so sorry for your loss Doug and Heather. Jack was quite a memorable character who will be missed by many.